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Ronda LaRue, M.S.        

Am I alone in having experienced a lot of good, bad and ugly in life? Or alone in having experienced the utter depths of despair, horrible mistakes, great loves, BIG losses, confusing times where my heart said one thing and my mind the opposite?  I'm pretty sure (at 63) that these are universal experiences we all have had. This panoply of experience just comes with life and living.

It took me a good long while to learn the stunning truth: To learn that it is my wounds in life -- all those places I have hurt and been hurt and dragged into confusing despair - that have offered in fact, the surprising path to healing freedom, inner peace, and knowing my path of meaningful purpose in life. 


I am irritated and disheartened by the mental life coaches, the fluffy spiritual gurus and new age authors today who lead people into trying all sorts of spiritual tricks and expensive methods to step over their pain blocks when it is the pain blocks themselves that hold the key to any true uncovery, recovery and rediscovery of your unique genius. On top of that, the gimmicks only work to a degree and for a time.


It takes a fundamental breakthrough in perception to have the real deal opening in your life. And that real deal opening  will forever change how you work with your wounds, aspirations, and every day (in the moment) living. This radical breakthrough changes everything in your life into ART - an art that has true genius to it!


Ronda's "Ted-like-talk" for Natural Living App:  Daring to Live Fully

When It's Time To Live Your Art...

work with people who want far more from mentors than life coaching, therapy, or emotional encouragement to keep the balls in the air or to simply maximize a current productivity. I serve instead, those who ache to find,understand, reclaim, and creatively express their own unique genius and gifts in this world before they die. 


I work with those called to a true Renaissance Shift in their lives. This life shift can happen at any age. (For many it can happen at midlife, and sadly for most, it never does).


The doorway to a Radical Life Shift (or inner Renaissance) is often signaled by a difficult life trauma or a challenging crossroad where we find ourselves stuck, at a loss, confused and torn down by life. It may seem in those times that we can see partway into what isn't working, but feel lost for knowing how - or indeed if - there is any other way to proceed. Most at this stage choose the band-aid approaches: (getting over it and back to normal as quickly as possible).  But when we make a Life Shift, it often starts as a feeling of existential crisis: "is this all there is?" - and a longing determination that must go seek and find out come Hell or high water...

Often the first step in a sacred relationship with me in this process of awakening, is a private retreat intensive. I have found this to be the most potent cost-effective way to make that first really major perceptual breakthrough needed for the next step and for making the realization truly your own. The first step creates a life-changing perceptual shift in awareness. The next step together - The InnerSoulTrek Independent Study - requires bringing the unique SoulArts Living Meditation Practice I share with you in the private intensive, into your every day, real life as it opens you to expressing true self and your path of purpose. 


This journey together is non-clinical, non-religious, non-new-age; it is about what it means -- and what it takes -- to learn the Shaman Arts of honoring the wounds of life (and we all have them!) as worthy teachers leading to a reclamation of your wholeness and to the High Halls of living in a way that is uniquely yours alone to give.

Are you ready for the biggest adventure you can take in this lifetime?  .

..Come find out for yourself that there is no greater journey than your own!

In Service to the Crazy, Turbulent, Spectacular Journey & Artistry of Truly Honoring Life,

ronda larue


For those interested in highly charged creative collaboration by way of customized events, spaces, outlandish gatherings, I encourage you to see my Creative's Playground and get in touch to kick around ideas.

I invite you to use the many free writings, audio, video here to help you simply listen into your own inner voice.  If you are called to an inner renaissance ​by way of this unique mentoring relationship with me, I shall look forward to hearing from you.*


*(For those who are teacher-healer-therapists, the teacher training SoulArts Apprenticeship & Certification Program is a possible third step based on application.)

Ronda’s first (Editor’s Choice Award-Winning) book: Remembering Who

You Really Are: The Journey of Awakening to Soul, is a classic in contemporary spirituality and sacred psychology, and marked Ronda’s own journey through spiritual crisis, dark night of soul, and transition from life as a successful corporate business woman to becoming internationally sought as a spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor.

"...For me, Ronda LaRue is on par with author Eckhart Tolle. Both are incredible spiritual teachers for our time. By the way, the whole book is wonderful, but chapter 9 is really the crown jewel. I highlighted almost half of it."


5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously a Classic among Spiritual Self-Help Books

Wendy  June 2, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase


With personal transparency, engaging humor, deep intelligence, and poetic clarity, Ronda shares her personal awakening journey through the dark night of soul. Her story pulls you in and doesn’t let you go until you too hear the music of your soul.

A wonderfully honest, lyrically written and profoundly insightful discussion of the most essential of all human endeavors…” 

–Richard Moss, M.D.
author/teacher; The Second Miracle

Serving The Science of Expressing Life as Art

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