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Awakening from the Dark Night of Soul – rllr 2012

Ronda LaRue
Good Friday Morning 5 am, 2012
Photos: today’s ceremony (“artistically touched – rllr”) (See previous blog for continuation of contemplation)

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It is 5 am Good Friday morning. I have risen early this morning to be in ceremony with a private retreat client, Linda…

I want to share this morning with everyone I know, and with everyone I don’t know! I want everyone to know this radical dawning of consciousness; this clear inner seeing that opens the door to one’s true nature…. I hope that my sharing of this sacred morning with you will highlight your own real life expression and honoring celebration of universal meaning of passover.

Passage Way to Soul – rllr 2012

Linda has been with me all week. Today is our final morning together.  We have risen before daylight to honor a dawning realization of what it really means to fall into love with life; to surrender into the unknown; and to walk in the presence of each moment.

…Linda is offering her life over to Living this morning…

As I sit quietly awaiting sunrise, I breathe in awe of each person’s unique journey of awakening from the Dark Night of Soul.  Linda is sitting right now alone in the meditation hut, empty and naked and waiting for sunrise when she will passover the bridge I have here on this private sanctuary and into the circle of light she has created to represent her “yes to soul”, “yes to self-love”, “yes to her sensual mystical all embrace of living”.

Linda vulnerably offers this ceremony today as a symbolic (and actual) embodiment of her realization this week in private retreat. She has seen and directly experienced within herself that truth arises when we have witnessed, heard, understood, accepted, thanked, and released our old beliefs and needs. Our essential nature and dance with life arises naturally when we allow ourselves to go empty of story and naked of need.

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Crossing Over – rllr 2012


…Here in the dark sanctuary and over the stone bridge, is the sacred circle (Linda has appropriately named and created as her “Goddess Garden). It is shimmering with sheer white cloth, one central candle, a bouquet of flowers, and a sprinkling of clear beads. This imagery is her soul made manifest – and representing her own maturing passover into a new awakening journey with  life: one that now understands self-love, the creative spark of the unknown; and that the only true gift we have to give — and to receive — in this life is our conscious “YES” to the miracle of each moment!

I am honored this morning to witness the realization (resurrection) of love in this beautiful woman who arrived here 4 nights ago feeling lost, confused, despairing and hoping against hope to break free, reclaim her passion, know her sensual mystical being, and the truth of love.  If ever I’ve witnessed the sacred, this is one beautiful reflection!

As I look at what Linda has dug out of old boxes in my art studio to honor this moment in her life, I see that she has found some old purple robe someone has hand-painted with a cross and vines. (It never ceases to amaze me what is found in my art studio — and what perfect and brilliant creative use they are put to in this SoulArts Process!)  I see too that she has weaved a head wreath of lavender from my garden. Gazing now at these symbols, I am suddenly stunned (as I invariably am again and again) at the magical synchronicity of Life, when we allow ourselves to surrender and fall into her Great Breathing.

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Crossroad Made Light – rllr 2012

This is Good Friday!  It is at the cusp of Passover in the Jewish and Christian traditions. And here we are, simply two people up early in our own magical synergy to celebrate Linda’s death of old habits, self-sabbotaging bondage, and egoic misunderstandings as she steps over the bridge between worlds of form and primary formlessness.  As she crosses over into her inner-seeing-shift and conscious remembering of who she really is.  I’d call this a living resurrection, wouldn’t you?

I hope you can dare give this (perhaps unusual sounding) shared celebration a space in your heart for your own radical renewal this passover season. I hope you can allow your own soul-self to open to the possibility that the death and resurrection message of Easter (like the promise of springtime) holds a very personal and direct promise for you too, wherever you are right now.

Christ-Consciousness is indeed dawning – as is Buddha-Consciousness, Unity-Consciousness, Self-Love-Consciousness, Compassionate-Consciousness…

Consciousness is dawning as it always has, will, and must: in a heart that opens, in a mind that falls still, and in a soul falling into a natural love affair with the unknown Creative Presence of Mystery.

