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This BIG BANG Breakthrough - I affectionately call THE PROJECT is - at present - the most powerful applied teaching I know of for inspiring and showing the way to uncovering --- and then - giving your GIFT to the world. It is the one thing I did during my own "undoing/awakening" (prior to my subsequent first book: Remembering Who You Really Are).  The "rules of the game" in this guided direct experiential/teaching in meditative mind; spiritual perception; and real life presentation of your gift ot the world is - by far - the fastest, most potent way I know of for dedicating your life to what most truly matters and stepping into the unique genius of your life to share it with your world (big or small)  The Project is a way for radical breakthrough - and for those who are properly readied - will ABSOUL-UTELY result in a perceptual awakening breakthrough and set you on your life-purpose causeway.​


The 90-Day Soul Journey or substantial prior depth work with Ronda, or a Self-Introduction Inquiry that indicates significant maturity and hunble self-readiness to pierce consciousness, meditative inner listening, and to realize your souls true gift to the world.  


  1. Self-Introduction and Statement of Intent (Inquiry & Self Introduction Questionnaire Submittal with statement of intent and understanding of the work we will be entering together

  2. Reply from Ronda with any clarification questions and/or to set up first session together ~ Includes:

    • Starter Package/Primer (Reminder) about working in apprenticeship and how to enter into your own sacred self awareness

    • Free PDF copy of my guidebook:  The Art of Living Your Destiny

    • A contract with you Soul to enter this Living Mediation and Self-Realization

    • Guidance throughout your inner work on "The Project" (to be given you as a kind of "Zen Koan" inner awakening question)

    • Preparation and Live Video Stage for you to debut your gift to the world (The call to Realization)

Project Tuition Total: $2200 and to be completed within 9 months

Time Required of You:  3 hours/week (minimum) + as much more as you're called to give to your journey

*Additional or Stand Alone Phone Sessions, by Request - $185 


Here you'll find mostly all free resources of my teachings and lifework.  There are a lot of home exercises in the my writings (Articles).  The audio and video offer guided meditations, virtual retreats, interviews and talks as well as my retrospective and current set of galleries depicting some of my many art pieces and projects over the years. Please respect my copyright and enjoy the fields of contemplation...

  • AUDIO: Free Meditations, Talks & Interviews

  • BOOKS:  Ronda's Books and DVD

  • ART WORKS:  Ronda's Retrospective Art Galleries


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