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SoulArts Experiences & Messages

Preface from Ronda:

Oh my: Decades have passed since the writing of my first book and since women and men started asking to work with me to experience what I described in my book and which has become the unique self-healing spiritual teaching I offer in private, small group and apprenticeship retreats.

I find myself many years later with way more client comments, videos, and photos than I can place here. - Yet these personal reflections are so beautiful and powerful. So I shall try and update as I can and just let you scroll and see what pops up for you... 

Better yet:  Come to your little "Cozy Cocoon" cottage when the time is right to work with me, and read for yourself the 4 volumes of SoulArts Guestbooks with their many notes and wishes and drawings left behind for you in each person's own hand.

In Recognition and Gratitude for the courageous calling to True Self by those who have come over the decades and who leave their trail of love here!...




(Archived here for 10 years and haven't caught up again yet.)

These are verbatim comments left in the Guest Books by private retreat women and men over the past decade or so. Some are written for those next arriving at SoulArts; some to me; others to Life/God.  All are open hearted gifts...  


Words cannot express our feelings as we leave here today. And just in a short 24 hours our lives as individuals and a union have emerged on an entirely new path…

Ronda and Matt, you are both a rare blessing and gift that has come into our lives.

Thank you for helping us look deep within our inner souls for our truth and guidingus in a new chapter in our lives!

Be ready for transformation and open your hearts to an amazing new journey!!

love love love

Mike and Elena (private couple weekend intensive)
Los Angeles – 2014



Dear Ronda and Matt,

Ojai is always been a draw for me and I now know why! Finding you Ronda and having you work with me was an amazing venture. I am SO ready to be lifted out of my sad place and finding my truth is a journey I am so ready to take!


Thank you for opening your home and my life back to me.





For a person who loves words and language for what they are and what they convey, I am unable to describe the profound basis for transformation that I have acquired during my too brief visit.

I can express gratitude and love to Ronda and Matt for opening your home and for sharing so much of themselves. This experience was a seed that I hope I can nurture and honor the gifts that were shared with me. I have so much gratitude for what has taken place. The Road ahead is not as daunting as before.

With my wholehearted thanks​

Kelly Engle (private couple weekend intensive – see video share)
April 27, 2014

— (and below: Kelly’s wife) —


To the beautiful souls in the world,

There is nothing like this experience. There’s nothing more freeing. What you have the ability to absorb here has the power to illuminate the steps, the rocks, the path to be who you were born to be. It is confusing and enlightening at the same time. I hope it lights your way as I know it will light mine.

I opened my heart here, and I carry it forward with me in a more tangible way than I ever knew before.


With kindness

Nickie (private couple weekend intensive)
April 27, 2014


Dearest Sojourner,

Whatever brought you to THIS place here and now – trust that it is exactly where you need to be.

What a beautiful gift you’ve given yourself – to unplug, relax, enjoy – and allow your soul to come forth in so many beautiful ways that I know will only be fully revealed in the days weeks and months to come.

This amazing experience will happen for you as it is “supposed” to happen. Allow yourself the opportunity to open up as fully and completely as you possibly can. You’ll experience life in ways/visions/feelings/knowing as you never have before.

The great news is that it all comes with you when you leave; because it is all YOU– your SOUL!

Let Ronda and. Allow her words, kind and gentle, yet strong spirit, guide you during your stay. Ronda’s gift is precious and she is truly giving off herself to open your soul and spirit so it can soar into the next, most AWESOME phase of your life.


Forever your soul-connected friend,

Pamela (professional soprano)
April 18, 2014.


To the next Soul Drawn Here,

You are about to have a unique experience. Something brought you here for a divine purpose. It may not feel that way at first…push past the initial feelings of boredom and nagging desire to “do”.  Allow yourself to “BE” and see what happens.

If the quiet and stillness scare you, explore why. Flow with the day and see what happens. Surprises await.

I came here as part of a vision quest on a midlife journey of transition. Ronda’s process reaffirmed and highlighted the messages my soul had been giving me along my journey. Trust your self, your soul. Everything will work out. Trust it is all perfect and that being here is a part of the perfection that “is” now.

Wander, ponder, sit, sleep, nibble, mourn, wonder BE!

Gaze, tune out, tune in, absorb, follow

Deborah O’Grady London Ontario Canada 
April 10, 2014


Enriching, enlightening, kinetic, synchronistic, challenging, affirming, gentleness, kindness, integration, release, creativity, flow, dreams, nature, beauty, joyfulness, relaxing, rejuvenating, contemplating, floating, stirring, changing, melting, nourishing, loving, demonstrating, embracing, giving, playing, laughing, smelling, touching, seeing, believing, knowing…

Peace is.
I am perfect in my imperfection I can trust my knowing voice.
I am love we are all one

March 28 2014


(Two entries a pre-and a post)

This is where I will write when it is time to write:  This is me right now in this box – the box of fear. My goal in the next three days is to conquer that box, to leave it and never return — JS

(Three days later)

It turns out I was wrong! I wasn’t in a box named fear, I didn’t need to conquer anything or leave it.
I was wrong about what would happen in the past 3 1/2 days. I was wrong about what I would do and “accomplish” I was wrong — thankfully about everything!

