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Ronda LaRue, M.S.
Social Scientist/Author/Artist - Offering Personal Depth Mentoring & Visionary Collaboration/Events
Ashland, Oregon

Summoning those in the second half of life who (even if feeling lost) have an earnest feeling of desire (a "dream,"or a "calling") to create and offer something of your life experiences, wisdom, light to our world as this next stage in your life to respect the Call and STEP IN!

This may take the forms of: composing music, doing standup comedy, creating a body of art, a children's book, a spiritual retreat center, a new app for healing, a style and dress consulting business, a non-profit grant writer, a community organization to serve the underprivileged, a library that instead of books hooks 2 people together to share life stories and lessons, a traveling circus that goes into old folks homes with rescue hamsters....


Adlib with me here.... What-ja-got?  


What life-passion speaks to your heart and soul?


What makes you smile and feel more alive just for imagining accomplishing and sharing it?......

Take a look at our society today!  

Most of us will exist day by day; share some joys and sorrows; some dreams and losses ...and yet die never having truly known how to find our wholeness by merging the entirety of our life (the "good, the bad, and the ugly" - ALL OF IT)  into the insights and gifts and art that these unique experiences have to share with others,-if we but find the courage and willingness to embrace the fierce fire of our own life's creative pathways of purpose as we grow older!

If you are at the second half of life (as am I), I am certain that you have a boatload of experiences (good and bad; some great and some horrible too)!  None of us gets out of here alive (as the saying goes...)

A lot REALLY heats up for us in our early 40's (and Beyond)... So get ready! (Or climb aboard now if you are already well past that early age-stage...) There is something specific calling for you and each one of us to become at each next phase of our adulthood...

Well my own Second Half of Life-Work - and this site is FOR YOU! 

If you are at the second half of life (as am I), I am certain that you have a boatload of experiences (good and bad; some great and some horrible too)!  None of us gets out of here alive (as the saying goes...)

What will your life stand for? Seriously?

How will you (or I, or anyone else) find a true response to that question unless and until we:


#1) consciously embark upon:THE ONE ESSENTIAL JOURNEY: (i.e., walking through life with its tremendous hardships, confusions, successes, beauty, fear, suffering, mistakes, hard work, joyous loving, deep losses, curious hopes and dreams....  and


#2) in that Life-Soup, sensing, finding, forming the key note or flavor within that jumbled cacophony of ingredients that have a secret sauce for providing stamina and sustenance and serenity to self and all who come into contact with your artful Soup-Purpose...

Having spent over half of my life experiencing my share of good, bad, ugly; some serous traumas and mistreatments; some sad failures; some hard addictions; some stupid behaviors; some wild moments; and a lot of social-psychology and spiritual study into the human psyche; the ancient and perennial wisdom healing traditions and philosophy; conventional religion; the new "religion": dysfunctional media narcissism... and so on...

What I know to be true at this age/stage of life and with every single bit of my own star-and-chain-studded life experiences is this:  We are meant to "pull it together"


Not in "stiff upper lip" pull it together, but rather in staying awake to our experiences, turning from time to time to see what each experience and our way of handling it has to teach us so that we can grow more true and more whole and more open in the courage to stay awake and look... And then to create something from that conscious reflecting. This is known as WISDOM.  That's what wisdom is and where it comes from.


In the end: Life is not about what we do-or-did; miss-or-missed out on; succeeded at-or--f@%#'d up royally; the car we own; the place we live; how much we do-or-do-not have in the bank; what our under-informed-over advertised political beliefs are-or-are not.


Crimany! Is this a relief to any of you?

Life (far as I can see and say at this age and stage of understudy) is about:


1) how we each individually meet and review these many moments of life (good, OK, really bad) and from them, craft something that reflects - and offers - the only one great thing any one of us can and has to offer:

2) a synthesis reflecting your life with an open-hearted, vulnerably-magnificent willingness to "deny no-thing" and bring this one life of yours into service to the human, animal, mineral, planetary, cosmic, and spiritual infinity - by way of your true voice standing clearly and in the midst of you've seen and done - and offering something of Essence (aka Truth; aka Love; aka Spirit).

That's it.  That's All Folks! (...Remember what cartoon character said that?) 

STAY TUNED... and Read on... And if you are Called to your Life-Art, feel free to reach out if you'd like my life experience and Calling to assist you with stepping into yours... or at least take advantage of the materials here on this site.


This Site and my Life-Work are for You... 

Ronda LaRue


The one thing I can give now, at this age and stage in life, is a light shined onto your OWN creative genius and the tools it takes to learn how to listen, respect, vulnerably open to, and live from that inner following!


It is a Musical-Artistry to live along your path, consciously and creatively. And the music never stops. Nor is it ever fully completed - yet it is whole within the moment too!  Your life is TAO: still and yet in motion. And no other music will ever match the one that is uniquely yours! 

Let's humbly, magnificently, (ready-or-not here you come): accept, step in, and ever more consciously:



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