From Home Private Mentoring Programs

Private one-on-one individualized mentoring is geared for those seeking the mirroring help of a deeply grounded and established healer/teacher - one who will help guide you toward finding and following your own inner truth, path, and soulful life expression. 


This kind of mentoring is rare and it is for those seeking the very depths of what a life that is well and truly-lived means and requires. You will be guided through the pathways of self-healing from old wounds and the many blocks and traps of the mind as you are ushered into the inner awakening art of finding and following your Soul's path of purpose in everyday, real life. 

"All the arts we practice are apprenticeship.
The Big Art is our Life." 

-M.C. Richards

The work we do together is a spiritual awakening that arises naturally from your own direct experience that I help you to engage and witness. This kind of conscious living breakthrough is for those who are ready and called to an inner journey of honoring each next evolving pathway in life as it presents itself. In this way, the journey becomes simply a love affair with the movements of life - and what it takes to listen and follow the inner "road less traveled". When this is understood, life becomes meditation, and meditation becomes peace, and peace becomes the honoring of doing "the next right thing" with a life on the move... And that becomes the Art of Soul.

I hold this kind of life-changing relationship with the greatest of respect.  I do not work with all who ask. What I do offer is that any one who is considering working with me, step in first by offering me your  "Self-Introduction Inquiry". This will help both of us to see if this is the right relationship and time.  I offer you to reflect, consider and write me back your "self-introduction to work with me"  as a way of guiding you from the very get-go to finding your own truth and path of discovery.  So from the beginning I am letting you start from where you are so that we will be following what is of and from YOU!


To me, there is no more noble quest than to discover what it truly means and asks of each one of us, to truly live before we die. To me there is no greater service than to help another to find her and his own inner way. 


"My life is my message."

-Mahatma Gandhi

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Here you'll find mostly all free resources of my teachings and lifework.  There are a lot of home exercises in the my writings (Articles).  The audio and video offer guided meditations, virtual retreats, interviews and talks as well as my retrospective and current set of galleries depicting some of my many art pieces and projects over the years. Please respect my copyright and enjoy the fields of contemplation...

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