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Ronda LaRue, M.S.  

703 Tico Rd, Ojai, CA 93023 USA

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Author Ronda LaRue, M.S., has an unusually diverse and rich background blending a lifetime study in research sciences, the expressive arts, social-psychology, and consciousness practices into a deeply transformational playground of inquiry and real world creative application.

Ronda is founder of Center for SoulArts in Ojai California, rated one of the“Top 10 Spiritual Retreats in the world” (Asia Spa Magazine, 2007). Here, Ronda offers utterly unique private spiritual retreat intensives (3 1/2 day one-on-one) as well as private couples, small group, and organizational Soul Arts retreats and mentoring/consulting programs with people from all over the world who come to engage in learning the art of finding and following their own inner wisdom and way.


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Ronda's BGS Bachelor's Degree is a 3-way degree in sociology, business administration, and psychology from University of Texas at Dallas (1978).

M.S. – Master’s of Science Degree in Applied Social Research and Evaluation Methodology (Texas Christian University: social-psychology research and health behavior evaluation methods. Thesis: clinical problem solving in medicine. Minor in business. Graduated top of her class (summa cum laude) 1982.

D.D. Doctorate of Divinity (Hon) Licensed ordained minister and honorary degree recognition for significant life work and clinical experience in healing and consciousness studies; Universal Life Church, 2005. 

Corporate Consulting Work - For nearly 30 years Ronda created and owned a successful corporate consulting practice in strategic planning, survey research, and program evaluation (Founder, InfoVision Systems) working with cities, corporations and the hospitality industry. 


She was marketing consultant for the Ojai Music Festival overseeing donor and board development, strategic event marketing, PR and advertising.  Her company was hired by many cities (Santa Barbara, Solvang, Dallas/Ft Worth, Oxnard, Ventura) for tourism analysis and development, where she was often a keynote speaker to large County/City/Lodging consortium in economic analysis and development.


In her earlier years, she worked for Panasonic Japan, the Mentor Corporation, Medical Planning Associates in Malibu; the Vice Chancellor for Development and The  Organizational Research Institute at TCU, Fort Worth; and as a Consultant with Laventhol & Horwath Health Division in the late 80's. In addition, her firm was hired to evaluate company market mix strategy and customer/employee quality evaluation programs including the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in the late 90's.

Artistic & Poetic Presence - Locally, Ronda has also been recognized as a working artist/poet and social commentary visionary. In the 90's she was part of the prestigious and juried Ojai Studio Artist Tour, creating and producing large scale social commentary and performance art works as well as ceramic sculpture and the Beatrice Wood series (See galleries on this site). Her pieces have been shown in galleries in Texas, California, and New York and many of her works are in private collections.  

Consciousness, Spirituality, Meditation, Health & Wellness - Throughout her life, Ronda has continued to study consciousness, world religion, health and wellness, and psychology research. Ronda has significant post-graduate and independent study, with emphasis in:

Consciousness studies, meditation & spiritual processes in self-growth and awareness through everyday life (employing her unique SoulArts Process™; independent study of emerging technologies in integrative medicine, natural brain chemistry re-balancing resources and help with addictions (particularly alcohol and negative thought patterns).  


She has passionate lifelong interests in creative healthy cuisine, dance, music, photography, ceremonial and commentary arts and architectural sacred space interior/exterior design.

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Author of 2 books and dozens of contemplative articles:

First book: Remembering Who You Really Are, is a classic in contemporary spirituality and sacred psychology, and marked Ronda’s own journey through spiritual crisis, dark night of soul, and transition from life as a successful corporate business woman to becoming an internationally-sought spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor.

Second book: The Art of Living Your Destiny, offers a short introduction into Ronda’s life-transforming retreats and her SoulArts Process of Awakening™ . This practical guidebook helps readers initiate their own inner wisdom in everyday real life.

Home Study Portal - You are invited to freely explore and receive Ronda's many free contemplative articles with home awareness tools; guided meditation podcast recordings; and video interviews and virtual retreats 

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Spiritual Retreat Intensives and Direct Spiritual Awareness Apprenticeship programs with Ronda are designed for those who are ready to find out what it means to make that leap in perception (sometimes called an awakening) into a deep seeing realization of the mechanisms of ego/mind and dynamics of soul/heart ...and what it takes to integrate the (seeming) two qualities into a life of true character, evolution and purpose.


Ronda uses all of her training and gifts, life study, difficult losses and inspired successes to help guide others to see and honor the deepest values of living, alongside the ever moving lifescape of daily living. 

Ronda’s central emphasis remains a direct experiential teaching and training in self-healing; egoic breakthrough from the bondages of fear, early woundedness, and the conditioned mind; spiritual awareness as direct consequence of honoring inquiry; and the art of every day, real life spiritual living.

Ronda, like many of today’s spiritual thought-leaders, has a long and significant history of nearly 5 decades of study – both academic and self-traveled – and spanning the world religions, philosophies and healing modalities.


All who work with her are informed to understand that she is not a traditional or licensed marriage and family counselor (MFCC) and she does not practice psychology or psychotherapy or traditional medicine.  

Those who request to work with Ronda are asked to demonstrate mental/emotional maturity and readiness and to attain the “approval” of a doctor or professional therapist if under such care and before attending any retreat or mentoring processes with Ronda.  


Her work is NOT a religion, not a cult, not woo-woo, not a dogma of any sort.  It is a consciousness mentoring that leads you to your own inner awareness.  It can save decades of misunderstanding and the trappings inherent within our subconscious beliefs and early conditioning alongside a busy life. Her work is not new age and it is not aligned with any one path. Rather, it is inspired in the art of helping an individual to find and honor his/her own inner spirituality.  

This process offers an organic, responsible, profound, playful and mature self-realization. Learn more about her programs and retreats, including 2-year advanced apprenticeship program of spiritual self-study at: 

Ronda grew up Presbyterian with a long line of church music family members (including herself). She has an innate appreciation for the Christ message though is no longer aligned with a particular church or religious belief. She has also a life long study of meditation and Buddhist thought and is affectionately called their “Zen Master Butt Kicker” by several of her client friends.

Her work is open to all genders, sexual identifications, religions or ages so long as the person applying to work with Ronda is dedicated to approaching life from care for others, integrity of action, and a self-responsible maturity to growing in one’s own experience of God/Expanded Awareness without dogma or rules imposed onto others.

See testimonials of people who have directly trained with and experienced radical healing and life transformations with Ronda and her SoulArts Process of Awakening ™ .

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Ronda shares daily life with her husband and SoulArts partner, Mattawe Clements, RIA (Lifestyle & Financial Investment Specialist); their 2 dogs and cat … and all the other magical plants, fruits, bugs, and trees of this artisan sanctuary we are privileged to steward and honored to share.

Ronda’s favorite home activities include: creating, presenting (and eating!) her “healthy decadent” meals (SoulArts Recipe book in progress); designing sacred living spaces; poetic photo collage, social commentary mixed media and installation art (former member Ojai Studio Artists tour); collecting and playing/singing music (symphonic classics to country — still not a rapper); expressive NIA dance; sensual yoga and exercise; spa cleanse and detox; online research and shopping (tres expertise!); accumulating iphone apps (how incredible! over 300 on that amazing little box so far…); helping spawn new entrepreneurs; and ever-new idea visioning!

For more, you are invited to meander this site and the many free resources: audio meditations, talks, interviews; spiritual home study and contemplative articles, art gallery retrospective here, and more detail about retreat offerings at   


….Ronda invites all genuine seekers to come join the magic of waking up to Life and your own true genius!

Your treasure is hidden in the wound…