Offering mature counsel that goes far beyond "traditional talk therapy" or "life coaching.  In this private mentoring together, I lead you into a personalized depth process of self-healing insight and soulful self awakening to your own readiness into a grounded sense of honoring life in every day, real life.


This journey together is non-clinical, non-religious, and all about what it takes -- and what it means -- to find and to follow your own inner truth and path in life.

Ronda LaRue, M.S. 


InfoVision Systems - a strategic planning and market research consulting company to corporations and cities (1986-2005)

CenterforSoulArts Retreats (2005-Present) & The SoulArts Process of Awakening - a powerful and playful daily practice of living awareness and meditative mind in every day, real life. 

Guiding You Through the Passageways of 

  • Overcoming Stuck Patterns of Thought & Behavior

  • Awakening to Inner Truth & Creative Mindfulness 

  • Embodying Soulful Connection with Everyday Real Life

  • Understanding Intimacy in Relationship with Self and Other

  • Creating Daily Expression from the Genius of Your Unique Endowment

  • Honoring Your Life's Unique Path of Purpose

"...only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of life."

- Carl Jung

Programs Currently Offered:

  • Private Weekend Retreats for Couples (Marriage & Pre-marital) offering unique inner journeys in self awareness, personal growth, and the art of sharing one's own personal path with inspired soul-driven communication, and an adventurous awakening to marriage as a spiritual (not religious) path and life long adventure that is shared with that one special person and mate.

When It's Time To Live Your Art

I didn't see it coming either. Not for a long darn time. Although now, in retrospect, I can see the holy-holey-whole genius of it: the fight with depression; the seeking; the hiding; the studying - all of it!

*(For a good vulnerable glimpse into my own classic undoing, the truest spiritual teaching I ever experienced, and what an spiritual awakening crisis is, requires, and opens you to, you may appreciate my first book: Remembering Who You Really Are: Awakening from the Dark Night of Soul)

It's taken me some half century of major deep spiritual study, psychological research, existential crisis, diagnostic tests, gluten free diets, hormone patches, antidepressants, too much wine, cleanses, detox, kick box, well-meaning teachers, guides and healers - and oh yes: one of the best life teachers of all: marriage relationship challenges and woes... finally SEE THROUGH the drama-trama stories; end the game of hide and seek; put down the "ego-authority gig" of "enlightened" spiritual author/teacher ...and JUST BE my unique one-of-a-kind Co-Creative Self-Exressive Becom-ing: A verb, verbing. A spark, sparking. A court jester, Pointing. A gift, giving.  (And this is offered to you too.)


...And thus perhaps I am only now BEST able to show you the paradoxical passageways to the art of being wholly you too (with all your foibles, failures, triumphs, fears, awesomeness, soulful longings and utterly unique path of purpose to follow and gifts to give.


And so dear kindred soul: Those reading this right now who have always felt a deep inner calling; those who have felt a lacking, or somehow still incomplete or perceptually apart from the worldly ways; those who have struggled with depression, anxiety, with status quo, with "less than/better than"; those who have always wished to be and artist, poet, mystic, creator of beauty and grace, (...and still live in the world)

I am inviting the alternative. The Way Through. The Paradox.

I am inviting a relatively few: Those tenderly-bold Seekers of Soul who dare step -- "EYES WIDE OPEN"  ...into the creative pools of the Unknown where true Creative Insight Dwells.

Here in the big open Field of Unknowing is where True Self lives, expresses, and shows you who you really are. Here is the only place you will ever truly heal, breakthrough the tricks of the mind and uncover the art of hearing, following, and honoring who you are meant to be (which is your life purpose too).

... It is just so darned cool when all of these overused words stop being merely a tumbling over of phrases and concepts, and become instead, your full DIRECT EXPERIENCE and UNDERSTANDING! It's a breakthrough that will change your life forever.*

*And yes, no worries: your old friend, the good 'ole Control Freak EGO tyrant will still be there teaching in its exhausting brat-like brilliant ways. And your very good mind will still be very much available - and in service to Soul (your True Self)


....And that makes all the difference!  Hence, the Great Paradox at play. (smile) 

I look forward to connecting with those who are Called.


In Service to Life,

ronda larue


... *(read full poetic)

Serving Healing, Awakening & Realizing Life as Art





do you hear in your life at this moment?

What tender WOUNDS or challenging CROSSROADS

herald a dreaming for something ...MORE.  Something ...Missing


Hope. Love. Self-Acceptance. Healing. Direction. Connection. True Intimacy. Trust. Inner Peace. Purpose. Creative Self-Expression. Meaningful Contribution. Legacy.


Please don't miss the harsh calling!

Please don't grab for sticky bandaids

applied by a frightened and weary control-driven mind.

Yes it's true:

At our hardest hours,

on that precise MOMENT when we stand

at the apex of a Crossroad,

it will look - and feel - like anything but HOMECOMING.

And you must surely again meet the dreaded fierce figures:

Terror and Dismay;

Doubt and Confusion;

the calculating salesman of

over-thinking thought

going in circles, ROUND AND ROUND

in a self-justifying gilded cage

of Control and illusion.


Will you Dare to STEP OFF

a (not so merry) go-round

that most will never release for Love?

Will you hope against fear to STOP the 

endlessly seeking STORIES of STUCK?


... *(read full poetic)

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