Your Own Direct Experience of Emotional Healing From Trauma & The Art of Honoring Your Soul's Truth in Every Day, Real Life... 


I work with people worldwide who seek far more from mentors than life coaching, talk therapy, or emotional encouragement for keeping the balls in the air and maximize productivity.


I serve instead those who ache to finding, understanding, reclaiming, and creatively expressing their own unique genius and gifts in this world before they die. 


I work with those called to a true Self-Awareness Breakthrough in their lives. This soul-awakening life shift can happen at any age: For many it can happen at midlife, and sadly for most, it never does because our culture does not teach us about self-awareness and deep consciousness.


The doorway to a Radical Life Shift is often signaled by a difficult life trauma or a challenging crossroad where we find ourselves stuck, at a loss, confused and torn down by life. It may seem in those times that we can see partway into what isn't working, but feel lost for knowing how - or indeed if - there is any other way to proceed. Most at this stage choose the band-aid approaches: (getting over it and back to normal as quickly as possible).  But when we make a Life Shift, it often starts as a feeling of existential crisis: "is this all there is?" - and a longing determination that must go seek and find out, come Hell or high water...

Often the first step in a mentoring relationship with me is a private retreat intensive. I have found this to be the most potent and cost-effective way of experiencing a life-changing perceptual shift in awareness that will provide you with a depth of self-understanding and take-home tool that is your own and which will serve you the rest of your life.


This journey together is spiritual (not religious); depth-psychological (not theoretical); inner conscious healing (not new age "woo-woo). Your SoulArts Journey is about what it means -- and what it takes -- to learn the ancient Shaman Arts and the contemporary scientific understanding of brain chemistry and wellness as integrated approaches for honoring the wounds of life (and we all have them!) as worthy teachers leading to a reclamation of your wholeness as you move through daily life.  


The only reason I offer this work is because I have done this work myself and discovered that it is my life gift - to show you how to find and live yours!  It can save you decades of struggles, misunderstandings, hurts and hardships...and the trappings inherent within our subconscious beliefs and early conditioning alongside a busy life and a morass of "info-teachers/life coaches/false gurus/immature modalities. My SoulArts teaching is scientifically informed, mystically derived and artfully steeped in the wisdom ways of helping an individual find and honor her/his own inner spiritual and daily life art - in action.

Are you ready for the biggest adventure you can take in this lifetime?  

...Come find out for yourself that there is no greater journey than your own!

ronda larue

Center for SoulArts - Private Guided Retreat Intensives

Ojai, California USA



I invite you to explore the many free writings, audio, video here to help you simply listen into your own inner voice.  If you are called to an inner renaissance ​by way of this unique mentoring relationship with me, I shall look forward to hearing from you.*


*(For those who are teacher-healer-therapists, the teacher training SoulArts Apprenticeship & Certification Program is based on application.)

For those interested in highly charged creative collaboration by way of customized events, spaces, outlandish gatherings, I encourage you to see my Creative's Playground and get in touch to kick around ideas.

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