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Part I of III – Home Interview (10 minutes) 

Ronda LaRue, responds to a series of informal interview questions about her unique teachings, private retreats and apprenticeships.
In this interview, Ronda talks about her spontaneous and creative process for engaged honoring as a form of inner awakening, breakthrough and self realization.




how to stop my mind and learn to meditateI’m feeling spring time brazen and bratty; greedy with greenly goods; bedecked with simple smiles; over oxygenated and under played….   My inner zen is poking around for ronda’s reflections right now.  I tumble out with this: 

Be a fecundity of stillness
Offer life the big gift of your little fear
Play in the sandbox of timelessness holding each grain of time
Be vibrantly green with the red hot holy
See the magic inside the question.


And for those who really do indeed want my latest Green Cleanse (Measureless) Recipe.  I share it here and invite you to my Facebook FanPage where I post more often :)


Green with Envy Early Cocktail

A Cleansing Juice for the Omm  Num-Num Fixated

     In Juicer:

  • 4-5 organic cucumbers
  • a few leaves of organic dark kale
  • 1-2 organic carrots (if want to sweeten a bit)
  • good handful of fresh mint
  • good bunch of organic parsley and maybe even a tad of dill
  • finger length (or 2 if like it spicy) fresh ginger
  • smaller bit of fresh turmeric
  • 1 organic green apple
  • top off (after juice is poured) fresh squeezed lemon*


*And then if  you absolutely must have that Absolute cocktail this evening — well then – take another look at the cartoon above, put on a cheshire cat grin ….and add 1/3 cup of this green juice to the spirit, poured into martini glass with a mint or dill leaf and a lemon twist. Ah the vibrant green of being red hot holy.

I invite you to take more serious time with the life-healing spiritual awakening content offered herein. But right now, a bouncy buoyancy is simply here.  Cheers…

Zen and the green envy of the red hot holies

Photo: “Art of Breakthrough Retreat” 2016 Title: Zen and the Red Hot Holies



personal spiritual awakening grief healing retreat in soul arts living meditation with Ronda LaRue Ojai California women only

The Art of Breakthrough  3-Night SoulArts Personal In-Residence Retreat with Ronda 

These retreats are created for women seeking radical insight, self-healing breakthrough, and the take home tools for following your own inner wisdom… for the rest of your life. There are only a few dates and a few openings each year for this self-healing creativity retreat. I believe that this is one of the most powerful retreat experiences available today – Come experience for yourself!  All Women Retreat.



healing help for marriage infidelity couples retreats private spiritual retreats

The Marriage at a Crossroad Private Couples Retreat Intensive with Ronda 

100% Private and personalized one-on-one depth counsel offering personal clarity and self-growth for each individual within the marriage/partnership, alongside a couples depth process for finding and honoring clean communication during passages in relationship (both endings and new beginnings). Radical life-changing intensive with take home customized plan for each individual in the couple. Offered year-round by advance application, readiness, and availability.



private spiritual retreats guided by author teacher ronda larue soul arts living meditation self healing

The Private (SOLO) Exclusive Spiritual Awakening Retreat In-Residence with Ronda

 100% private and personalized apprenticeship SoulArts Living Meditation retreat working personally with Ronda at her artisan home in Ojai California. This is the original SoulArts Retreat that earned ranking as one of the TOP 10 spiritual retreat offerings worldwide and in the US today. Ongoing Dates year-round, by application. 



Mystery School SoulArts with teacher author shaman ronda larue ojai calfornia

The Advanced SoulArts Apprenticeship Training Program and Personal Study with Ronda

“Grad School for the Soul”  A 1-2 and 3 year apprenticeship training with Ronda LaRue in a small cohort.  This depth process takes the SoulArts practice to a whole new living experience of self-transformation and living life as your highest art.  Now taking applications.   


 Come find out for yourself that there is no greater journey than your own…  




» PART I: How to Find a Spiritual Mentor
» “What is the Meaning of Life?” 
» ReMembering Who You Really Are. Ronda’s first book and expose on a profound spiritual awakening – (More here)
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IV. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING SERIES (non-dual realization) 




spirituality and health magazine author teacher ronda larue soul arts


Why Talk Therapy Sometimes Isn’t the Answer

Spiritual teacher author ronda larue soul arts speaks on divorce marriage healing in Huffington Huff post

How I healed from Divorce.


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satsang meditation retreat

Rated one of the top 10 spiritual retreats in the world by Asia Spa Magazine.


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