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Women’s Retreat ~ The Art of Breakthrough ~  3-Night SoulArts Personal In-Residence Retreat with Ronda  -Women Only – Includes Your Accommodations

These retreats are created for women seeking radical insight, self-healing breakthrough, and the take home tools for following your own inner wisdom… for the rest of your life. There are only a few dates and a few openings each year for this self-healing creativity retreat. I believe that this is one of the most powerful retreat experiences available today – Come experience for yourself!  All Women Retreat (Only 6 women so highly personalized. Specific dates during the year. See page for more)



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The Marriage at a Crossroad Private Couples Retreat Intensive with Ronda – Private Couple Only (Hetero and Same Sex Welcome) – Includes Your Accommodations

100% Private and personalized one-on-one depth counsel offering personal clarity and self-growth for each individual within the marriage/partnership, alongside a couples depth process for finding and honoring clean communication during passages in relationship (both endings and new beginnings). Radical life-changing intensive with take home customized plan for each individual in the couple. Offered year-round by advance application, readiness, and availability (Private one-on-one so we need to schedule your specific dates in advance.)



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The Private (SOLO) Exclusive Spiritual Awakening Retreat In-Residence with Ronda – Private Woman or Man Single – Includes Your Accommodations

 100% private and personalized apprenticeship SoulArts Living Meditation retreat working personally with Ronda at her artisan home in Ojai California. This is the original SoulArts Retreat that earned ranking as one of the TOP 10 spiritual retreat offerings worldwide and in the US today. Ongoing Dates year-round, by application.  Private one-on-one so we need to schedule your specific dates in advance.)




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The Advanced SoulArts Apprenticeship Training Program and Personal Study with Ronda – Small Group Cohort (like in Grad School) by Application

“Grad School for the Soul”  A 1-2 and 3 year apprenticeship training with Ronda LaRue in a small cohort.  This depth process takes the SoulArts practice to a whole new living experience of self-transformation and living life as your highest art.  Now taking applications.  Expecting to begin the next cohort in the late Spring 2018





Wait! I haven’t even had SUMMER YET! …And it’s FALL? 

I am planning to visit my family cottage on Skaneateles Lake in the Finger Lakes region of central upstate NY later this fall.  Our family cottage is a very old original Adirondack cottage that my grandparents bought for some $3500 back in the early 40’s so that their 2 children would have a place to gather and grow with their children with sweet memories and experiences.  As children, we spent every summer there, sharing the cottage with my uncle’s family of 5 and ours of 7 – all we 8 cousins washing endless plates after meals, playing sardines at night, dinky cars on the shore by day; sailing across the lake at sunset.  It was the best of the good life!

Still to this day, our family cottage is where I most long to go when I’m feeling the need to reconnect to my self and with the awesome Mystery of Life many call God.  In a few weeks I will make my annual pilgrimage back to sit on the shore and watch the many changing colors and temperaments of that great lake that holds a great Spirit I call Homecoming…

Things have changed back there – they’ve changed A LOT!  What used to be a small dirt road and a string of 11 adorable little bungalow cottages have been replaced and pushed out over the years by the Big NY City money that has come in, forced old generations of owners out (due to the high taxes and absurd reappraisals to feed the city/county coffers at will).  Now, we are literally the sole remaining hold-out:  The only remaining authentic Adirondack cottage on the lake – and we are surrounded by ridiculously – embarrassingly –  huge “second homes” that bare no real love of the outdoors and being close with this lake – In fact many of these new lake homes are only used a couple weeks of the year to host a waterskiing extravaganza followed by a booze filled BBQ night – heading quickly indoors where there is TV are no bugs.  Crazy sad.  

 Still I must go. And I am going.  I am going to sit on the old porch on the same old Mission rocking chair my parents and grandparents sat on – and I’m going to drink tea and look out over “my lake” for hours and hours, seeing the  visions of simpler times with more gentle neighbors and an easier less jaded culture pass by my inner window.  

My parents used to have “coffee hour” every night – starting at 11pm – when 4-6 other cottage dwelling family friends would gleefully convene to drink VERY strong black coffee and eat all fashion of high gluten, ultra sugary confections. We kids up in bed could hear the raucous laughter going well past midnight – and this was EVERY NIGHT they did it!  What a time.  I still hear old Marie howling 4 cottages down at 1pm…

Today our little cottage is still shared by we 8 cousins — and now their kids — and theirs!  What started as a simple little summer bungalow for my grandparents and their 2 children has become an extended family gathering place of over 40 who come to enjoy meals, laughter, life and the spirit of this place that holds so many generations of memories.   …The cost of upkeep on today’s standards is a challenge for the 8 of us to hold against the NY City entrant push to move out – yet we remain and somehow we do.  Something timeless and precious here cannot be given a price tag.

I am sharing this here because I find that few of us have had this sort of family connectedness – or a place that offers such a healing sense of going home.  Everything in this little cottage (right down to the old couch and drapes) is just as it was when I walked here at age 3 and 7′ at 17… 28….42 and 56 …and now at 60.  When I walk down the small  lawn and into the kitchen,  every cell in my body relaxes into a deep cellular feeling of being at home. I am at home in myself in a way that no other place comes close to offering.   How many of us ever had much less are able to  keep a place we can return to throughout our lives – and find ourselves somehow (for a moment or more) the same – familiar – at rest – wholly at HOME? What a gift beyond words.

In my life work with people struggling with so many hardships; people who have been so vey deeply wounded by some truly horrific early childhood experiences and poor parenting; people with no experience or place that has held them safely in the embrace of HOME, I wanted to offer this image to accompany the many guided visualizations I offer and call “Being in the Lake of You.”  

I have heard over and over from those who have come to work with me, that this imagery offers them a tool and a place they return to again and again after retreat and when back in life and needing to find a sense of self-healing vision.  

And so I offer you here again the video I made several years ago as a “virtual meditation/retreat” and with it too a link to the several free audio podcasts where I often use this same imagery to help guide a self-healing journey into your realization of wholeness.  

May this little cottage that my grandparents thought to buy some 80 years ago offer you a bit of it’s magic:  A traveling back to a gentler time in the history of our country, and to a place right here right now of inner self-knowing self-reflection and love – IN THE LAKE OF YOU.

With Love,


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