There's a Saying: "When the Student is Ready,The Teacher Appears"
To me, the true teacher is an open mirror for you to discover your own inner truth and way....


I offer a very uniquely integrated mind/body/spirit process and simple take home self-awareness practice that facilitates both inner self-understanding and spiritual awakening, as well as a full composite array of self-development tools, technologies, resources and living action plan that is SPECIFIC TO YOUR SITUATION.


In my life experience it is only by taking this level science-art  ~ mind-body ~ spirit-heart integration into a daily real life process that TRUE SELF, INNER PEACE, LIVING PURPOSE, and a SANCTIFIED LIFE can be realized and truly YOURS.

Whether it's overcoming old patterns or childhood wounds, gaining clarity in difficult marriage and relationship issues; starting a new second half of life business venture; finding the holistic path through depression/anxiety issues and other health confusions; seeking a guiding light through a dark night of soul and true spiritual awakening crisis; boldly stepping into your life and putting fear in its rightful role; or having a deep yearning to (Finally) experience - within yourself - a spiritual breakthrough (and what all these authors, spiritual teachers and "nonduality gurus" and mystics are talking about)  In true depth work, the pathways to meet one's soul is the same, although the initial needs/symptoms and life experience can be very very different. 



have come to see over and over again, that it is always in those places where we most deeply suffer and struggle in life (aka: life's challenging crossroads, betrayals, wounds, fears, self-doubts, addictions, and subconscious patterns) that have THE KEYS to untethering our true life genius (...and I mean always!)  

To help you and others  - to save you decades of hard work it took me to breakthrough  - makes my own trail of smiles and tears and 60 years become sublime in the light I can see and shine onto your self-healing awakening and true gifts awaiting to be lived.

My unique SoulArts teaching and playfully creative meditation practice that you take home with you is the most powerful awareness practice I know for entering into a mature personal spirituality and relationship with each of the conditions and experiences life may take us through.  

Holistic. Integrated. Scientific. Spiritual. Creative. Spunky. Reverent. Awakening. Simple. YOURS!




I work with women and men from all over the world who come for private and individualized personal retreats and private couples weekend marriage intensives; I offer ongoing mentoring programs in person and remotely at times too when that is suitable; and I work with people and organizations seeking to integrate the sacred within their events, business culture, products and services through consulting, ceremony, spirited party events, and personalized sacred space design. 


I invite all who seek this level of living awareness, to connect with me in whatever way feels most right at this time.


When you inquire to work with me I will invite you to step in and introduce yourself by reflecting on and answering a short set of contemplative questions. We may also elect to have a short phone conversation together to see if this is the best fit for you.


I consider this work a sacred trust and will do all I can to assure we share that open heartedness and vulnerably-strong transparency.

If you feel curious and called to your own path of peace and purpose, I'd love to shine a light onto your unleashed fully expressed multifaceted self -- in ever-evolving action.  


For those who seek to open the gift and genius of your life:  This is for you... 

ronda larue

Ojai California

Ronda LaRue’s work as a spiritual teacher and mentoring guide has gained a growing global visibility over the past decades, with individuals and couples traveling from all over the world to work, one-on-one, with Ronda at her artisan home spa for the soul in the beautiful cultural arts community of Ojai, California - about 75 miles north of Los Angeles in the gorgeous Ojai mountain valley, 8 miles inland from the seaside town of Ventura. (Ojai SoulArts was rated Best of the West US and Top 10 Spiritual Retreats Worldwide for this novel one-on-one holistic mind body spiritual teaching and mindfulness meditation tool. -2007.)

* Non-denominational. Open to all peoples and paths of tolerance for diversity.


photo of spiritual teacher and founder of Soul Arts Personal Retreats for solo and couples in Ojai California near Los Angeles

Your SoulArts home practice will have its own unique style and signature, because it will arise fully from within you - making it (in my experience) the ultimate home spiritual practice for self-healing insight, conscious awakening, and sharing your unique gifts with the world and those with whom you touch.

The SoulArts Home Practice will open relationships to new levels of richness and authenticity; inspire and empower business career with a more visionary wholesomeness and balanced freedom; it will heal the heart of old wounds and subconscious fears that are holding you back in myriad ways, while shining a light on the unique pathway of being wholly YOU.