ON A PERSONAL NOTE ~ Summer 2017 ~

Mesa Verde National Park Colorado ancient wisdom traditions native american

Photo by Ronda 2017: Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings of the Ancient Pueblo People – approx 575-1275 AD

Standing on the Rim… and a call to contemplation of legacy in choice

I am just back from an 11-day inner road trip through the back country of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona.  

I needed to clear my head and so I drove in silence for over 1800 miles: No national news, no music, no work, no phone calls accepted, no emails received….  just driving across a vast landscape of desert and mountain through small towns with few stops. 

It was an odd choice of  “vacation” by most standards today I guess; but for me, it offered an intentional psychic-cleanse and a soulful-renewal by virtue of removing everything but the basics …and then opening to what emerged.  And there were many subtle surprises that I am still “unpacking” and will be for some time I suspect…  (I did a lot of driving for taking  “a road less traveled  “-)

For those called to work with me, I look forward to sharing the gifts of inner-sight and healing that arise in their own way and time from the inner byways of soul…

On the last couple of days of my 11-day road trip, I had already been through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and northern Colorado where I met Matt at the Denver airport who had come to share the drive up into the Colorado Mountains into the town of Ouray (wow) and down toward Flagstaff Arizona and the long hot dry desert drive home.  As we prepared for the last day’s drive out of Cortez CO, we decided to make one quick unplanned sight seeing stop at Mesa Verde where I had gone as a child with my parents. I knew Matt would appreciate the archaeology and geology of this site.  

What we discovered that day surprised and shook both of us.  

We’d expected to be overtaken by vacationing tourists’, which is why we (ALMOST)  did not go at all! And, yes at 7:30am the gates where open and the cars and busses where already starting to fill the lots.  OK – We did not intend to stay more than 20 minutes anyway  – just one quick final stop before beginning our decent back to sea level and the southern California freeway rush.  

But Something happened.  I’d not have believed it was real myself – except that Matt had the exact same startled reaction at the exact same place and at the exact same time  – here, over looking these cliff dwellings on this vast desert mesa (photo).  Something just took hold (and I mean strong hold) of our attention… And then something just shifted inside: It was physical and it was totally undeniable. It felt like we were being pulled into a mesmerizing and dreamy meditation.  We looked at each other at that same moment  – both feeling it.  

What was the “It” that took hold inside both of us?

shaman ceremony native american pueblo peoples mesa verde museum

Mesa Verde Museum Room

Was it the lingering spirit-ghosts of these ancient peoples? Was it the land itself? Was it the stories embedded and imbued in these fabulous formations that were built by a society who dwelled here 900 years ago in such a wildly brutal and yet artfully organized society? Was it the stark contrast with the busses, the cameras, the shaved ice, the sunscreen spray on the white-pink skin? Was it the shock at the challenges we’ve traded in for a faulty sense of privileged (dis)ease and political destructiveness? …Was it a time-bending recognition that we may be close to seeing our own ending times paralleled through these time-held ruins of an older people and culture?

I do not know what the energy was that overpowered everything around and within me.  All I know is that Matt and I looked up at one another at the same moment — and neither he nor I could leave the Mesa….for the rest of the day.  And so here we stayed: surrounded by the ghosts of a civilized past – heavy in a delicious and syrupy slow silent meditation that moved through our heart’s and our soul’s with no need to interpret nor wish to interrupt. 

Standing thus on the rim of modern wo/man overlooking the ruins of an earlier time as it plays across the wind and sun and storm of this high desert mesa – and to all the fine wilderness within our native true-self, I say:  “Aho! Thank you for this wild and disturbing gift of the gods. I See you.”


As metaphor to we who are standing here together on the rim of this time, I wonder – and pose to you, these living questions:   

  • What inner roadway calls to you at this time?  -i.e., healing of the heart, opening to relationship, self healing love, true life purpose, following ease and freedom, making creative contributions, facilitating forgiveness, knowing peace, etc.
  • Are you ready for a “soul-arts archaeology dig” to uncover the special artifacts and gifts buried beneath the “life ruins” of past?  
  • What part will you play at this specific time in humanity?  What is the legacy (message) you are leaving for future generations to find?
  • What – before you die – are you called to live…!?


I look forward to meeting and working with those called to the inquiry of leading a truly soulful life. I am so very grateful for the gift of sharing the cultural consciousness and healing awareness that emerges along “the road trip of life” when the journey itself becomes a living meditation in an opening heart…

Please see which program below calls to you and then connect with me when the time is right :)

Ronda (returning from the rim…)

 “I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness; I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too. I feel the suffering of millions. And yet, when I look…  Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness. People are just people, and all people have faults and shortcomings… but the good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!
– Anne Frank

Photos by Ronda @ Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. 2017


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