Oh my: I was scheduled to be in New York skiing with my brothers, when I received a request for a 3-Night private healing retreat from a woman in the Midwest still grief stricken and suicidal after the unexpected death of her husband-best friend a year ago.  Staying off the slopes to work with her …. seeing the lost light for life come back on was worth far more than any ski vacation (or any vacation for that matter)!    

V. came to work with me this week after over a year of  traditional therapy with a psychologist counselor whom she said was a life-safer over these many dreadful months of grief and loss, but who was at a loss and ill equipped in the mystical knowledge of spiritual awakening and self-healing breakthrough.  Her therapist thought it would not be too disturbing for her to give this retreat a try…

And what a beautiful heart arrived at my doorstep this week!  When she arrived it was clear she was still in very deep pain and grief at the loss of her husband a year ago.  The light had left her face. Her words were monotone and lacking all interest in life.  

healing grief death loss private retreat

V as she enters into a guided visualization of soul

I always know that when someone takes the vulnerable plunge to seek out a spiritual teacher-healer from a place of deep loss and fear …and with no idea what they may experience or discover within themselves in a 3-day guided private intensive, that a miracle is awaiting this person.

The breakthrough and opening to one’s own inner wisdom in such a short time is always mind-blowing to the person (well to the person’s wounded self it is inconceivable).

On that 3rd day of our progressive private depth process together where I have helped guide into the inexplicable mysteries of ego wound, self doubting fear, and perceptual dawning,  I am blessed to see a living transformation of consciousness awaken and bloom with a smile big as the moon.


Friends ask me all the time: “aren’t you burned out? Isn’t all that pain of others draining?  Don’t you wish you had time to attend (this or that) party? ”  ..And I just give them a mysterious smile (“Uhhh NO!”) as I reflect on the blessing of a lifetime when a man or woman sits across from me beaming with the light of their soul; delighted in their own direct access to an inner wisdom within; awake and aware of the true genius of their life’s tapestry and path.

What courage I see in the people who come here feeling anything but courageous.  What depth of heart I experience in these woman and men feeling they’ve lost all touch with their heart and soul.  And what a gift these brave-hearts make when they allow me to spontaneously turn my iphone on during a session and ask what they would say to gift others who may be feeling as lost and dis-hearted as they were before their mind was blown in the light of their soul’s own wisdom.  

What a remarkable wisdom is yours and mine and ours – when we experience its artful language and way of wound offering gift…

Thank you is not sufficient, dear V.  You “Go Girl” …and Splat can stay right here to offer it’s surprising gift to the next broken hearted person who enters the journey of soul!

love is.

grief healing help guidance retreats for those who have lost a spouse or loved one

Meet “Splat” the wound in the heart of V which she created as part of the honoring pathways of following soul to self-healing…



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