This is a new area where I am adding resources and products I find most powerful and supportive of a soul inspired and vibrant life. Please feel free to recommend something you feel I should add here to let others know about.

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These are many of my favorite healthy-living and home-spa self-healing products on the market today.

“…In the past 35 years (out of personal necessity and a chronic fatigue that began in graduate school in my 20’s) I’ve made a significant study of bio-spirituality, functional/integrative medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, depression/anxiety and autoimmune responses, addiction, and how to heal mind/body/soul symptoms from the root — cause!”  (….Read Blogpost Here)

Here’s my current “awesome aids” that make up parts of my programs, teachings and retreats.


  • The Culinary Senses

The Vitamix Blender

— This blender has been, by far, the best food preparation product I’ve evitamix green smoothie best blenderver purchased! (not cheap but worth every penny in power!) It makes great healthy smoothies (or unhealthy ones for that matter); soups still containing their life enzymes and more. Awesome machine. I use it almost every day and at my cleansing /clarity meditation retreats.



  • 1/3 blender full of rice milk (or almond or coconut milk)
  • 1 Whole Organic Lemon (with peel!)
  • big bunch (2-3-4 cups worth) of either: organic fresh spinach, chard, or beet greens
  • cup or so of fresh pineapple or a whole organic mango (mango peel included if organic)
  • 1 banana to add a little sweet (or 1t grade B maple syrup)
  • 1/3 cup organic plain yogurt (the liquid part that forms after opening has a LOT of vitamin B12 so use it too!)
  • a couple of ice cups
  • I often add 1 teaspoon of spirulina, bee pollen, a few nuts, and sometimes a packet of emergen-C – and I also often sprinkle the top with a little cinnamon…to take it over the top. Very green, but tastes fresh and fruity!

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DeStress YourSelf – Home Spa:  Here are some great and recommended home spa finds…

Zen meditation chair


ZEN By DESIGN – Rama Meditation Chair.

I had the honor of directly experiencing this company’s personal dedication to meeting and exceeding all expectations. They DID! Highly recommended meditation chair – especially for keeping spinal alignment. I use it for all my many hours in private counsel session.

“The Rama Chair is an ergonomically designed meditation that will comfort and nurture your body during meditation.  It’s unique unique lumbar support combined with a gentle sacral tilt enable you to sit comfortably for long periods of time with harmonious ease.”   –


SOME VERY COOL SPA PRODUCTS I’VE “Just HAD TO BUY” for Soul Arts Healing Retreats in Ojai. Most are found on Amazon and delivered to your door :)

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PEOPLE & PROGRAMS (starting with a simple list below for now…)

  • Poetry of David Whyte — For all of you who have worked with me you know how I love to share this astonishing poet who speaks to the fullness of dark and light and “the one conversation”. (See my Free Meditation Series for a visual experience of some of his powerful works.)
  • Adyashanti Org –– a wonderful down to earth contemporary Buddhist teacher offering silent retreats, satsang, weekly call-in radio and more.  I have always felt a special sense of affinity toward Adyashanti and his life calling.
  • The Work: Byron Katie — for those stuck or suffering from “unjust” life circumstances or judgements (toward self or others) and seeking radical insight. (For some people who feel particularly stuck on a repetitive “story” or “negative self talk” this can be a good work in tandem with the SoulArts Process of Awakening)
  • Center for SoulArts – Ojai, California (of which I am founder). This holistic mind body soul arts process is an uniquely powerful experiential apprenticeship training in self-healing breakthrough, spiritual awakening, and integrated daily living arts.  ( for more)
  • Contemplative Journal – Contemplation, Compassion, Spiritual Growth, Christian Meditation, Spirituality, Spiritual Sanctuary
    Contemplative Journal boldly explores the mysteries of the universe within the context of the daily lives of our readers. The Journal focuses on contemplative prayer, Christian meditation, spiritual growth, mindfulness, consciousness, inner peace, spiritual retreats and more.  See “What is a Mystic?” by Ronda LaRue reprinted here.
  • Spirituality & Health Magazine – Some of the most respected authors with very good articles.  Been fond of this publication for years, and participate with sponsorships as often as I am able.  See “Why Talk Therapy Sometimes  Isn’t The Answer.” By Ronda LaRue here.