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  1. Paula says:

    How inspiring! I think we sometimes forget that the small things mean a lot even if it is in our daily living. Thanks for refocusing my attention back to those every day things that make life well life, and a school of learning. I have to say that I am very glad that I came across you and your web site. Thank you, Peace and Love Paula

  2. Mary says:

    What an articulate concept. Living fully in the moment requires the mindfulness you describe. Thank you.

  3. brian says:

    Thank you for your suggestions and input Ronda and I send you many blessing’s of the New Year! I hope your CNY Christmas visit was a good one for you.
    I am going to “sit” with your words for a while and let them “steep”! They do make sense to me and I have just started reading the book you suggested by, OSHO. I can tell it is a book to be referenced frequently! It all starts with loving ourselves.
    You are a blessing and I do hope to catch up with you one of these days!

    • ronda says:

      loved the little dusting of a white Christmas! And yes, I’d love to hear your reflections on this thread and what Osho book stirs for you if/as the time is right!

      Planning a retreat next Fall in upstate NY. Owasco Lake. Will let you know :)


  4. Dawn Bostad says:

    Dear Ronda,

    Today is a day my heart and head are being tried, how I came across your website is no coincidence,,,,why I am emailing I am not certain,,,insight, perspective, opportunity…..I myself have always done my best to be true to my soul, and the support of others souls. I am at a crossroads,tired of going in circles ready to own my power but not sure how to begin. The observer in me seems so calm in witness of opposing forces. Two roads, one that pulls me out of my rut and one that is rational and is not pulling me. Embark on a bike tour with little resources out west to find my truth. Or except a position in Santa Fe (part-time) at a Healing Clinic. I feel the need for freedom so great I am ready to risk everything, clothes, food, comforts. I am confused and feel unsupported here, even those I call on are not presenting themselves. I look at the world so differently. All I feel equipped to do is Love and encourage others to fulfill their truth. Maybe I am looking for a teacher, I would bike or walk where it need be to make sense of it all.

    Thank you for listening, Smiles Abundance, Joy,


  5. ronda says:

    Thank you Dawn, for your post and sharing yourself and this inner looking with others…it’s a true gift.

    Crossroads, and the desire to find and follow one’s truth — and not knowing which way to go, creates great inner turmoil and “shapeshifting does it not? We get stuck in mental circles of desperation as we wonder which way is a “self-sabotaging giving in” — and which is “a risking it all leap of faith” necessary to breakthrough into one’s truth. The mind can see either path as both the “right” or potentially “wrong” way and so the torturing circles of confused self-paralysis continues… yes?

    Crossroads are rarely easy, and never about what they seem :) They are gateways to a deeper in-sight, and an awakening to the mechanisms of the mind, so that your Authentic Self can simply be realized and naturally expressed.

    Here’s the amazing thing: Sooner or later in this angst you now feel, you simply WILL find yourself making a move! Some movement will happen.

    See if you can be with this dialogue from an “empty listening space”:

    Neither direction is the “right one”, nor the “needed one” for finding your true self or purpose! Either will lead you to your truth, because your heart and soul are in love with seeking and seeing Life’s unfolding evolution. Your presence of awareness is awakening as you enter into this frustrating time of confused paralysis and circular mind games! It already IS happening.

    There is no “right path” — only a “right listening”. This “right listening” is merely one that opens into a love of listening without a need for an answer.

    The “right path” is not any or either of the outer ones. It is the inner turning gaze to a path that simply falls in love with the journey itself and without knowing (or controlling) where it is headed. This inner turning gaze simply expresses what is to be honored at each step along the way and in that way you find yourself following and embodying your true self and purpose! (Can you get a taste for this?)

    Crossroads offer the opportunity to see/observe the mind/heart dual-battle parading through the filter of ego-self; the mechanisms of fear; and the seductive tricky voices of the mind. Simultaneously at this crossroad, is the urging of the heart, the yearning of the soul. It seems like a decision must be made. But in truth, you are being given the gift of awakening to the deeper seating of your soul’s pathway.

    Crossroads are gateways to a next opening of awareness, where the ego-identified self and the freedom-loving soulful self can simply discover how to dance in each moment, as Presence.

    It is Presence (here now) where your true nature and your destiny reside! Simply honor the place you are in now, and it will lead you right to the truth of you, right here, right now. The struggle simply awakens us to this dawning self-realization.

    I hear a vulnerable heart and a sincere willingness to open into the big embrace of Love as it teaches you the inner road of self-realization. You ARE that already, dear Dawn.

    (Hmmmm “the dawn is always here within each new moment” : )

    Can you sense into this even as the “thinker mind” says “HUH?” ? Feel free to engage back and we can explore more if you like.

    Love and Thank You for this and your path unwinding…

  6. Mel says:

    Hi Ronda, the clarity you talk about I have experienced both at your retreat and since, however self sabotage still continues to cling on. For example, last week I discovered that beating on door of the peace and clarity I felt, was an anxiety and uneasiness. I have to admit, that up until that point, I not only let my self created drama rule my life but I got a type of high from it! Not sure if this is making sense, but put another way, it appears the stories are created from my ego, to cover for something deeper in myself I am fearful of and more frighteningly boredom! Any thoughts on my musings?