– I did not get here what I expected… Thank heavens, I got what I needed.

If you are scared, and have no clue why you are here; if you are starting to panic about feeling the time;  if you think you’re hopeless and nothing will work; if you’re sure you made a mistake coming here… Take a deep breath. I was all those things 3 1/2 days ago. And I leave here utterly changed

JS February 28, 2014


I can’t tell you what to expect. It’s so unique to each soul that enters with an open heart.

There are probably aspects of yourself that you are closed off or that are buried or that just need reawakening. As long as you are here with an open heart, the part that is hidden deep inside will cry out and emerge. Don’t fight. Something called you here. You’re safe; you are protected; and you are loved.

Be at ease with the beauty of the silence, it will set you free.

embrace release transform

January 31, 2014


Dear Ronda,

What an experience this is Been! Thank you so much for what you do. I do believe my paralysis is over, thank God!

I now realize I was drawn to you for a reason. Thanks for making me feel welcome, special and loved. You have a special gift and a very special place in which to showcase your talents. I felt at home here and catered to the whole time.

I hope you realize how gifted you are and how blessed to be able to help others during their time of need. I leave here with a new perspective. Thanks for noticing my perception, strength and courage… I still have them after all!

Keep doing what you’re doing even though there are only a few of us who seem to get out of the “ego trip and back to remembering who we really are.

God bless us all… And keep us on the path we come here seeking

Love you!

Debra J Houston Texas



My dear Unmet friend,

Our souls are intertwined by your very presence in this sanctuary. I hope you will feel my love to you each and every day as you grow and love yourself. Wed to yourself; give with fidelity the love you have always deserved – the love only you can give to yourself.

Love always,

Kelly  December 20, 2013 (corporate coach)


Failure in traditional methods of searching for “purpose” that I desperately yearned for led me to hesitantly embrace the quirkiness of this foreign, non-traditional world.

Letting go of what I (thought I knew) is what allowed me to learn the invaluable lesson of “listening and honoring with playful reverence” to my “life’s unique light”.

I was surprised at how extraordinarily exhausting it is to be still and listen to the depth of my inner self.

Choosing to be here is half the battle; consider this a victory.

Brian S November 2013


Learning the process is to begin now to love myself. To know this is hope that I have not been able to grasp. I now have new hope for the future. A renewed transformation is occurring – one that I had given up on. Thank you Ronda!

Xox Arin
December 13, 2013


Such a mystery

Such a joy

Such a wonder!

It’s all right here in this very moment. Listen… Can you hear it? Can you sense it?

Silent and still yet vibrant with energy it awaits!


Robert, Psychotherapist Northern CA

October 2013



Thank you for guide me, show me how to listen myself. It was a whole new experience that I didn’t even know about. Listen to myself, feel the energy in me. I just rebirth today. I’m so excited to meet the new world. Thank you for letting me feel. Listen. Reclaim who I am.

Sang O; Phillipines 
October 11, 2013


Dear reader and those who follow after me,

I arrived here two nights ago – I felt afraid, alone and wasn’t sure I wanted to be here… If you feel that way, you’re not alone in that. Being here so far has been both challenging and beautiful. Ronda is very welcoming and totally committed to you… It’s a rare gift to have someone hold the space just for you. She is also a wonderful cook! I think of her as a fairy godmother. Whatever happens for me this week I’m sure will help me move a richer life; she is showing me how to look at things from a different place… I hope that you have a wonderful experience! And the really great thing about that “cocoon” is that I feel that there is a collective wisdom of all those who have been here before me.


Lisa; New York City
October, 2013 June 15, 2013



Rest assured you’re in great hands as long as you are open for it, which I am sure you are since you were here, get ready for the most beautiful and profound experience of your life.

I’m thankful and blessed I came and am excited for you to feel this way too – good luck and enjoy your journey.


With love,

August 22, 2013


dear Ronda and Matt and Jasmine and charm and chicks and trees and raccoon…

This place is a cocoon. I feel like I just received a giant hug that lasted 3 1/2 days.

Thank you Ronda for leading me to the light that was always within me. I will forever cherish every step we took in the journey.

I can’t wait to go out in the unknown and see things through the eyes of a child but with the maturity of a grounded and wise 42-year-old woman

Que sera sera…

Stay beautiful


With love
Christina (aka Tatiana) June 15, 2013


Dear Ronda:

Love Grace Gratitude. Those three words were so pivotal in my journey with you over the last three days.
Thank you for your love, compassion and wisdom. I tried everything to avoid the most beautiful and poignant moment in my life so far: [it came with] no earth shattering, no thunderclouds clapped, but in that moment of “a slight shift” (as you’ve described it before) I saw there is nothing to be afraid of.


