A 3-Night Soul Arts Training Retreat Intensive with author/healer/guide: Ronda LaRue


personal renewal easter passover as interfaith unity messageLearn the art of soulful breakthrough …and take that art home with you

This is a highly personalized retreat, shared with only four to six others and offering direct personal training with Ronda. 

This retreat is designed to give you breakthrough technology for seeing through old stuck patterns; healing from grief or loss; and learning, practicing and realizing the art and language of your own soul and unique path in life!

This retreat is NOT cookie cutter; it is NOT a “group process: It is an apprenticeship training with Ronda shared with only a few others to help deepen the inquiry and the ability to SEE for yourself reflected in the synergy that is only possible in a very small group!

If you are seeking true life change and are ready to learn and take home your very own soul-awakening home meditation practice, this is the most potent process I know (and I’ve spent a lifetime studying!)


INQUIRE/DETAILS/REGISTER HERE (redirected to www.CenterForSoulArts.com)


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