    Much love Melx

    • ronda says:

      Hi my “Aussie Friend Down Under” :)

      Yes, you are making good sense and all of what you are experiencing and saying here is part of the next “seeing” that will come from following these observations as “your worthy teachers”

      Very good perception that you let your self-created drama rule your life (we all do until we wake up to it so don’t beat yourself up for what you were doing!) …and equally great perception that you got a type of high from it. Even thoughts and behaviors we don’t like, we can be addicted to and the ‘not liking them’ creates a series of brain chemicals that we indeed can (and often do) become addicted to without knowing it. That’s why people who “play the martyr” give you a feeling of their getting off on it; they are. We all do this to some extent with our beliefs, stories, dramas…until we see as you have.

      So rather than saying you are falling backwards from the retreat, I’d say CONGRATULATIONS! Your seeing is continuing and your worthy teachers (self sabotage, self-destructiveness, story drama etc) are helping you walk this next path of healing and opening.

      I look forward to continuing this journey with you.. There is much that is ready to be seen and healed and then given in your life! Keep the faith (as they say)


  7. Betsy Ouellette says:

    Ronda as God would have it and to the delight of my Spirit I ” stumbled” across your story today! Thank you for your honest sharing about your latest ” transformation”. Sending the love of Christ and all my best to you. Rev. Betsy Ouellette

  8. Tracey Huguley says:

    Good Morning and Happy Easter and Rising,

    As I read the post you wrote-I am once again brought to that place of mystery, of waiting , of unfoldment.

    I look back over the past 6 years (since I first worked with Ronda) and started my dark night of the soul journey and I see nothing short of miracle after miracle.

    I saw a vision the other day of me walking out of my dark tunnel (my dark night walk) and into a beautiful meadow filled with fresh wildflowers…

    Six years ago my vision was of me as a little girl locked behind a door-afraid to come out-afraid to face life-today she is twirling…she has reclaimed all that she is and always was…courageous….beautiful….loving…

    Was this past six years without challenges…NO….was it without joy….NO….it was life….and all that life is and always has been….WHAT IS…..

    Thank you Ronda for your beautiful presence in the WHAT IS…of life….

    A new day has risen…and I look forward to each moment in humble anticipation…like a child at Christmas…..peeking around the corner at the Christmas tree and all the presents under it…what will I unwrap today….what surprises are in store for me….

    Pure JOY!!!

    Tracey (SoulArts Client since 2006)

  9. mia says:

    Thank you Ronda, and thank you Linda for sharing your personal experience. I believe that is one one our purposes in life to help others. As we are ALL so connected, by you venturing into the unknown, facing your fears,finding a way to mentally evolve with the inevitable energetic evolution and find freedom, you have also had an affect on the “ALL”, including our earth and galaxy and the “whole”, as i read what Ronda writing i could feel your vibration….Thank you! I must say i just recently went through a very scary and dark place, literally felt like i died inside.. what really happened was a death to the old beliefs,the old ideas, the LIE… Which was necessary to be reborn,Awaken, literally ..Pass-Over!! this has happened to me before, and will probably happen as needed again, and then i will have the other experiences to look back on, to remember the freedom, the light, on the other side of the darkness , a different perspective on the seemingly difficult,and another experience to share that might help someone else, like you have reminded and helped me today!! Ronda,I am so grateful for your perseverance in your own life experiences and utilizing them to help others, you are a true gift to this world… I am inspired to share an affirmation that i wrote recently:

    “As i face and move through each fear,i am rewarded with a new found freedom,
    and the opportunity to share my experience with others.”

    With much gratitude to those who venture into the unknown…….

    • ronda says:

      Thank YOU Mia — for your courageous seeing self! — and that beautiful shared “affirmation” that I’d call, simply: the truth of love shining! “HO”!

  10. David says:

    …Such a Beautiful Triquetra…from 3 of my favourite Seer’s ,Richard Rohr, David Whtye and you… Ronda…OXO

  11. Linda says:

    Hi Ronda,
    Thank you for posting this..It truly was an amazing experience! I am still in awe of the creativity that came from within. I also thank you for allowing the space to come out of the dark and into the light. I am grateful and also thank everyone’s post and that it was a remembrance for them as well. Ronda thank you for the beautiful photos as well. I am continuing to surrender to my Soul and the YES to each moment. From one Goddess to another Goddess.



  12. David says:

    I soulove this…Ronda

  13. Teal says:

    I think this is such
    important work Ronda.
    I’m so glad to see you are doing it.

    • ronda says:

      Thank you Teal!… I teach what I myself have found– and what a blessing that it is how to self-heal and live ones unique call! I know a “miracle” is stepping onto my land every time a person comes for retreat. So so blessed! Post your art work?? LOVE!