Lots of love and gratitude

Mel  from Australia
April 26, 2013



I have been in the middle of a huge life transition and I thought it was all “under control”. The things I have seen this week have helped reveal the true me. I now feel grounded and understand how to let go. Instead of being scared, I am excited about this unknown.

Thank you Ronda for this magical gift. I’ve been transformed forever.




…Wow – I love the idea that Grace was here before me 🙂

My first big gratitude is having a place to come to rest and be supported in a process without having to be totally alone and isolated. The experience of being held and having Ronda as a guide is profound in itself. And this little RV trailer is the perfect cozy nest.

My next gratitude is for being encouraged to sit with what is in my life so it can teach me.

Sit in the sauna, flow in the hot tub, snooze on the lily pad bed in the garden or make art! (While I was hanging with my little five-year-old I found the basket of glass beads. That resulted in creating an enchanted crystal threshold mat. If it is still here and holding together, place it where you want to create a magical threshold. Please use the sparkles from the glass beads and the swirls to clean and attract magical energy!)

Another gratitude is for all of the living souls on this property. They all brought great comfort and moments of joy: the chickens, dogs, the lizards, squirrels, the bees and the spiders making their webs.

To the kind and lovely Ronda (and Matt!) Thank you for the time. Thank you for this place. Thank you for your intention. Thank you for your spirit and wisdom.

For those who come next, Lean in, let go, and really be!

love, Sue
April 8, 2013



First, do your best to slow (I repeat) slow down and settle in. Sit under the oak looking up at the sky. Crawl in the sauna, take a nap. Then, just listen, stay open – even if apprehensive or afraid. You’re safe.

You will be loved here.

love, Grace
March, 2013


Greetings, and welcome to your exciting adventure.

If you are feeling a bit nervous or lonely as I did my first night, please note that a part of me is here with you as a kindred spirit along with so many others who have entered this enchanted Forest before you. Trust in Ronda who will guide you with a warmth and authenticity that truly comes from within. Open up to what is here with a curiosity that breeds excitement… You get to see and play with your True Self, and it’s such a wondrous thing… beyond words… You’ll see 🙂

Sending love and Support Your Way,


Lisa Marrarazino (psychotherapist)
Denver Colorado
March 2013



Thank you for being with me in this journey. You made me fly like a Redtail eagle and go through mountains and valleys of my life. In this journey the weather changes many times, good and bad. But you have led me to stand in a clear shining spot connected to the Source and always remembering who I am.

And my friend: you are in a place that is more than a room and more than a “cocoon”. It’s a place where many transformations have happened to awaken our inner spirit. Open your heart and you will be amazed to discover your true potential when you reconnect to the Source.

Don’t hide the kid you!


Luis David, CEO Engineer
Puerto Rico
March 2013


Dearest, congratulate yourself for coming here.

Know and have reverence for the courage it takes to dive beneath the surface.

Burst open. Bleed. The space and the grace within you will contain it all.

Love the darkness, and it will show you it secrets.
Listen, follow, listen, follow…


Lynn Cohen


Welcome to this calming and magical place.

My soul called out since quite a while, and then I found Ronda’s place and I knew instinctively, this is it!

Coming here opened doors for me which showed me things I had never thought about or even knew existed. This soul-searching was sometimes wrenching and then filled with joy of honoring what I had experienced. I’m going home with peace in my heart and curiosity for what lies ahead on my path of the truth!


Thank you so much dear Ronda
(unsigned) February 1, 2013


Be ready to follow your own true path. It’s no one else’s. Yours is unique. You may struggle, you will cry, but, oh, the wonder that is awakened.

An Experience never to be forgotten.

A New day is dawning.. go forth with an open mind and truly find yourself.


Thank you Ronda ,
Leanne (from Australia – private couples retreat)


Welcome friend to this magical place. I do not know you but I hope you can feel a certain connectedness between us.
Congratulate yourself for being here. You’re at the beginning of a profound experience unique only to you. Allow it, it will take you as long as it needs – but not longer. Enjoy it! Have fun. Be curious.

Ronda, I am in total awe what I have gone through with your help, guidance, and love. Thank you for inviting me to your life and showing me how to let life live through me.


Greg (private couples retreat) Engineer
Sydney Australia January 25, 2013


What a gift to be able to truly get away from the world in a way you have never been able to before. And to focus in the brilliance that lies within.

The world does its best to make sure we never see any of this. And it has largely succeeded, except for a few lucky souls like us. Revel in your journey!

Thank you Ronda for your patience and wisdom – and Matt for your spiritual conversation and meal shared


Jan E 1/6/2013


Thank you:

To myself for guiding me here and being open.

To you, for offering and sharing your gifts, and for listening truly.

Thank you for showing me that the journey includes dead as well as alive , dark as well as light, and that everything has something to teach me.

Thank you for showing me, I have a gift.

Thank you for this retreat and for this bridge back into my life.

– Y


Wow! What a powerful yet magical journey; words cannot describe.

A full moon, rainstorm, as well as the endless soul-searching made this an even more unforgettable experience.

