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Ronda Linette LaRue, M.S.
Social-Psychology & Visionary Programs 

How do any of us - especially "after a certain age" - even begin to offer up our full array of unique background, study, training, experience, passion to help support others seeking to expand their creative impacts and service to society?  My own background is deep and wide.... And I feel humbly honored to share and offer up my own expertise here, and in hopes that it may serve and inspire and assist individuals, couples and groups who feel the creative passion and urge to live as artists' of life, serving love.


My husband Mattawe Clements and I recently moved "back home" to Skaneateles and the beautiful Finger Lakes area during Covid to care for my parents and after 35 some years living and working as entrepreneurs in Ojai, California.


I was born here and have a long heritage in the community with my grandmother, Gertrude Osborne starting the early Music Festival makings; my Uncle Bunt Osborne and now brother (Brian Ackles) and cousin (Bruce Osborne) now serving the Skaneateles Presbyterian church as organist and choir director; my mother Carol Ackles who started early art classes and art shows here in town in the 1950's and my grandparents (at the homestead we now care for my elder parents), the former of "Ackles Apples family".


Matt and I are now both ready to step into community where called; to bring our unique skills, perceptions, and heart where we may be of service to this Creative Dance of Life...


As a highly passionate entrepreneur who loves creating openings of impact, humor, and beauty, some of the areas I am keen to offer in community include:

  • Social-Cultural Events Mentoring & Support.  Prior to writing my first book, I spent 30 years as Founder/Owner of InfoVision Systems where I worked with international corporations as well as local arts organizations such as the world renowned Ojai Music Festival, LTD., The Ojai Film Society; The City of Santa Barbara; Rotary Club of Ojai (150 members strong) and more.  I LOVE seeing creative, socially-worthy ideas come into their bright best, and enjoy contributing: Visionary Events Ideation; Production; Marketing; PR; Board Development and Art/Products Design Products.

  • Creating/Hosting Fundraiser Special Events - from start to finish. Ask about my soft scape creations; culinary/music and wildly creative surprise parties. (TOO FUN!)

  • Professional Therapist/Mentor to Private Individuals and Marriage Couples Seeking Breakthrough Healing, Growth and Self Awareness. (Uniquely Integrated mind/body/spirit process). My work in this area became internationally-recognized with people traveling from all over the world to work with me, after the publication of my first book: Remembering Who You Really Are - resulting in the past 17 years (and many thousands of clinical hours) offering private retreat intensives with me from my artisan home in Ojai, CA. (Many of the pages on this website go into depth in this depth work.)  

  • Sacred Dance/Movement; Meditation; SoulArts Studio Workshops and Classes; Photography/Video and Product Development (Including impishly playful and powerful inner awareness practices utilizing Emerging Technologies; Dance (NIA, Gabriel Roth, Ecstatic Dance); Pottery/Painting/Poetry/Photography; and Special Events/Spontaneous Ceremony; Breathwork; Meditation; VisionQuest Short Walks; and more. Ministerial Ceremony and Grief Guidance: Legally ordained to offer Marriage Services and Highly Trained in Grief Healing using the SoulArts Process I have developed and offered for nearly 20 years.


Matt won't say this of himself, so I will:  Matt is a gentleman through and through.  He is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and works very deeply and closely with his curated wealth management clients. From a Ranching Family in Nevada, Matt loves anything outdoors requiring heavy work, repair and equipment. Since moving here he has taken to hunting Mushrooms (not deer); repairing old watches, keeping up his Bonsai collection, maple syrup making and keeping me stocked with paints and assistance repurposing old buildings into event halls (ask about "The Crib)  :) He also is quite the poet/philosopher of life... 


A Rotarian, I hope he shall lend his heart to the causes of the area.


My Husband and I, together, look forward to making new friends and colleagues with whom we can continue to create experiences that serve the larger poetry of life here in CNY and our world.


We look forward to making your acquaintance and are happy to lend a hand, heart and head where we may! Please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself and your projects to us.

It is good to be the making...