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On Fire Fear Love & Vision


This has been a very strange year (I suspect for many of you too)!  Right now as Matt and I are literally just moved back into our home after evacuation – and with the THOMAS FIRES  still burning in areas nearby – and only s thousand or so acres shy right now from becoming the largest wildfire in California history –  I sit with fingers on keyboard and no idea what to write or say that offers some honoring pathway through the ash and into a new breakthrough in consciousness and vision.

We’ve two very good friends who had their home and entire lifework of paintings burn to the ground last week: Everything collected and cherished, crafted and created in a lifetime – GONE!  They were gifted with one item in the ashes of their lives: a (wooden no less) gently seated sculpture of a meditating Buddha facing the ashes of what was once their hearth and home.  What do you to with that?  The mind wants to make meaning.  The heart is at a loss…

And as we help our community rebuild, the US and world news continues hitting us with another kind of wild-fire: A crazy political environment that just keeps getting crazier. Every time you think it can’t get any crazier:  IT. DOES! 

And then there is the simple elegance of life – all the good people of the world who simply seek the good simple things: Love. Fair wages for work done. A place of belonging. A sense of meaningful contribution. Leaders who do what they say and serve who they are charged to serve. Peace. Home. Food on the table.   





Women’s Retreat ~ The Art of Breakthrough ~  3-Night SoulArts Personal In-Residence Retreat with Ronda  -Women Only – Includes Your Accommodations

These retreats are created for women seeking radical insight, self-healing breakthrough, and the take home tools for following your own inner wisdom… for the rest of your life. There are only a few dates and a few openings each year for this self-healing creativity retreat. I believe that this is one of the most powerful retreat experiences available today – Come experience for yourself!  All Women Retreat (Only 6 women so highly personalized. Specific dates during the year. See page for more)


The Marriage at a Crossroad Private Couples Retreat Intensive with Ronda – Private Couple Only (Hetero and Same Sex Welcome) – Includes Your Accommodations

100% Private and personalized one-on-one depth counsel offering personal clarity and self-growth for each individual within the marriage/partnership, alongside a couples depth process for finding and honoring clean communication during passages in relationship (both endings and new beginnings). Radical life-changing intensive with take home customized plan for each individual in the couple. Offered year-round by advance application, readiness, and availability (Private one-on-one so we need to schedule your specific dates in advance.)


The Private (SOLO) Exclusive Spiritual Awakening Retreat In-Residence with Ronda – Private Woman or Man Single – Includes Your Accommodations

 100% private and personalized apprenticeship SoulArts Living Meditation retreat working personally with Ronda at her artisan home in Ojai California. This is the original SoulArts Retreat that earned ranking as one of the TOP 10 spiritual retreat offerings worldwide and in the US today. Ongoing Dates year-round, by application.  Private one-on-one so we need to schedule your specific dates in advance.)


The Advanced SoulArts Apprenticeship Training Program and Personal Study with Ronda – Small Group Cohort (like in Grad School) by Application

“Grad School for the Soul”  A 1-2 and 3 year apprenticeship training with Ronda LaRue in a small cohort.  This depth process takes the SoulArts practice to a whole new living experience of self-transformation and living life as your highest art.  Now taking applications.  Expecting to begin the next cohort in the late Spring 2018


Come find out for yourself that there is no greater journey than your own…  




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IV. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING SERIES (non-dual realization) 




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