What Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You..


Introduction from Ronda:

ronda larue spiritual teacher author with husband Matt Clements Registered Investment ManagerIn the past several years as many of  you know, my life work with couples has grown significantly as has our growing community of SoulArts Practitioners.  In both of these arenas, my life partner Matt Clements is an integral part. In many ways (to me) he is the heart that holds this lifework. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

But my husband also has his own “day job” – and that’s 3 decades of work as owner of Clements Investment Management, LLC.

Matt  (I call him “Poindexter”) almost quit his profession several years back. He almost quit because his heart was not in the way the financial industry provides service.  Over this midlife crisis we talked a lot about what truly matters and what it takes and means to live a life of character.

SoulArts and our work with clients from all over the world has brought a whole new depth to our lives together and a whole new shining perspective on Matt’s lifework as financial advisor.  Now we find that we won’t shy away from money matters as they relate to a person who comes to us for  help and is seeking to renew his/her relationship with life.  Besides issues of infidelity, money issues are one of the biggest areas of relationship strife leading to divorce.  I have an internal guide that says “deny no thing” in matters of my spiritual guidance and healing with people. And I love how Matt’s financial care is a reflection of the very essence of SoulArts – He’s become a change-agent and a heartfelt advisor.

I realize that it may seem odd at first to have a spiritual teacher/healer sharing information on investments.  But money is important to our path. Money is the exchange that allows our truest currencies to be expressed – Our true currencies – as Matt puts it – is Our Time, Our Loves, Our Wisdom, Our Soul.  I love the motto on his website: “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” by Henry David Thoreau.

What I know as I approach 60 this year is: Life is really short! And the later years are a whole new opportunity of maturity, empowerment and wisdom..just waiting to be fully lived…

matt clements registerd investment managmentSo with this short preamble, if you would like to take a step into the new Financial world – one where you will lead your path, here is a short but poignant resource and thought paper gift from the truest financial advisor I know.  I hope you will take this thought paper and let it start to stir new levels of curiosity and inner self reflection about the second half of life  – and that it will bring you to an inspired new level of intimacy in the relationship between you and your money, you and your retirement, and what that second half of your life will be designed to serve.  And most definitely I believe his insights and suggestions will help you come to expect (and to demand) more from a financial plan and investment portfolio. It makes such a huge difference, and your second half of life deserves a full capacity experience!



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