Radical Healing & Truth-Honoring Marriage and Relationship Counseling Intensive for Couples Seeking Breakthrough

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“Healing breakthrough arises naturally when relationship is honored from the heart’s deepest truth”

– ronda larue on SoulArts & Couples Sacred Council

These private couples intensives teach you the art of:

  • finding your own center (reconnecting with your self first);
  • cleaning and clearing old patterns (individual patterns from unconscious wounds as well as those patterns that have become dysfunctional and tied into relationship);
  • entering into a safe and sacred protocol for open listening and projection-free speaking of truth;
  • practicing and experiencing Couples Sacred Council and the honoring protocol as taught by Ronda and Matt (and which they have used since the beginning of their relationship);
  • discovering what it feels like to communicate from a space of honoring that is free from judgement; contaminated neediness; or blame;
  • exploring and finding the emerging new truth of your relationship and its next pathway;
  • understanding the developmental stages of all intimate relationships; and
  • honoring endings and new beginnings through a self-designed ceremony and celebration of truth and conscious relationship.

These retreats are designed for lasting breakthrough and direct take home tools that go beyond the bounds of traditional talk therapy. These retreats cut to the chase and empower a new form of honoring each person’s path.

Suitable for any intimate relationship (married couples, partners, mother/daughter, sisters etc.)

Private Couple Retreat Details and Options…