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*Having worked first with corporations and non-profits in organizational development, strategic planning research, marketing and events for nearly 30 years, I found that the biggest impact I could ever make as an outside hired consultant always boiled down to the one person within the organization with whom I would sleuth out and privately mentor in the hard art of bringing an organization into alignment with the analytic results and needed change. 


*Later, when I became sought out for personal life mentoring, I was invited "to do my thing" at the Omega Institute in upstate NY - in a group setting with several other simultaneous spiritual leaders-and programs going on, and with only two sessions a day! This was so NOT what inner depth requires, nor what can offer a true perceptual breakthrough that literally aligns a person to the voice of soul...forever. (Big claim, I know.  But after 20 years of offering strictly private one-on-one 3 night retreats from my own private home residence, I have been blessed with seeing such shifts time and again!  (See retreat Testimonials for some of former clients own words...)

I am a very intensely-focused (both right and left hemisphere) worker. I work best in deeply immersive "on it til it's done" fashion.  While working together in private is more costly to offer and to accept, I offer it to those who, like me, don't want to spend the money much less the time and get less than everything possible at this time. 

  • I: Spirit: SoulArts Spiritual Intensive Private Mentoring Retreat

    • Suited to Long Distance (National/International) Travel Clients. Both Private Couples & Private Individual Programs.\

  • ​II.Purpose: Dream-Into-Reality Artistic Vision & Product Planning Private Mentoring Program

    • Suited to Long Distance(National/International) Travel Clients & Local Day Residents; Both Local & Virtual Approaches


  • III. Unveiling: Special Event Debut of your Lifework

    • Local options hosted at SoulArts private residence. Local and National/International/Online options consulting help brainstorming/arranging.

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