Stay curious, always be adventurous, and follow “Life’s” Path. Because it is sure to keep you jumping. I’m leaving for joy. And when the chattering mind tries to detour you to what you are accustomed to – stop, and tell it to “back off" ( another curious find during my stay).

May you find your guardian angel as I found mine.


Love, Brenda
November 29, 2012


Ronda –

You are my portal into a blissful awakening, a re-member ing in a way only feelings and experience can describe.

God has blessed you with such a tremendous gift for truly guiding all that come across your path. My experience will forever change my world, my life. As I leave I can only imagine the wonderful mysteries life will present me.

For those who are just beginning… A blissful experience intended only for you is waiting. Follow your

The food was awesome. The energy, electrifying. Peace and love to all who enter this spiritual paradise.


Debbie Heinman
Frisco Texas
November 15, 2012



I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed when they did – it was meant to be! I don’t have to tell you that this process, this journey, this rebirth, saved my life – or I should say, gave me new life.

Words cannot describe the feelings of joy, excitement and anticipation that I feel in my heart, my soul, my whole being! For the first time in my life, I feel WHOLE. My heart is open and I am and will be forever listening to the inner voice that will lead me to step along this AMAZING journey.

Thank you for helping me find my VOICE!

Til wemeet again…Much love and peace


Tiffany “little Buddha”  Westley
Dallas Texas


The journey of life is unique to each of us and yet the ultimate goal is the same; to find our way back to Source and live a life of authenticity and wholeness.

I believe each of us is called to people and places that benefit and help our soul to turn back onto the path of God.

The experience here – in this place – with Ronda – is a wonderful Way to find our truth and divine purpose. Her loving guidance, time and dedication is remarkable. She is a gift all of us.

Thank you for opening up your heavenly home to so many, Ronda. Thank you for the gift of you. Thank you for your husbands gifts shared too


Gina from Alabama
October 18, 2012



Honestly, there are no words adequate enough to express what this place is, what it represents and how it, and Ronda most of all, have impacted me!

As I read all the other notes, it is obvious this is special! You come in scared, and unsure of yourself and what to expect, and you leave with love in your heart, a spring in your step and a song flowing from your lips! Oh and a really healthy gut too! lol

Bless you Ronda and continued blessings to you. You are connected and you live from this connection: Authentic through and through.

“You are the face of God. I hold you in my heart. You’re part of me. You are the face of God ” (a chant from Unity chaplains)


Thank you

– Nancy Devlin – Unity minister/practitioner
St. Petersburg Florida


Dear Dear Ronda,

God blessed you with a sacred calling to help others come home. You are more than special, you’re blessed. I thank God for bringing me here, and I thank God for bringing you where you are.

If you’re reading this, you are looking for something you could not find out of life. You’re in the right place! I came here in deep pain, trauma, lost and in fragments. I am leaving healed, whole, and peacefully happy. I too am blessed!

I have a way to follow now, to continue with love, as I daily find my destiny!

With more than gratitude and love


Ellen d Muro –
August 24, 2012


Matt: I thank you for your gently assuring words. God bless you both

Ronda and Matt, where do I begin.

I owe SO MUCH  to both of you! I am going through a huge transformation, And with the amazing gift of this piece of heaven… and the both of you, I now can go into the next phase of my life with complete confidence and strength!! You have taught me so much, yet I realize all of the answers are all within me and always will be! I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to be here and with the both of you. You are “earth angels” put here to help others on their journeys! You have transformed my life and I truly look forward to the second half of my life with huge excitement!!


Thank you both so much! I will be forever grateful

Karen Grove (long term marriage ending/honoring)
August 16, 2012


As I sit here listening to the Canadian tenors sing “Hallelujah”, I am compelled to go out and sing it from the top of my lungs, but it’s late and I did it for an hour last night 🙂

To say that these three days have been transformational for me would be the biggest understatement I’ve ever made.
I can honestly say Ronda saved not only my soul, but my life this week and I feel a joy and a sense of excitement and wonder about life that I thought was long gone.

Ronda is an amazing guide. I had no idea what to expect but every day has been like Christmas morning and every moment was a new gift and I am forever, deeply and profoundly grateful for this magical place and Ronda LaRue. She brought me back from darkness into shiny sparkly beautiful light. Savor every moment, unknown friend.


Love Sheila – July 12, 2012

PS sway with your authentic self
PSS oh and dance — and by all means SING!


Dear God,

what a blessing you have given me to bring me to a place of such a vision. To introduce me to a person of such compassion and love for others as Ronda. I walked many trails in my life, some bad, most good, and I owe everything to you that I’ve been blessed with. Thank you so much for leading me to Ronda because she led me back to you this week. What an experience I had.,. To see all around me and within me. How more clear life is and should be. You have given Ronda this ability and she has used it to it’s fullest and definitely to your honor. Please continue to bless Ronda and Matt as they have blessed me…


with much love,

(life-long Southern Baptist)
July, 2012


Welcome Friend,

You’re in for a stay of exceptional beauty and insight.

