Why is Being of Service (and a request for you to donate in some way by “paying it forward”) under my Teachings Tag?

It’s here because I have found that one of the surest ways to overcome personal blocks and fears about “putting yourself out there” is to give something out from a place where you yourself felt vulnerable and have received nourishment.

You know the old adage that says: “Want to learn something? Teach it!”   There is such a profound truth in this.  The moment we give forward of ourselves, we have stepped beyond the mental need to be certain, and something frees up in our lives.   So my genuine first reason to ask for you to find a way you can and will donate by helping out SoulArts in some way or ways that reflect how it helped and mattered in your life — is for YOU!  Do it and find out! (So I can tell you  “I told you so” :)

And the second reason I ask for you help is because I cannot do all that this lifework has called me to alone:  It has likewise become part of my humility and growth to learn to ASK FOR HELP.  Simple put: I need you.

If my work has blessed  you in any ways, please help me “pay it forward’ by helping others who are now in a place you were, when you first reached out to me. Remember that? I sure do.   I have many great ways for you to share and support others in this process (some monetarily because it’s often easiest — but many others that call you to time, or hosting, or lending an expertise). Your gift of self will become an instantaneous part of this amazing “ripple effect” – literally helping to heal lives in ways you could never imagine.

Below is more detailed info and place to step in, including an inventory of some things we need on an ongoing basis and that you might LOVE knowing have been provided in your name. Some of these you may just have on hand (hand me down’s are great!)



spiritual awakening meditation retreat in ojaiTHE NEED:  Oh my:  Where do I start to express what a miracle is this (unusual and unexpected) life calling!

Every day I receive many touching and vulnerable emails from people from all over the world who have somehow heard of my unusual self-healing retreats and who request being able to find space to come work with me. You may have been one of these people yourself!

I remain utterly amazed at the vulnerable readiness to breakthrough I so often can see and feel from those who reach out to me from a place of their own utter despair.

I am blessed beyond measure to meet each person – often at their darkest hour of hopelessness – and to have developed  this unique process I call “SoulArts Process of Awakening” that I use to help people find the gift in their woundedness and their path of self-love, intimacy and purpose!

I’ve come to realize that I offer something truly unique to what is “out there” by way of a genuine self-healing method, spiritual awakening, relationship  healing, and self-realization. It’s not an “ego trip” for me: it’s a stunning seeing: “OH my this is where traditional psychological therapy or standard religion or new age dogma fail!”

I  have a gift (I don’t know why) of seeing the gift within the other’s wound ….and for showing them how to find and follow that gift for themselves to effect their own path of awakening freedom and self-love.

I am asking for you – to help me – support others in a life calling that is challenging to do alone. Your love donation (in any of many forms) is a great support.  

Throughout history until the last 100 years or so, we lived in close community where differing gifts were shared and exchanged for the good of the whole.  For those who emerged as healer-shamans, the tribe –recognizing that the gift of inner seeing also tended to hold the healer-shaman to a state of consciousness and inner seeing so different from everyday life — would step in to protect and provide for their healer medicine men and women by providing food and shelter.  They accepted that someone called to the inner world of a seer/healer didn’t operate on all cylinders when it came to matters of living.   Today, we have lost much of our community care for one another and replaced it with the currency exchange of money.  I am not asking you to fund “me”  – not at all. And I charge because we have lost that community. But what I AM saying that there is much truth to the change in focus required of true healing — and community support is still so very needed if this gift to others is to be sustained and effective.


If this unique teaching has been of service to you or a loved one, please reflect upon this request …and then step in where you are called.  *See Ronda’s YouTube Channel for More…



Join The SoulArts Legacy Builders!

Offer a Love Donation in any amount small to large and know you have just helped someone in crisis

spiritual self healing retreats

Ronda LaRue, M.S. Creator/Founder: SoulArts Process of Awakening(TM) 

“Where you have hurt, Give… And see for yourself:  how the Wound becomes Gift!”

…A worthy contemplation of what it means to truly embody a living breakthrough.

For those who have benefited from my teachings and who would like to offer a sustaining gift to help others, here are some areas where your support can make a huge ripple of help to people just like you were when you first came to SoulArts!   (Please take 5 minutes to look at the project needs and figures below and ask yourself where you may feel drawn to be an angel support.)

