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How Do You Want To Live The Rest Of Your Life?

What is the number one stressor and complaint of people today? What do men and women most long for in their lives today?  I ask those interested in a personal retreat with me these questions as part of their retreat application… and here is what I almost always hear:


“I just want to find myself; to reconnect with what really matters; to find self-love and unconditional forgiveness and love for my family and others; to live more authentically and to know inner peace.”


Many people I talk with today are at a crossroad in their life or facing a challenging life transition such as the death of a loved one; difficulty of divorce; career changes; health issues; and overwhelm with the hectic pace of everyday life that leaves little or no time for oneself, for quiet, for time in nature or to simply reconnect with what truly matters.

People speak of feeling stuck: stuck in old patterns yet afraid and uncertain about trusting making a change. I hear from normal (often highly) successful professionals that they feel flat or empty but don’t know why …only that they long for a sense of deeper purpose and contentment in life. 


I work with people who are facing major life challenges and seeking inner clarity of direction, as well as those on a path of personal spiritual growth who are committed to self-healing and to exploring, finding and living an authentic life.


Every time I meet with a person who is seeking to discover, understand, heal, and deepen their life, I marvel at the human spirit and its capacity for transformation …and for staying stuck.  The human condition is a dichotomy that awaits our perceptual breakthrough into wholeness, realized.

Truly we live in an unparalleled time! We have achieved so much through the use of our mental capacities. We as a species have created amazing things: grand cities and subway systems; medical diagnostic technology that saves thousands of lives a day; our own personal cell phones with built in GPS, games, TV, text books, Internet access, music from all over the world at a mere touch of a button anywhere we are sitting; genetically altered food; artificial intelligence (there’s a phrase!), virtual reality, cloning and synthetic (well) everything it seems. What’s next?  Amazing. Faster faster faster. More more more.


Yet we see and hear and are experiencing increasing threats and dangers to our survival: loss of jobs, crashing economies, record high divorce rates, growing health issues like the epidemic of diabetes in our young people, a political machine that has become so mired in dysfunction as to be pathetically childish if not utterly devastating to any positive future. 

What to do?  How to be in this life with its myriad social, personal and global stressors and demands laying heavy on every day living?


…What to do with an innate longing of the human spirit for love, for meaningful purpose, for creative fulfillment and expression of one’s true nature? How to integrate the spiritual self with the practical mundane worldly realities?  This is the challenge that people who contact me for self-healing spiritual guidance come seeking:  How to live true to oneself in this world so that one’s life is not wasted and well lived?


If you re-read this last paragraph and use these niggling real-life soulful questions to enter into your own spiritual inquiry -- and stick with it as a living quest -- you will encounter the path of self-healing and life transformation! 


Once you allow and give yourself the vulnerably bold courage to face this conundrum of life rather than ducking under an endless array of distractions and putting it off with an even more endless array of “good excuses”, you will be on the path of an amazing self-discovery: The art of living your destiny.


Each of us has to navigate the path of human worldly demands and responsibilities along side a built in and innate longing of the heart that calls each one of us to seek and discover our true nature and our true creative expression as a spiritual being having a human experience in this world.  It’s only a matter of how we navigate this conundrum: consciously – or un .  Unconsciously suffers more. Consciously demands surrender and release into the unknown where awakening naturally arises.  Unconsciously keeps the illusion of status quo in place, and never experiences authentic being. Conscious living steps through the doorway of unknowing to discover the eternal truth of one’s creative, ever-loving and moving destiny.  Which is easier?... Which is truer?... Which is the path where you can know you?...


When you decide to use the struggles and challenges of your life as journey for unpeeling what is false and no longer of service in your life, then you can begin to open the doorway to the amazing gift that has been laying in wait behind these daily life struggles: The gift of your unique genius and that which only you are here to inspirit and express in this life.


As a spiritual author and teacher I am blessed to help show people how to breakthrough the trappings of the mind and fear by introducing you to the SoulArts process of engaging your life’s true genius.  When you know how to make your every day, real life circumstances into a spiritual quest, it will lead you to your true authentic self. When you know how to follow this inner listening way, you automatically discover, self-love, healing insight, inner wisdom, and clarity and purpose.  It is a natural consequence of entering and living in the quest.


copyright ronda larue, 2007

how to live life

Ronda’s first (Editor’s Choice Award-Winning) book: Remembering Who

You Really Are: The Journey of Awakening to Soul, is a classic in contemporary

spirituality and sacred psychology, and marked Ronda’s own journey through

spiritual crisis, dark night of soul, and transition from life as a successful

corporate business woman to becoming internationally sought as a spiritual teacher,

healer, and mentor.

"...For me, Ronda LaRue is on par with author Eckhart Tolle. Both are incredible spiritual teachers for our time. By the way, the whole book is wonderful, but chapter 9 is really the crown jewel. I highlighted almost half of it."


5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously a Classic among Spiritual Self-Help Books

Wendy  June 2, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase



There’s A Secret Waiting For You Behind Life’s Questions, Struggles, And Searches…

There is a voice calling to us through the passageways of our normal everyday living, calling us to look and listen more deeply, calling us home to the fullness of our True Nature. It whispers through the heart of our desires; it calls through the sound of our worries and confusion; it cries out through the devastation of life crises, ushering us to the entrance of the invisible doorway of Love Itself, as we ask the important life questions:

  • “What is my life’s purpose?”

  • “What is the meaning behind my struggles?”

  • “Why am I here?”


With personal transparency, engaging humor, deep intelligence, and poetic clarity, Ronda shares her personal awakening journey through the dark night of soul. Her story pulls you in and doesn’t let you go until you too hear the music of your soul.

Ronda LaRue is a gifted spiritual teacher and author living in Ojai California where she leads private and small group retreats and apprenticeship training programs in her unique  Soul Arts Creative Meditation Practice TM

A wonderfully honest, lyrically written and profoundly insightful discussion of the most essential of all human endeavors…” 

–Richard Moss, M.D.
author/teacher; The Second Miracle

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