A Spiritual  Meditation Practice on Your True Life Currencies — A Call to the Practice of Tithing this Year

When we expand our wealth…

A very wealthy man, Darrel, came to work with me as a private client this year.  He grew up in a working class home with little money and began working as a builder at age 16. Today (at 70) he owns 5 very successful businesses; several private estates in several countries (…and yet he came and stayed all week in my little trailer without a complaint).

His attitude and confidence and power and wealth were stunning.

At dinner the last evening together I asked him what was the secret to his huge self-made success.  He told me this:

“Giving of my time and money: From the time I began working as a 16 year old boy, and ever since, I have always given 20% of my time and 20% of my income freely.  I raised my children to do the same.  And this has always been the key to new partnerships, relationships and financial success well beyond that small 20%. I know when I give 20% I will be seeing at least 20 times that return.. .and I always do! And everyone I know who is truly successful does this as well.”

Wow! …So while this call to Tithing as a Spiritual Practice  it’s now about some “hokis pokis” magic-play for wealth, there is still something striking in his example and the lesson inherent to it…

What would you discover about your own true nature, your true abundance, and your life’s real power and purpose if you stepped into just one year with this kind of spiritual practice of tithing? How might your life open up and grow!?

What is Tithing?  Tithing as a Spiritual Practice

best cheritable giving this yearTithing is a way to bring our deepest values of spiritual meaning into our work and into our relationship with money. To tithe means to give a certain percentage of our income to something outside of ourselves that goes to serve a “higher good”.  So in practice, we tithe to that which inspires us to draw closer to life’s deepest meaning. For some it is to a church. To others, perhaps a charity or a person whose work they wish to help sponsor.

Tithing as a spiritual practice is a meditation on the use of our currency. It is a partnership with God/Creation, and a way to make our work part of our divine service.

When we tithe, we are saying, “This is God’s money.” It’s like a commission we offer back in recognition for the gift of life itself. It is Thanks-Giving in action – an inner reminder – a way of becoming more consciously abundant in one’s true currencies! And it is VERY powerful…


Why is tithing so powerful?

law of attraction and tithing as spiritual meditation practice on true life currenciesTithing helps break down the ego’s thought that “I am in charge.” It challenges us to answer the question, “Where does my security come from: Money? Or my relationship with God/Source?”

People with small incomes naturally think it would be easier to tithe if they earned more. People with large incomes are often so dismayed by the size of a 10% tithe that they too, stop without even realizing what they are saying no to (faith and abundance in service), and what they are saying yes to (fear and “not enough self-hording”).

Our very reluctance tells us how much we act from fear and “not enough” in all areas of life…. and our refusal only hints and what we could learn from gathering our courage, plunging in, and trusting that HOW we meet Life itself is our true currency and abundance. It is in the “yes” or  the “no”  that we collapse or expand our true power and potential in the world.

Tithing activates an inner shift and opens us to a subtle connection between our life purpose and our true faith (or commitment to our path)

Some people say that if we aren’t a little beyond our present faith when we tithe, we ought to tithe more.  Tithe technically means “one-tenth,” so traditionally we give 10%, but in fact we can give any percentage. The point is to name a percentage and to follow through — as a commitment to a spiritual practice and a a very powerful applied meditation  … and then let all your experiences of self-seeing show you to the truth of how “yes” or “no” create a direct experience of abundance or constriction; of freedom or fear; of empowered or trapped in all areas of life, financial wellness included.

I have my own pet program and would love you to join in it with me this year.  I am giving 15% myself.  (If you don’t want to help this worthy program, please find another that you will – and step in!) I hope you will appreciate the very real value in this one because it is healing lives.

 SoulArts Paying it Forward Tithe:

The SoulArts Outreach Program Tithing Opportunity

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Try it yourself and Find out… (if not here, tithe somewhere this year – especially if you think you “can’t” …and see for yourself!)

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