guide book for spiritual awakening using soul arts process of awakening by ronda larue
by Ronda LaRue

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“Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found it was ourselves.”
— Robert Frost

ISBN: 1-59971-014-5
February, 2007; Revised Edition November, 2011
New Book Release by Ronda LaRue, M.S.
What No One Tells Us
Using the SoulArts Process in this Book
About Ronda


  • Chapter 1: Destiny Calling
  • SoulArts Exercise #1
  • Chapter 2: At Life’s Crossroads
  • SoulArts Exercise #2
  • Chapter 3: Living Prayer as Invocation
  • SoulArts Exercise #3


  • Chapter 4: Living the Question
  • SoulArts Exercise #4
  • Chapter 5: Eyes Wide Open
  • SoulArts Exercise #5
  • Chapter 6: The SoulArts Process with Ronda
  • SoulArts Exercise #6
  • Chapter 7: Everyday Awakening
  • SoulArts Exercise #7

Client Comments

Invitation from Ronda

A hand’s on guidebook for finding and following your inner wisdom way in every day, real life, by international author/teacher and zen shaman guide, Ronda LaRue, creator of the SoulArts Process of Awakening(tm) – an artful and mind-blowing process for finding the gift behind life’s difficult circumstances, crossroads, transitions, ego stories, and early wounds.

This 61-page guidebook (with exercises), is based on author Ronda LaRue’s groundbreaking work one-on-one with individuals retreats and in small group apprenticeships. It offers an at-home guide to directly experience – for yourself – the art of awakening to your True Nature and living a life of spiritual connection, purpose and passion in the real world.

If you appreciate Eckhardt Tolle, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, OSHO, here’s a book that takes the subject of awakening and freedom of being into a simple process of inner listening and self-realization that is both mysteriously profound and profoundly creative!

Center for SoulArts retreat apprenticeships in Ojai California, with Ronda LaRue, rated top 10 spiritual retreat in the world (Asia Spa Magazine 2007). Opportunities to engage online and share your process.

spiritual awakening meditation retreat leader teacher ronda larue ojai spa retreats california Personal Message from Ronda

I am so very excited to offer you this book for finding and reclaiming the Divinity and wisdom within YOU!

As my work has deepened and grown in recognition, I have really wanted to find a way to give to more of you than those who come to work with me, a way of realizing within yourself the amazing “miracles” of life healing wholeness that has become the cornerstone of my life work at the Center for SoulArts private apprenticeship and mystery school. This book offers a concise synthesis of my life-long apprenticeship to the Sacred Mysteries… and it does so in a very straightforward (but deeply reflective) process that you can pick up and make your own.

I’ve come to absolutely know that we are each artist’s – each called to pick up the ingredients of our particular life circumstances, and from them, to learn how to create and honor the dancing of Creation through our conscious living acts.

This is not an easy work… and yet, it is elegantly simple when we finally come to understand paradox, the limits of the mind, and begin to discover the path for accessing true healing and direct inner knowing wisdom, which is the musical language of Life Itself. “Be Still and Know…” is a key to the Doorway of your Soul, calling you to pick up and reclaim the wholeness of your life… and to therein discover your unique genius, purpose, an passionate relationship with All. Welcome to the dance of YOU!


Your book is enquiry down into the bones. Your words like electricity, your vision like a lens in full focus, your questions digging into the essence to be huuummmmed into living answers. Thanks, your book makes me alive!

Vincenzo Santiglia (Sicily, Italy)

I could see from your book that you had navigated the soul’s darkest places; indeed had learned to use them to deepen your spirituality. Learning through you… I learned the meaning of my own self realizations, and more importantly, the need to honor them and embody them into my life… I understand a deeper meaning of meditation, the reality of my own wholeness and a more coherent groundedness….

—Edwin H. (Northwest USA)

Wow! So simply said and so to the point!!! You have developed an extraordinary capacity of synthesis, expressed in such a clear and understandable language!

—Isabella Montezemolo (Rome, Italy)

My gratitude is beyond words…
“The time has come to turn your heart
Into a temple of fire.
Your essence is gold hidden in dust.
To reveal its splendor
You need to burn in the fire of Love.” – Rumi

—Suzanne Coll (Northern CA)


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