This has been a wonderful three days of discovery and redemption – not a minute has been wasted – we have been mining gold and removing the drass.

I feel light in body and in Soul. What an adventure. Enjoy!

Celia Roche – June 7, 2012


Welcome Fellow Adventurer,

Rest assured that you have found gold. Follow the ever-changing river of each moment; connect with body, heart, and soul. Listen. Ask with curiosity and you’ll find the Way. Thank you Ronda


Marina – May 2, 2012


This has been more than expected and nothing like anything else. The power of this is both amazing and daunting; not intimidating – just simply quietly powerful. The beauty of truly loving is an amazing gift.

Thank you from the bottom of my newly deepened heart!


Mary Fos – May, 2012


Ronda, I don’t know what led me to this place, must’ve been my subconscious listening to the energy around me. Every time I did more research, energy kept pulling me back to you. I am glad I listened! It was a wonderful experience and I feel prepared to continue my journey into the next chapter and unknown of my life. I hope to one day come back – but not a newbie anymore!


Thank you

Pamela -June 7, 2012


Ronda it is my last night in Ojai. Although it came at the perfect time in my life, I can’t help but to wish you could have had the means to communicate your message to me when I was in my mother’s womb! When I stepped onto the plane in Charleston, I thought: “this is going to be so much more than I could ever  imagine.” I was right! And I’m no longer afraid of the unknown adventure.


Leslie Lambert – South Carolina
May 10, 2012


Dear Ronda,

This is my last day here and the first to write my experiences from the most transformative and magical experience one could ever receive.

Words can’t capture what happened in the last 3 days. What I can tell is that there is a peace, a love, a magic, beauty, and transformation that happens when you follow the fragrance of life, your soul.

I feel grateful and blessed to have had this experience. Thank you Ronda for your love and support and for the soul nourishing meals! Thank Jasmine and Charm for them always welcoming and playing with me and their love. May the fragrance fill you too!

With love always,

Linda Summers 4/6/12


I am here, so awed by what possibilities opened the first retreat, continuing to learn this language, this state of being… to drop old interpretations, to open parts of self that were neglected or suppressed, to be more aware of the present moment.

Here, you will be given those tools. Here, you will feel shedding and opening, Here, you will have “Aha” moments, of something clicking in place. Here, you will enjoy not only the beauty of the self, but also the beauty within… and you will remember things you thought you had forgotten.

Thank you, Ronda, again, for helping me along my journey!


With love,

Zora 3/2012


It is such a gift to be able to spend time in this magical, healing, sacred place. The love of Ronda, and even Matt – though I only briefly greeted him; the knowing and loving affection of Jasmine and Charm; even the chickens… (and the hummingbirds and the lizards) is tangible, safe and comforting.

My experience went from the joy of creative expression to deep introspection to mindful integration, to deep inner work/letting go – challenging, reshaping… to celebration.

Ronda, Thank you for freely sharing yourself, your gifts, your energy, your openness, and acceptance, and this beautiful space and who live here. I take with me valuable new tools and insights that will stay with me for my lifetime. You are a beautiful person!


Thank you!
Suzanne  2/2012
Helena, MT



This was the message on the tire cover of the car I parked next to at the beach on my 3rd day of the retreat. How filtering…

What you will learn here:

*the world is magical. Not in some dopey, let’s braid our dreadlocks and burn sage – way, but  magical.

*that you will always be enough and exactly where you are meant to be if you trust it.

*that curiosity is truly the only teacher or guide you need. It reveals all.

What to expect:

*to learn from being uncomfortable

*nothing and everything

*to have no expectations  –  they aren’t real anyways

I suspect that I am not someone most would think needed this retreat:… I’m by all means successful, young-ish (30), married, and I’ve never had anything really bad happen to me… truly, my biggest disappointment in life stems from dropping a lollipop in the dirt when I was a kid (and my dad wouldn’t buy me another one).

But I needed this, and sought Ronda’s expertise because despite having such a good life, I always felt like “it” wasn’t enough and was starting to feel like “would it ever be enough?” (answer= no). I can’t put my experience these 3 days into words, but I can say, I have found the “enough” and I am both so grateful and excited to continue using these tools and gifts. One life – Live it!


Jean 2/2012
Los Angeles, CA


OMG …”I’ve been through traditional therapy several times and was unable to reach the level of healing I have with Ronda in these 3 1/2 days!! Her method of helping me truly honor my being by creating representations outside of myself was KEY! This process is simply amazing!


This so much more than met my expectations. There are no words. I’m elated that I came!”


– Kristen Depler 10/2012


This retreat gave me the time to reflect and remember. The number of insights I encountered in 3 short days was nothing short of miraculous. Thank you, Ronda. Thank you, God.

There’s so much junk in our lives. And beauty we can’t seem to recognize. Only when we witness the contrast can we see the opposites for what they are…
-both necessary.
-both true.

We’re all born with wings we can’t see at first. For a while we must walk without them to ever truly know their purpose. They are a light to all who see them and a way to truth and peace.

