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Ronda LaRue, M.S.
Mentor/Counsel Visionary Arts Programs & Events 


"My Life is My Art!" ...I am intensely passionate about helping individuals, families and organizations uncover, unburden and creatively express their own unique life purpose in ways of service to self, soul, and society.

My background (at "60 something") is both deep and wide.... And my own life stumbles have created my wisdom and capacity every bit as much as (and truly far more than) my extensive studies in psychology, east/west spirituality, creative arts expression, and business development.

It has become my path and life-gift to help others integrate and share their life-gift and unique genius by way of awakening to the art of soul in every day real life - on the go!  ...What a self-freeing, soul-inspired gift it is when all of ones life-journey (both the "good" and the "bad") comes together into a humble, powerful, simple, creatively-inspired wisdom that is shared with loved ones, local community, and the world ways never imagined by the "over-bearing, thinking mind"....

If you're ready to more authentically gather and shine your life-art into all areas of personhood: starting with quiet mind, self awareness, interpersonal openness, creative play, and community sharing, I would feel honored to meet you wherever you are at and to help shine a light on your own unique path of purpose and genius expressed.

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