Finding the Insights within the Wounds
Speaking Truth for One's Own Sake
Stopping the Overthinking Mind to Hear Heart
Honoring Life as a Journey
Finding Clarity and Honoring Decisions

"WAY BEYOND TALK THERAPY" ~ For Couples Seeking a Nurturing Oasis for Deep Looking, Personal Growth & Honorable New Paths 

PREVIOUS CLIENT/FRIENDS:  For those with whom I have worked in the past, I offer a SOULARTS SOJOURNER's discount to honor our continuing journey and relationship together. Please email me directly!

Truth-Honoring Marriage & Relationship Counseling Retreats & Online Mentoring for Couples & Families Seeking Breakthrough Clarity, Healing, and New Ways of Communicating

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


I do not often offer session-based services like most therapists, ministers, or life coaches because I don't find them cost effective for you nor suited to the deep level of personal change I work from and find necessary for true breakthrough.


I do however offer a starter for new prospective couples as well as by-the-session check-ins sessions for those who have worked with me previously.

Here are the current highly intensive, Covid safe, programs I have designed for couples at a crossroads and seeking honorable clarity and communication of new emergent directions. 


A value-driven, significant but quick training of approach for working on marriage issues; seeing if both are ready and able to meet the journey; determining if both are comfortable with the process; and sometimes gaining sufficient clarity of decision and direction without further need of mentoring. 


  • Includes: 

    • Inquiry & Self Introduction (Form with Questions)

    • Follow up Phone/Email Private Sessions with each Partner Separately and/or together (as most needed)

    • Decision to Continue, or Not, based on Initial Session Outcomes

    • Other additional suggestions or recommendations/directions where able

  • INTAKE ASSESSMENT Total:  $280 ($140 each)

b) TRI-SESSION QUICK DIVE (unless decision from Intake is not to proceed)


  • Includes

    • Depth Training in Couples Soul-Council Meditation Practice (TM) with Ronda and Matt (approx 90 min)

    • 2 Guided Couples Soul-Council Sessions guided and mirrored truth speaking sessions (approx 60-90 min each)

    • Post Assessment outcomes feedback, and forward moving Action Plan with Resources

    • In many/most cases it is clear at this stage where the couple is headed and what - if any - continued guidance will be desired or needed

  • QUICK DIVE Total: $680 ($340 each)  *Additional or Stand Alone Phone Session Requests - $185


This Highly Guided and Personal Retreat Intensive is as similar to the high international demand: Couples 2-Night Ojai SoulArts Weekend Retreat with myself and my husband Matt as I can make it! It has been adapted to online with no travel required and thus costs a fraction of the original SoulArts 2-Night Private Intensive.100% private one-on-one guided counseling retreat working directly with Ronda and Matt with no other people. Private one-on-one.*

*AS COVID allows, we can discuss in-person retreat options.

  • Includes:

    • A personal 2-night (approx 42 hour) Guided SOLO Retreat Intensive,100% personalized

    • Home Mentorship Welcome Packet & Profile 

    • Retreat Preparation Packet

    • Free PDF version of my short guidebook:  The Art of Living Your Destiny

    • Depth Training in Couples Soul-Council Meditation Practice(TM) with Ronda and Matt 

    • Private individual times with Ronda and/or Matt as the retreat progresses and as useful or needed for clarity

    • Pre and Post Assessment, Feedback, and 90 day to 9 month personal inner work plan of action

    • 2 Email or Phone Check Ins After the Retreat within 30 days (Additional available "ala carte")

    • Invitation to Join and Participate in the SoulArts Private Support Group Members Online

  • Price Total: $1800 (or $900 each)  An Online Guided Solo Retreat from Your Home (previously $2600 for in-residence, in person, plus travel)


  • ​Time Required of You:  Ability to stay fully immersed for 1 Full Day with 2 Half Days and 2 Nights of Guided Healing & Insight Tools and Processes. This Virtual retreat provides approximately 8-10 Hours of Private Time with Ronda in Session and Pre-Post Email.


Please see former client video experiences for more insight ...Or email questions with your Mentoring Inquiry


This program is best for couples who have either worked with me in the past, completed a 2-night retreat intensive, and/or who have a shared open-hearted desire for personal growth, deep honesty, and willingness to honor each other's truth and needed next directions in life.

  • Includes: 

    • Home Preparation Packet

      Depth Training in Couples Soul-Council Meditation Practice(TM) with Ronda and Matt 

      Weekly Guided Couples Practice (zoom/online private)

    • Private Individual confidential mentoring and help (via email, phone) separate from couples sessions and ongoing as needed

    • Post Assessment feedback, and forward moving Action Plan with Resources

    • Invitation to Join and participate in the SoulArts Private Support Group Members Online

    • Free PDF version of my short guidebook:  The Art of Living Your Destiny

  • Price Total: $765/Month (or $2,000 if Paid in Full at Start)   *Additional or Stand Alone Phone Session Requests - $185


  • Time required of you:  3 hours/week (minimum) + as much more as you're called to give to your journey...


* ALTERNATIVE OPTION:  Private Individual Mentoring Programs - When one person in the couple is not ready or committed to the inner work and growth.


To Apply for Your Personal Mentoring Process

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Here you'll find mostly all free resources of my teachings and lifework.  There are a lot of home exercises in the my writings (Articles).  The audio and video offer guided meditations, virtual retreats, interviews and talks as well as my retrospective and current set of galleries depicting some of my many art pieces and projects over the years. Please respect my copyright and enjoy the fields of contemplation...

  • AUDIO: Free Meditations, Talks & Interviews

  • BOOKS:  Ronda's Books and DVD

  • ART WORKS:  Ronda's Retrospective Art Galleries