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 My Love Letter 

~ and Holiday Gift of Gratitude ~

(By Request: "Spiritual Humor")


The Party Game & Outrageous Manual for Hosting a Holiday Dinner Party Game that Enlightens Parties & Transforms People!





FOREWORD – Forewarned is Forearmed

PART ONE: Following the Thread


1 ~ It never rains in Southern California          

2 ~ Yes well, when will we get to the game hosting directions

3 ~ Introverts and the new politics of (dinner) party

4 ~ When keyboards type naughty

5 ~ A party game with legs                                  

6 ~ How Grinch Stole Christmas

PART TWO: The Game 


7 ~ Supplies and early anxiety testing 

8 ~ “How to sneak up on your guests and...

9 ~ Life, Timing & The Master Plan 

10 ~ The Cook, The Guest, The Table, The Game

11 ~ The Show and “Do tell!” 

12 ~ ‘The After Party” 


APPENDIX                                                                                                             A.  “U-Who!” Party Play Sheets (for duplicating) 

B.  Alternative Prompts 

C.  Menu Mentions 

D.  About Ronda

E.  About [KEYBOARD]



“U-Who!” The Gift Book

That Transforms Parties & People

by Ronda LaRue, November 2018


Spiritual teacher/author Ronda LaRue, Founder of CENTER FOR SOULARTS RETREATS in Ojai, California, brings you an impish training manual and personal depth process in this: part parody, part spiritual teaching, part laugh out loud psychological commentary all wrapped in a meaningful Holiday dinner party game.


In this special Holiday Hosting Playbook, Ronda lays out a creative dinner party game challenge for bringing rich and transparent sharing to a Holiday gathering of friends, book clubs, and family.


This witty and entertaining 50+ page Party Game Hosting Playbook, teases and tempts the reader with spiritual reflections about life and true connection; social irony and responsibility; and the meaning of friendship -- where hosting the party game, becomes the Holiday enlightenment.


What began as gift of gratitude to SoulArts retreat clients, supporters and practitioners of SoulArts Meditative Awareness Practice (Soul-MAP)tm became a travelogue into the inspired heart, OCD mind, fiery soul, and utterly unique teachings of holistic consciousness master teacher/healer, Ronda LaRue.


With chapters like: “How to sneak up on your guests and get them to do something “for their own good”; “A party that’s got legs”, “Introverts and the new politics of (dinner) party”, Ronda LaRue’s humor and depth of spiritual life wisdom blend into a playful romp with your Holiday and party guests this season!


Included are Game Hosting Instruction and Play Sheets. Great Christmas Holiday Gift Idea for the Spiritually Playful!


This party game playbook is for all who seek a personal spirituality and the responsibility of living it. It is for those who love their friends and family enough to call them to their authentic best.  It is especially dedicated to my SoulArts clients, readers, friends and supporters, for your courage to seek and to realize your soul’s call and the honor of our sacred work together.

And importantly, this particular book is for those who see the spark of genius and truth that arises within paradox, irreverent reverence, and playful humor, when it is given to/from LOVE Itself. *

Whatever in the world got you to pick up this little book and start reading…  Good luck. (I mean, have fun!)     


This all started out so sweet; so thoughtful, so filled with love and gratitude.

But then… Something unanticipated emerged during an early morning reverie as I reflected on the miracle of those of you with whom I have had the great blessing to mentor and guide in awakening to the language of your soul’s own self-healing genius…


Not Rogue as in: [“one who behaves in a dishonest or criminal way”] way.  More in the: [“a dangerous wild [spiritual mentor] who starts behaving in a way that is not normal or expected, especially by its group”] defining kind of way.  …If this helps you feel any better.

“Forewarned is forearmed”


Latin proverb: praemunitus

Meaning: if you know about something before it happens, you can be prepared for it.

Used in a sentence: “"Well, (your name here), I think it only fair to tell you that

you may have (fill in the blank) with the party game to come


Feel comforted here, dear reader, that you have just been forewarned -- and in such a way that I sustain your ignorance regarding what is really to come. (That’s the kind of loving guru-gal I am!)


I realize now by saying this, I may never hear from nor see you again. I realize some may go HUH?” And others (I hope and pray) will be delighted by the surprising twists and turns of conscious awareness embedded into an impish new voice that is emerging in me at this time.   I blame our current culture. And mom.


I offer you this Holiday Hosting Playbook as a Party Favor ...with a lightly-driven SoulArts teaching as it runs through a (much) more playful channel.


With Playful Love & In Service to Soul,

nom de plume  Tricksy Dominique

(OK: Ronda LaRue)


Ojai, California  

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