  14. Alice Delp says:

    In Gratitude to Ronda LaRue,

    “Thank you for aligning our time and space together.

    “There is a long practice that takes us on a journey.
    It is always the one we choose; yet it is also the one we have been given.
    Let us open the pages,
    Outline our hearts to that edge where we TRULY belong.
    Enter to the service with others,
    Make a difference,
    Love again,
    And return
    That place…
    Where inspiration meets ecstasy and fundamental truth!
    Where I may be of service is more than I can imagine,
    And that is a reminder given two-fold
    After reflection of my own truth
    In which I have seen again and again; but forgot to see the edges where the light really shines.” by: Alice-Nicole Delp

  15. Maryam Sharifi says:

    Thank you Ronda. So, I am not sure how to use this information, and find my path. I am indeed at a cross road of my life. I know I am capable of doing extraordinary great deeds in my life, but I am not sure how to go forward.

    Can you offer me guidance? I want to clear my mind before start of new year 2014. Please help me.

    Thank you

    • ronda says:

      Dear Maryam,

      I can offer you guidance.. and there IS a way of following the wisdom waiting at life’s crossroads….but the guidance comes in the form of showing you to your own direct experience of how to follow the inner wisdom of life. My guidebook “The Art of Living Your Destiny” is written to help people start this attuned level of inner knowing. But truly if you can some day come attend a retreat, you will experience the breakthrough of seeing quite quickly — even in a weekend. I hope this helps. The way through a dark night and to moving through a crossroad in life is a spiritual leap of perception into a new level of wisdom that is unique to your life and universal to us all as the path….
      with love.. ronda

  16. Sharon says:

    Thank you Ronda. It was an incredible guide to remembrance! Like you said it’s already there. There is no need to struggle to find it. What freedom, if we can just let go and allow who we already are to shine through.

  17. ronda says:

    Thank you David. It is an honor to open the doorway to seeing and remembering!

  18. Tracy says:

    Hello Ronda,
    I found your beautiful website while searching for a healing retreat because I am indeed feeling lost and alone, in pain and struggling to make a life-changing decision. I have just discovered that my beloved husband of only three years engaged in a brief affair with a co-worker. I am devastated, and the pain of his betrayal is excruciating. This deeply personal wounding has me questioning everything I thought I knew about myself and about life and love. I’m in an agony of indecision of whether to try and forgive him and rebuild our relationship, or whether to consider this as the universe telling me I am with the wrong person and walk away to a new life. Every marriage has problems, but this is so utterly incomprehensible to me, and I feel deeply that a person who was truly motivated and governed by deep love for a spouse could not have done this. I don’t want to stay with someone who doesn’t truly love me, but he swears he does, and can’t understand why he did what he did. I have done so much soul-searching to try and understand why this has happened, but I am finding no answers. I need help . . . I am seriously considering one of your retreats, but the cost might be prohibitive for me. I’m here in California, in Monterey, and feel a true yearning to attend a retreat with you. If this is not possible however, I would greatly appreciate any counsel you might have for me. My sincerest thanks . . .

    • ronda says:

      Oh Dear Tracy,

      pardon my delay — I just found your comment. And I wish I could just snap my fingers and you and your husband were already here in a private weekend retreat. I work almost exclusively with couples who have experienced an affair. And I KNOW FOR A FACT that there is more to it for both people than the obvious. There IS A WAY of healing in this. And an affair is rarely (if ever) about what it seems. What is remarkable is when a couple comes to a soularts intensive and discovered their own self-healing breakthrough first… and THEN how to enter into a whole new level of loving! Please do come do a private couple retreat if your husband will likewise engage in this BIG RELIEF and breakthrough. Also, you may find this newest writing of value in the process of self-healing… And then send your husband to this page (and the videos — at: and see if he and you are willing to have the courage to enter into a whole new level of honest and honorable growth as a couple from this “crisis” – much love! ronda

  19. Shirley says:

    Your words could very well be my beginner acknowledgements of my relentless mastery of hiding my secret vulnerable self. No no not “could be” but “very well did”
    introduce me to look at myself more openly. Geesh! I have the urge to run and jump under the covers! This is very very REAL & INTERNALLY DRAMATIC…….for now.
    It is also HUGE ! ……timing is remarkable. Retired educator, gradually getting home ready to sell, lived in Springfield, Illinois my entire life, cared for parents many many years and scapegoat of 2 siblings I honestly want to re-locate to another State. Searching and finally (gasp) working to make it my new reality. THANK YOU !!!!!

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  23. Susan McCabe says:

    Thanks Rondi. May the gift you share of you be returned 100fold.

  24. Edwin heartfulSoul says:

    Terrific ad !
    And I like working with Ronda.

    Major consideration: Limited transportation.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I must have read this 4-5x’s b4 actually finishing it cuz I knew rhetoric answer rt away and couldn’t bring myself to finish. Finally did & got a surprise of video ronda at the end. Glad I finished it!

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