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The Party Game & Outrageous Manual for Hosting a Holiday Dinner Party Game that Enlightens Parties & Transforms People!


“U-Who!” The Gift Book

That Transforms Parties & People

by Ronda LaRue


Spiritual teacher/author Ronda LaRue, Founder of CENTER FOR SOULARTS RETREATS in Ojai, California, brings you an impish training manual and personal depth process in this: part parody, part spiritual teaching, part laugh out loud psychological commentary all wrapped in a meaningful Holiday dinner party game.


In this special Holiday Hosting Playbook, Ronda lays out a creative dinner party game challenge for bringing rich and transparent sharing to a Holiday gathering of friends, book clubs, and family.


This witty and entertaining 50+ page Party Game Hosting Playbook, teases and tempts the reader with spiritual reflections about life and true connection; social irony and responsibility; and the meaning of friendship -- where hosting the party game, becomes the Holiday enlightenment.


What began as gift of gratitude to SoulArts retreat clients, supporters and practitioners of SoulArts Meditative Awareness Practice (Soul-MAP)tm became a travelogue into the inspired heart, OCD mind, fiery soul, and utterly unique teachings of holistic consciousness master teacher/healer, Ronda LaRue.


With chapters like: “How to sneak up on your guests and get them to do something “for their own good”; “A party that’s got legs”, “Introverts and the new politics of (dinner) party”, Ronda LaRue’s humor and depth of spiritual life wisdom blend into a playful romp with your Holiday and party guests this season!


Included are Game Hosting Instruction and Play Sheets. Great Christmas Holiday Gift Idea for the Spiritually Playful!

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