This Highly Guided and Personal Retreat Intensive is as similar as I can currently make it to my previous high international demand: Couples 2-Night Ojai SoulArts Weekend Retreat with myself and my husband Matt. (see video)


It has been adapted to two new formats until Covid is cleared and our new retreat center home is acquired:  


  1. An online,100% private one-on-one guided counseling retreat working directly with Ronda and Matt with no other people via life video, phone, email and text. Private one-on-one.*

  2. Private one-on-one guided in person retreat from a nearby Hotel/Retreat Center environment (awaiting purchase/set up of our new retreat home).

*AS COVID allows, we can discuss additional in-person retreat options.


    • A personal 2-night (approx 42 hour) Guided SOLO Retreat Intensive,100% personalized

    • Home Mentorship Welcome Packet & Profile 

    • Retreat Preparation Packet

    • Free PDF version of my short guidebook:  The Art of Living Your Destiny

    • Depth Training in Couples Soul-Council Meditation Practice(TM) with Ronda and Matt 

    • Private individual times with Ronda and/or Matt as the retreat progresses and as useful or needed for clarity

    • Pre and Post Assessment, Feedback, and 90 day to 9 month personal inner work plan of action

    • 2 Email or Phone Check Ins After the Retreat within 30 days (Additional available "ala carte")

    • Invitation to Join and Participate in the SoulArts Private Support Group Members Online

  • Virtual Retreat Price Total: $1800 (or $900 each)  An Online Guided Solo Retreat from Your Home (previously $2600 for in-residence, in person, plus travel)

  • Local Hotel/Retreat Center Total: $2200 ($1,100 each) plus your hotel & travel.