In profound & awed gratitude!  – ronda




Some Empowering Options

(I invite you to select one or more below that you will help manifest this year)

  • Become a SoulArts Advisor/Stakeholder by taking on and heading one or more of these needed projects manager
    • SoulArts International Group Tour Organizer (includes setting up European Retreat offerings
    • Corporate/Entrepreneur SoulArts Programs Executive (currently have manager – Lina)
    • Proposals to Key Retreat Centers (currently have program manager – Amy)
    • Marketing/PR /Social Media Development Agent (help create video; find/set up TV, Radio, Publications, Conference visibility) — does any one have a good contact for TV or video production person?
    • Website and SEO Designer
    • Editor/Product Development/Online Course Programs Developer
    • Research, structure, file and oversee 501(c3) non-profit or other viable status
    • Make a financial donation – or better yet: a monthly year-long care offering. (See donate button or contact me to set up any system you’d like.
    • Create a SoulArts Legacy Gift as part of  your own Living Trust (be creative see what shows up….)
  • Local Ongoing Needs
    • Accountant/Bookkeeper-Personal Assistant (20 hours/week locally – technologically proficient, highly self-motivated)
    • Renewal of SoulArts Art Supplies
    • Landscaping/Building/Repair skills (physical labor)
    • Scholarship Fund Organizer/Overseer (like to have revolving fund of $3500 and protocol to accept one “at need” into each group retreat.
  • AND…
    • Let me know if you’d like to be on my list of possible “house-sitters” so I can take a small vacation from time to time and you can  come stay and enjoy your own Ojai SoulArts return stay with Jasmine and Charm and the chickens all :)
    • Let me know if you have a home or second home where I could stay for a writing sabbatical for 1-6 months  (Need time and space to write away from retreats soon!)
    • Add SoulArts to your “living prayer thoughts” – a loving thought that those in need will find SoulArts and that it will serve their live
    • Create a SoulArts song or other SoulArts product for SoulArts offerings
    • Other ideas (be creative !)


THANK YOU! FOR “PAYING IT FORWARD” and helping another person open to his and her true gift in our world! The ripple effect is unimaginable!…

* I am very happy to provide any support documentation requested.  Please too, let me know if you would like to speak with my husband Matt (a professional Registered Investment Adviser – Clements Investment Management, Inc.) about structuring a charitable gift or making a SoulArts sustaining legacy gift as part of your living trust).  * Grateful for any large or small or contributions and matching funds.  More info available on request. Contact Ronda LaRue

TO THOSE who have already contributed to SoulArts in the last few years, THANK YOU! We couldn’t have done it without you! (Summary provided below)



I)  THE “Art of Breakthrough” In-Residence Project 

spiritual awakening meditation retreat in ojaiThis project will also provide room for some in need of extended work and stay – particularly those in severe grief or Dark Night of Soul life transitions and past clients, like yourself, who are called to deepen in their process with me over time. (That’s exciting to me personally)

  • ONE person (aka ronda) $64,600 or…

    • 1 SoulArts Legacy Guardian – $9,000
    • 2 SoulArts Angels – each $4,000
    • 5 SoulArts Sponsors – each $2400
    • 12 SoulArts Supporters – each $1000
    • 35 SoulArts Love Offerings – each  $500
    • 50 SoulArts Friends – each $100
    • 120 SoulArts Gifts – each $25
      • To date Ronda and Matt have personally funded $47,600 –  with additional Contributions $15,600 (THANK YOU PATRONS (listed here!) 
      • Still in need of $9,900 to complete this project

THE JUSTIFICATION: The ability to bring 4-7 people together here for a video8personal healing retreat intensive – as well as expanding to accommodate the many couples contacting me for help – will enable me to serve those who could not otherwise work with me as it stands now. (See more on this page) 




spiritual self healing meditation retreats with author ronda larue in Ojai california taft gardensII.  SOULARTS  SPECIAL NEEDS REVOLVING FUND Help support someone in need and financial difficulty attend this work. (This is not primary need until the Hut Project is secured)

GOAL:  Keep Revolving Scholarship Fund of $3,500 – An awarded  Scholarship based on Application and Statement of Need and ideally with quarterly gifted funding. (Offer a Love Donation of $10,000 or more for a sustaining scholarship fund, and we would be honored to have you name this fund and serve as chief advisory if you like.



III.  JOBSshaman training ceremony meditation retreat self healing ojai california soul arts

(SORRY but we do not at this time need  healers, instructors or therapists.

Our needs are really technological at this time.

Thanks much for understanding that I cannot reply to all of these inquiries.)



spiritual counseling shaman psychotherapy healer in Ojai Retreats California

Ronda LaRue, Author: Remembering Who You Really Are

I am inviting you  (I am asking you) to join us in being a significant part in empowering SoulArts’ capacity to meet the growing requests for help … and to experience knowing that you have helped others in a way that serves life’s deepest longing: self-healing and love.

Whatever you can stretch to offer is a gift that will DEFINITELY keep on giving and in ways that are so personal and direct. Please listen in on this one. It’s a one time and significant offering of “YES!” to this rare and life-transforming work.

“Where you have hurt, Give… and see for yourself how the Wound becomes Gift!”

key to the light


Offer a Love Donation in any amount small to large and know you have just helped someone in crisis

Or avoid PayPal fees by mailing a personal check to: Ronda LaRue 703 Tico Road Ojai, CA 93023 and mark “SoulArts Paying It Forward Fund” on memo (Separate fund accounting).  I am happy to share all accounting as well as inviting you to consider establishing a SoulArts Legacy gifting as part of your Living Trust or Will.

*See my contemplative blog: Tithing as Spiritual Meditation Practice