It is my prayer that I never neglect them and keep them strong instead. As I journey home they are with me. But I am not their master. They are here to carry me.

Gretchen 12/2011
Omaha, Nebraska


To other soul-seekers!

Congratulations! You are in the right place at the right time. Ronda told me the first day I was here that she believes everyone who comes through her gate for this retreat is “a miracle.” And, indeed, you are. So is she.

I came with a head full of noise and a troubled heart. On the eve of my departure I feel as if I have been re-born. My spirit was broken and my soul long-forgotten, but NO MORE!!!     

My head is clear-clear out the door (and you’ll understand shortly) and I have learned to live my life navigated by my heart. A practice I have learned and committed the rest of my life to. Be still, and listen carefully… Wonders abound!




If I could put these last 3 1/2 days in a bottle and wear it around my neck I would.

I showed up wanting to “fix” everything about myself and worried I’d be lost forever. I didn’t know what it was going to take to enjoy being in my skin again. I am so thankful to Ronda because over this past week I have realized I am never as far away as I seem and as long as I am open and “listening”… the answers and my soul are right there to guide me on my path.

I am walking away from this trip full of flaws and imperfections but now I am embracing them as the darkness that makes me whole, that makes me, ME!

For you just arriving, I am so happy you are here. All you have to do is show up with all of your being, and your heart will guide the way!

Thank you so much Ronda, for making this such a magical and special trip for me. You have added so much color and brilliance to my life and to the world. I love you!

Now me and “truth guy” will be flying over the plains together, sailing these new seas, dancing with the shadow.


So much love and gratitude,


Brittany 9/8/11
Los Angeles, CA


Are you nervous? I was.

I knew my cell had to be out of my sight. I knew that I was going to begin work with a master. What if… I can’t be fixed?

Despite my fears, Ronda assured me that I was making great progress. Each day became easier and harder and now I’m leaving tomorrow feeling relaxed and very hopeful that I will continue to grow along my path by remaining mysteriously observant.

There is magic here. Help for so many who are lost. Recommending Ronda to your friends is the best gift you can give. I believe everyone deserves this wonderfully guided journey to who they really are.

I get my cell back tomorrow 😛

I’m going to miss Ronda the most, Jasmine and Charm, the floating bed, the meditation hut, and the cozy bed in the R.V. but I guess more than anything, I will miss the chickens who gave me yummy eggs!

I will be forever thankful and honored to spend this time with Ronda in this most magical place. I can’t wait to return.

Enjoy your time here. Let yourself open up, let yourself let go of technology, work, family, stress, and uncertainty.


Love and light on your beautiful new journey!
Connie Lampled 8/26/11


In the noisy confusion of life this place will calm your mind and body.

For some of you this place may be hard and for others it may be easy to get to the spot/place/being that you’re seeking. Either way, you will get “there”, and I can say that you will leave with something that you didn’t know you had within you and be better for the journey of life.

Breathe, Be, Relax, and Enjoy!


Thank you Ronda for showing me what I knew was inside and trusting it to come out and to be a guide in my life.

Trisha 8/18/11


The blockages that separated me from the truth are gone.

Thank you for opening up yourself and your place to me for the purpose of truth.

The Soul Arts process showed me what the blockage was and with that opened my gate to the light within.


Thank you,
Kim Hasse 7/15/11


Dearest weary travelers...

Welcoming arms await you here in the forested home.

Your willing soul will leave the trappings with which you arrived to open you, dear one. Comfort, shelter, nurturing, awareness and birth await you each new day.

Listen… listen with an open heart and soul… the answers are here for you to explore. Sit, quietly and listen… listen to the abundance before you in this mystical nature land. Eyes closed sit and listen… your answers appear… listen… we are all one… listen… listen to your love… to YOU.

Your journey opens before eyes that are opened… listen… and remember YOU.

Sweet dreams…


Diana 6/16/11


I’ve read many books that told me that peace and the truth are found within. But I could not understand that until I experienced it.

This retreat will show you that experience! Through this I required a sense of wonder that I thought I lost. I came to the realization with “AHA”!

I learned to embrace and set on a path to nurture the very things I once considered weaknesses. What a gift!

Ronda has the ability to connect with your soul and guide you in subtle ways. I also loved how she could be direct and call it like it is, bypassing all the “stuff” in ways that made it all feel effortless.

For three days in this magical place, I was able to set aside all the endless repetitive thinking!

I “FEEL” that I am leaving here with a set of marvelous tools that I didn’t even know I had!
This was AWESOME!

I learned that I am already free from the limitations I perceived.

So with that I am pulling up anchor and heading out for the high seas! “SEES” as Ronda would put it! There will always be stormy weather – just have to adjust the sails!


Thank you, Ronda, for showing me the way!

Your ‘unique genius’ to help others find theirs is priceless! Let your beautiful mermaids continue to guide us!


Zora 6/10/11



My soul sister, my kindred spirit… it is no coincidence that I have found you.

