New Year Dinner Party Game with Spiritual Meaning and Playfulness by Ronda LaRue Center for SoulArts

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HERE’S TO YOUR NEW YEAR CREATIONS!   (May be done alone but really nice to do a part of it as a meaningful dinner party game and conversation builder)
I’ve started writing meaningful dinner games for hosting meaningful play and conversation.  I was asked to bring appetizers to a friends home last night and this is what I created (in a crazy focused 7 hour computer sit that left me stapling these menus minutes before showering and showing up!)  I see some books coming from this and have much more to say but wanted to post this VERSION ONE today as many of you will be having New Year dinner parties today and this menu game added so much rich meaning to our dinner table last night.
Here’s what I did last night (as a guide to whomever hosts this)
About half hour before dinner (as the appetizer) I introduced the concept and simply asked dinner guests to do the first 2 “aperitif” — picking a quote and writing a New Year fantasy.  They had only 5 minutes to write. 
Then at the dinner table I made a New Year toast and picked one person to go first by standing up  and reading his/her chosen quote and then reading their New Year Fantasy. There we some spontaneous comments around. NOTE: It’s really important to stand up —  you might not think so and you’ll shrug it off – DON’T!  Do it and you’ll realize just how much a difference this small formal honoring makes!
Sitting down, that person chooses the next and so forth through the meal. Those who wouldn’t read had to sing us a song (2 did at our 24 gathering). 
It was great because it added meaning, playfulness and a lot of insights to the dinner.  I had jester hat and chicken hat so each had to put a hat on before reading and that made it way better. Will post pix at another time :)
Hope you’ll download and share around your table to day (and take home and do the rest of it this week)
Love and Happy New Year
ronda linette

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