A New Year:  Ronda’s 60’th Birthday Reflections & Call for Your Soul-Selfie!…

Ronda Linette Ackles  – Born January 12th, 1957

60? IMPOSSIBLE and yet… Here I am.  And “Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking into the Future…”

In truth I’ve been a bit freaked all year as I have faced this turning 60 marker. Partly it’s in reaction to the cultural stereotype as a woman in our mainstream culture and partly because – it’s just crazy weird!  I feel more like 34 – if not for the hammer to the head realization at 59 at how fast life passes …and how little (proportionally speaking) remains in this one called mine! (Listen up you “40 somethings” – a snap of the finger and you’re here!)

ronda larue spiritual teacher couples counseling retreats When I stand and look now at this doorway into (I really do have to call it) Elder, I see – and respect – that there is indeed an emergent and long prepared next level of guiding energy that is emerging in me — one which has taken every step (and seeming “mis-step”) to arrive here at this new precipice. Should I be graced to live a long life, I suspect that each next decade will likewise have it’s own unique “just coming into” In-Sight.

Looking back on my life from where I stand now and at the unanticipated life-work that has sprung from the trail I have followed, I see that I have accumulated a lifelong (lifetimes long?) sense of insatiable curiosity to investigate and know the nature of the human-spirit, life’s true purpose, and the interplay that our suffering and challenging life experiences bring to bear on that wisdom.

I have been a voracious student throughout my life. It is astonishing to look back and take stock now in the literally many thousands of classic texts and writings, thinkers, methods, and teachers I have investigated, and spanning every nook and cranny of the mind-body-spirit connection from philosophy, world religion, mythology, shamanism, and depth psychology – to neurosciences, nutrition, alternative medicine, metaphysics, physics, poetry and creativity. (I’m feeling exhausted just writing this :)

eyes wide open honoring wisdom teaching croneOne can’t diminish such a length and depth of study… BUT still:  I feel that my capacity as guide has grown and been much more profoundly developed by being my own transparent “experimental lab rat” – by intently studying my own life for clues on the nature of the human-spirit, while experiencing and seeing the mechanisms of self-sabotage, fear, despair, conditioning …and uncovering the inner awakening arts of conscious awareness, self-healing, mystical connection, wisdom — and Love Itself  (…”out of which the nameless made a name for one like me…” Thanks for that song Leonard Cohen!)

Ok so yes: my body “aches in the places where I used to play”. And I’ve found my share of cracks (“…that’s how the light comes in…”  I can’t help bringing in more of my love of Leonard Cohen a moment more here).  But if there is one good thing about turning 60, it is this: I find that I can more and more quickly turbo-leap sufferers and seekers through their fears and mind-traps into a perceptual breakthrough called “spiritual awakening” (or what I call: following the language of Soul and honoring the genius of your True North).  So while I’m still not too keen on the idea of “being in my 60’s”, I feel heartened by my growing capacity to so often save others some of the extra decades of seeking, study, misdirection, immature teachers, creating unnecessary hurt to good relationships, and years of inner struggle with the hidden traps of the conditioned and noisy mind!  That’s  a miraculous experience with every soul I work with on these levels!

~ ~ ~

art of aging ronda's reflections and meditation on aging

Ronda Ackles, January 12th

Standing now at the next doorway of unknowing and looking back over the past 60 years of life; the last 24 years at my unique home here in Ojai; the last decade of work as spiritual guide and teacher;  and as I depart the era of “being in my 50’s”, what I sense is this:

ronda larue ceremonial shaman artist founder soularts retreatsLife truly IS  an art. And I will never stop art-making and love-making and life-creating with the dancing paradox of fear-love — this creative dancing that will bring each one to the doorway of True Self and the genius of the Gift Given…

To the extent I may hold a unique or special gift as spiritual teacher, it is I feel most profoundly due to the extent with which I have never quit openly waiting, watching, listening… while transparently sharing what is seen/perceived from the humility of mistakes and the magnificence of perceptual breakthrough. 

