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Ronda LaRue, M.S.

Social-Psychologist/Mentor-Artist/Special Events Curator

SoulArts Sanctuary Private Retreat * Mid-Life Re-Vision  * Special Events Collaboration 

Ashland, Oregon


Second Half-of-Life Holistic Revitalization
& Realization of Artful Purpose
for Soul-Driven Artists' at Heart*

*NOTE: Previously CENTER FOR SOULARTS, Ojai,California.  

We have moved to spectacular Ashland, Oregon!

This website, and my significant body of lifework is in the process of this next integration!

Summoning those in the second half of life who feel a calling to explore and express new creative endeavors that weave your unique life experiences into something magical! 

A lot REALLY heats up for us as we reach midlife - and beyond!  Did you know that there is something specific calling and ready for you to step into and become at each next phase of adulthood?  

If you are at the second half - or last third of life (as am I), I am certain that you have a boatload of experiences: traumas, insights, losses, loves, and dawning insights just waiting for you to more deeply recognize, explore, develop - and share in a way that ONLY you ever can!

Living as Art is a Practice - and an Energetic Doorway: It offers something essential that, had I found earlier myself, would have saved many decades of learning the hard way, hurting myself  - and sadly, at times, others as well along the way. I imagine if you're reading this, you can feel areas in your life such as this as well.... It's part of life.


What a miracle it is though, when all of ones life-experiences (both the "good" - and especially the "bad or hard times") are artfully gathered up and weaved together into a creatively-inspired wisdom that ripples and expands to help others find their own gifts! This has been my own personal redemption. And I invite you to take advantage of my life to help you step more fully into yours.​


...Today, I am equipped to share and help those who feel a synergy and a calling to work with me.  Not to learn "my way", but to gain my help in leading you into the corridors of art and inner listening... And then (should you like), to utilize my decades of business/marketing experience to help guide you in crafting your vision into a working reality via a strategic business/marketing plan; identifying needed tools and resources; developing logo, slogan, messaging, web presence and social networking etc.


It has become my path and life-gift at this stage in life to help others to uncover, honor, integrate and offer up their unique life-gift! 

May your Life show you what it is ready to be set free into the supreme magic of artistry with life, and in service to soul.

Welcome to The One Essential Journey...  To Deeply Look, Carefully Listen & Creatively Share Your Unique Artistry of Being.



Lots of information on this website. Use it all to find what is ready to stir your curiosity, open your pathway to new wholeness and synergy, and to realize how the wounds and struggles in life reveal your unique genius and path in this world. ​

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