Tony Gives the Gift of His Song: “Angels”

Photo of angel orbs at center for soul arts with ronda larue in ojai californiaDuring Tony’s 3 1/2 day private retreat here several years ago now, I remember many magical things occurring:  one, this amazing photo taken at our fire celebration on Tony’s last night:

Look at Tony, surrounded by thousands of magical “angel orbs”!!!

And then…

A few weeks ago (years after Tony’s retreat) I received a surprise package in the mail from Tony:  his second CD, and with it his note:

Thank you Ronda. My stay and journey with you at our private retreat was instrumental in lifting a block and finally embarking on something that truly resonates in my soul. Here is my  2nd album, 3rd on it’s way!. The song “Angels” was written about my amazing retreat experience with you.  I hope you enjoy the music/messages. Please feel free to share it with others.”

~ ~ ~

In celebration of  my SoulArts friend, Tony Bonanno Jr.,  on his birthday:

From second CD: The Little Things, listen here to Tony’s SoulArts song, Angels  (with short intro from ronda)

…OR  You may also DOWNLOAD “ANGELS” HERE for your own library (and without my intro) as Tony’s gift to your  journey.

So in honor of  Angels, of Tony’s faith to follow his heart, and to each of you, who take the step toward following your life’s own unique genius, here is Tony’s Song: “Angels” from his second CD The Little Things.

Please too check out Tony’s website – sign his guest book and follow his journey of sharing the music in his soul. Thank you Tony for being in our world.


…And may we all receive each day as a birthday in which to celebrate the singing of our own true song.




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