It is this realization from which I teach and mentor and hope to help others find that elegantly surprising, endlessly creative Doorway into freedom, healing, awakening and love!

As I write, I notice a surprising and particular quality of “gentling” — alongside a playful fierceness and sustaining love affair with co-creative relationship and evolution. How this next passage will organically inspire my lifework into it’s next phase, we shall have to wait and see…

I am grateful and honored to walk and share this inner frontier and landscape of awakening with you.

My life is my message


  • An Acknowledgment of your heart.  I hope you will take in and feel the seeing acknowledgement I send out from this seeker-soul to yours:  Thank you for taking up your experiences of loss, confusion and pain to seek and never cease seeking the pathways for honoring the question, following the way of unknowing, and growing into your own life’s path of truth and purpose (….”There’s a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in” – LC). 
  • To each of you who have worked with me and come to appreciate the paradox in how your place of wounding holds the key to your true gift in life; and to all who dare to have faith tthe invitation to meet yourselfhat real genius lies in wait for those who enter the curious honoring inquiry: I say Thank you Thank You Thank You for being a warrior of spirit in this life at this time!” 
  • An Invitation  BIGGGGER DRUM ROLLLL:  BIRTHDAY REQUEST TO THOSE WHO HAVE WORKED WITH ME IN THE PAST 11 YEARS — and A SELF-GROWTH CHALLENGE TO ALL:  (Inspired by Sally’s Post in our SoulArts Practitioner’s Group  :)  

A Soul-Selfie PROJECT!  I am asking you to offer a short “Video Soul-Selfie” that offers a sentence or two from your Soul:



soul selfie birthday

  1. First,  For those who have worked with me in the past, I am asking please for  sharing something of what you have experienced in my SoulArts ground breaking work, offered to help others who are hurting and seeking, considering and trying to decide what the heck I do, and if working with me is right for them.   I ask you (I dare you) to simply do a selfie….only this time, turn the video on and offer under a minute (even 10 seconds) to record and then post on my FORMAL SOULARTS PAGE  a sincere vulnerable sharing about what working with me is like or what it has meant in your life… or anything you are called to say truly to another about SoulArts and working with Ronda. It can be goofy it can be fun but from the heart to the heart of another is the inner grounding I’m asking if you will gift this.  Or, do the one below — or a combo!
  2. For those who have NOT worked with me, I invite you too to take the challenge and do a short 10-20 second video-Soul-Selfie in this way:  First write down a life question you may be struggling with or  long to better understand or live in your daily life  (something that is truthfully challenging to you and meaningful to your heart.) Then sit quietly for 10 minutes with meditation music on; turn on the video and “answer/reply” to your own question as if you are channeling your highest Self – and see what reveals itself to you.  And if  you’d like to offer it to my Facebook please submit it and I will do my best to post all that I can.

NOTE:  To do this Video Selfie with any real power that helps or inspires or opens the seeing heart of another,  you have to get outside of any self consciousness at all so that the ego can stand aside and allow the clean flow of Soul speak and shine through you.  So as a my  birthday present to you this year I am daring you to experience setting self down to offer up something from TRUE SELF as your present to another who is suffering, wondering what the heck I really do, and is desperate for help.  

Oooooo this is a great FB group “PROJECT” (thanks Sally!!!!!!  :) now “THE PROJECTS” -known well to the SoulArts 2-Year Apprenticeship Groups – comes to you and beyond!…

So I will add this provocation:  Do it for someone else and do it all the way as deeply as you can because if you do, you’ll experience another whole level of inner energetic availability followed by insight.  Just shine a light on your soul by letting everything else slip away – on camera :)

POST YOUR VIDEO HERE:  http://www.Facebook.com/SoulArts/

I am deeply grateful, as are those who may find SoulArts, based on the input and suggestions you make here.  And I look forward to sharing with you in the year and years ahead….


In Service to the Art that is You and Me and All

Ronda LaRue  January 12th (on my birthday) 2017

OK – Gotta do it :)  Thank you mystic love of my life for your wisdom poetry and music….


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