As I sit here, trying to quiet my thinking mind, and come from a place of stillness and connect with my truth, I ask myself “What does intimacy mean to me in this moment?”

It means gratitude, calmness, knowingness, surrender and awareness that absolutely every single thing I need and want I have right here inside me! THANK YOU!

Before I came here, I felt so lost, so confused and desperate for answers. I researched “Healing and wellness retreats” and there you were. The only one that resonated with me.

I knew it was a shot in the dark because you usually need a few months to book, but I emailed my plea… as fate… destiny would have it, you responded with a spur of the moment, unexpected opening… I said YES… I didn’t question, doubt or let any of my little “Me’s” get in my way. It was FATE…

Thank you for showing me the gateway back to my SOUL!!! I now see things clearly and have the proper tools and guidance to move forward to claim my vision of “INNER PEACE”.

You are an amazing teacher, spirit guide, mentor and friend. I have learned so much from you in this brief time we have spent together, and I will be forever grateful for your gifts. I will cherish my memories here and hold all that I experienced sacred.

To those of you embarking on your own “SPA FOR THE SOUL” journey… if I had advice to give, it would be… LET GO… SURRENDER TO THE PROCESS and JUST BE! Let go of any ideas or expectations… Listen to your heart and let your soul be your compass… Kick your thinking mind to the curb for now… All will reveal itself if you can BE STILL and LISTEN with an open heart.

I will miss you Ronda, and this beautiful sacred place you have created. But, I know we will see each other soon! I will miss Jasmine and Charm and your delicious nurturing healthy food that is as good, if not better than Canyon Ranch!!


With lots of love and the utmost respect,

Debbie (fitness life coach celeb) 5/19/11


Dear Ronda,

I have searched my entire life to feel and see inside of me, what I have this week. In a world where there are so many distractions to be someone other than ourselves, I found this magical place where I reclaimed my soul, my true self, and my true calling is in this life time.

Thank God you have the courage and faith to follow your true calling, for through you I have discovered myself! May you bless others as you have blessed me, and may my life shine brighter from this amazing time spent with you.

God Bless,

Nikki Nickerson – Multi-Business Entrepreneur and Reclaimed Teacher
3 1/2 Day Retreat & 6-Month Follow-up Training Apprenticeship


Dear Ronda and those who walk the path after me, 

3 ½ days? How can that be enough time to even being to scratch the surface of what I am searching for or what troubles me? But, I was willing to give it a try, because after being in 2+ years of traditional therapy it was getting me absolutely nowhere if not going backwards.

So let it be told that this place holds an amazing calm reverence to it that allows the mind to be in its own private sanctuary. Free to think and just to be. So in 3 ½ days, I have learned more and felt more than I have in 2+ years of therapy because my mind was clear to feel and concentrate on just me. What a refreshing concept. 

Ronda, I think you are an amazing person who through all your “trials and errors” has come across a way to help those who seek peace of mind, joy, life altering changes or midlife changes. I’m sure there are other changes too!

What you have  to offer is truly a gift. I am most thankful I found my way to this place at this stage in my life.  I know my coming here was the best thing I could do for myself.  INVESTING in yourself is never wrong. If I can’t gamble or invest in me, then I am admitting I am not worth it. I AM WORTH IT!

The crossroads from here will be challenging and I have my tools in place to help me and guide me along that path.

I am certain our “paths” will meet again. Thank you for helping me see my “SELF” in the entwined parts of junk I am carrying and how to get rid of all that to be true to just me.


God Bless!

Robin Jones, Sales Representative, Chicago
3 1/2 Day Retreat Intensive


“Your Vision will become clear only when you look into your heart… He who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens” – Carl Jung

Thank you, Ronda,

For giving me this peaceful rest inside of myself; for showing my heart how to open up and breathe and for letting my soul take off and be free! Thank you for awakening the beauty of life inside myself!!!


Big kiss and hug,

Alexa (Film producer, Zurick Switzerland)


Dear Ronda,

The first thing that struck me when I arrived is just how normal you are. What I was experiencing as “normal” was the presence of your soul stripped from the pretense of fear. You are unconditional love and it’s given me the courage to follow my soul’s voice. Your gift is rare and I am so fortunate to have found you!


Love and Peace!
Janet, Process Consultant emerging into —> (stay tuned)


Dear Ronda,

This experience of focusing on myself and my inner longings was SO needed by me! I appreciate so much your gentleness and insight, not to mention your knack for knowing the next right step to move me, reluctant me, to the next level during each of these 3 days.

I can’t really find the perfect words of appreciation to express my gratitude for helping me to see that the parts of me I had thought were lost or stolen from me have always been there just waiting for me to reclaim them and bring them back home to my heart.

My collage experience gives me a chill and brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy and gratitude.

I know that you are an artist who is known for making beautiful masks but to me, you are an angel who helps remove them.