Stop long enough to listen into life (to really listen into it – without need or expectation) and here is what we find:  We find Universal Truth, here now in each moment of creative evolution. And we find too that we are in love with the journey because we see that anything less is to say “no” to Life, to God, to Creation Itself. How can you say “no” to creation? That’s who you are! To say “no” is a choice instead to remain in the “refusal of life” — which is fear.  …See this clearly one time within yourself,  and there is no longer any choice but to offer your life over to a Living Resurrection.  What a sweet surrendering!   In the mystical understanding, this is the true and universal meaning and message of passover and of the Easter message. It is a reflection of transformation and awakening. (See previous post for continuation of this contemplation.)

The mystical Jesus (like all great teachers and teachings) offers the doorway to awakening and remembering who we really are:  Here. at this springtime full moon, is held out the light of passover from egoic-fear-no-understanding into the resurrection (remembering)  of soul-love-yes-awareness (..for “all who have eyes to see and ears to hear”).

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Alchemy at Hand – rllr 2012

I hope that my sharing of this simple sacred ceremony with Linda this morning in private retreat will stir in you a deep inner remembering — that it may awaken you to a faith that breathes beyond fear, showing and shining a light on your true nature as the Lover and the Beloved, Loving…



5 Responses to A Personal Reflection on the Universal Meaning of Passover

  1. Tracey Huguley says:

    Good Morning and Happy Easter and Rising,

    As I read the post you wrote-I am once again brought to that place of mystery, of waiting , of unfoldment.

    I look back over the past 6 years (since I first worked with Ronda) and started my dark night of the soul journey and I see nothing short of miracle after miracle.

    I saw a vision the other day of me walking out of my dark tunnel (my dark night walk) and into a beautiful meadow filled with fresh wildflowers…

    Six years ago my vision was of me as a little girl locked behind a door-afraid to come out-afraid to face life-today she is twirling…she has reclaimed all that she is and always was…courageous….beautiful….loving…

    Was this past six years without challenges…NO….was it without joy….NO….it was life….and all that life is and always has been….WHAT IS…..

    Thank you Ronda for your beautiful presence in the WHAT IS…of life….

    A new day has risen…and I look forward to each moment in humble anticipation…like a child at Christmas…..peeking around the corner at the Christmas tree and all the presents under it…what will I unwrap today….what surprises are in store for me….

    Pure JOY!!!

    Tracey (SoulArts Client since 2006)

  2. mia says:

    Thank you Ronda, and thank you Linda for sharing your personal experience. I believe that is one one our purposes in life to help others. As we are ALL so connected, by you venturing into the unknown, facing your fears,finding a way to mentally evolve with the inevitable energetic evolution and find freedom, you have also had an affect on the “ALL”, including our earth and galaxy and the “whole”, as i read what Ronda writing i could feel your vibration….Thank you! I must say i just recently went through a very scary and dark place, literally felt like i died inside.. what really happened was a death to the old beliefs,the old ideas, the LIE… Which was necessary to be reborn,Awaken, literally ..Pass-Over!! this has happened to me before, and will probably happen as needed again, and then i will have the other experiences to look back on, to remember the freedom, the light, on the other side of the darkness , a different perspective on the seemingly difficult,and another experience to share that might help someone else, like you have reminded and helped me today!! Ronda,I am so grateful for your perseverance in your own life experiences and utilizing them to help others, you are a true gift to this world… I am inspired to share an affirmation that i wrote recently:

    “As i face and move through each fear,i am rewarded with a new found freedom,
    and the opportunity to share my experience with others.”

    With much gratitude to those who venture into the unknown…….

  3. Linda says:

    Hi Ronda,
    Thank you for posting this..It truly was an amazing experience! I am still in awe of the creativity that came from within. I also thank you for allowing the space to come out of the dark and into the light. I am grateful and also thank everyone’s post and that it was a remembrance for them as well. Ronda thank you for the beautiful photos as well. I am continuing to surrender to my Soul and the YES to each moment. From one Goddess to another Goddess.



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