Much love,

Sharon Hawkins, CEO and Owner Home Care Agency,
3 1/2 Day Retreat Intensive

(SEE Sharon’s Article in SoulArts Reflections: The Healing Power of Creativity)


Dearest Ronda,

Thank you for creating the space, time and place for me to open the door. I’ve sensed a calling to this time and place and I’m glad I heeded the call!  

This has been magical for me. From the guided imagery exposing the life-long wound to the symbolic creations. I have a door that is silver and gold. Nothing to any longer fear. It has eyes to see, mirror to reflect, a heart that has the experience of all life has to offer. Love, pain, Joy, sorrow, Freedom, Imprisonment, creativity, disillusionment, laughter, sadness. All that I am.

It is now time for me to Let go, sit and become…


Tracey Huguley, interpreter for the deaf, home school mom
6-Month Apprenticeship


Dear Lord,

Thank you for bringing me here. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I feel as a result of my three days here with Ronda. This has been the most profound, important, enlightening experience of my entire life and I am completely awe-struck.

I came here feeling like I should be here, but not knowing exactly why. I am walking away with a whole new outlook in life, angels, and my unique soul.

Ronda, you are absolutely amazing and have a true gift to treasure!

With ever-lasting love and gratitude… thank you,


Anonymous, executive secretary seeking 2nd half of life purpose and clarity
3 1/2 Day Calling Intensive Retreat


I’ve read many books that told me that peace and the truth are found within. But I could not understand that until I experienced it.

This retreat will show you that experience!

I remain in a relaxed altered state – or perhaps simply my natural state, and I find my mind trying to wrap around what happened and every time I try, I know its useless. It just is without knowing. It is and I am.

I remember the question you asked that led to my realization:


What would happen if there were no difference between the bliss and the pain? In that holy instant, separation collapsed into simply Being, and I arrived at my long-sought destination of Oneness… allowing my mind and body to quiet and relax, to release the struggle…

In this new space I hear echoes of the past reverberating but they have become just that: echoes rather than new noise.

My happiness has exceeded its bounds; my ceiling has become my floor… and my heart is dancing as I begin simply enjoying being without agenda… and knowing I AM for the first time…


Jeff Hutner, Documentary film producer
1 (very alive!) Private Session with two prep dialogues



I can’t fully express how wonderful and magical this time has been. You held the space and energy for me to fully embrace myself… My gratitude and humbleness is beyond words. 


“The time has come to turn your heart
Into a temple of fire.
Your essence is gold hidden in dust.
To reveal its splendor
You need to burn in the fire of Love.” – Rumi


Suzanne Coll, life coach, workshop facilitator:
3 1/2 Day Calling Intensive Retreat


Dear Ronda,

You have given me a gift larger than life, beyond all time – you are amazing!  Your willingness to go beyond, to go to the depth required, to be naked – all for the sake of love and beautiful truth.  I love you for that and all that you are before us – so we can do the same: Thank you!

Honoring you are – honoring I am now.


Diane Yamamoto, Pharmacist and artist of the soul
3 1/2 Day Calling Intensive Retreat


This is the first day of my new adventure. I arrived very late last night. The candles were burning, lighting a beautiful platter of delicacies; exactly what my tired body needed. I felt immediately at home and loved. Sometimes to truly be cared for is our doorway to renewal and what is waiting. There are many doors and they are all open now…

Thank you Ronda with much love,

Dawn, mythological painter in major life transition
Private Painting Retreat


Dearest, Deepest Ronnie,

The most explosive growth of my entire life!  Thank you for the Shamanistic journeys to retrieve a divided Soul. I shall love you forever for helping to bring back TRUE spiritual meaning into my life.

I sailed to my Soul’s shore on a sea of tears gently guided by the soft breeze of your wisdom. You are God’s gift to me!


Huge Hugs and Luvs,

Sylvia, Life Transition Coach
Week Long Cleansing Retreat & Soul Intensive

P.S. The best restaurants in town have NOTHING on you!




Seeing you was exactly what I needed to face as I am with the end of my day job and starting a new career. What synchronicity.

I admit I was skeptical at first… I came to the retreat with you because I could see from your book that you had navigated the soul’s darkest places; indeed, had learned to use them to deepen your spirituality.

Learning, through you, how to do that for myself is ineffably valuable. I learned the meaning of my own self realizations, and more importantly, the need to honor them and embody them into my life.

I understand a deeper meaning of meditation, the reality of my own wholeness and a more coherent groundedness.

I found you to be a safe refuge for the deepest feeling that I could express. I experience you as fun, sensitive, and totally present.


Your work embodies inspiration, humor, wisdom, and shamanic magic. I feel blessed!


Edwin Halloway, retiring IT manager, seeking life vocation
3 1/2 Day Calling Intensive Retreat



Wow! I feel so blessed that you let me in your home to take me on this truly soul awakening path. And in only 3 days I found what seems like a lifetime of work to get back to my Self... this I thank you so much for!


With much love,

Randy Lodge
3 1/2 Day Calling Intensive



My life was changed today in large part because you guided me through the door and made me feel safe. Thank you! I am energized and ready to take the “new/old me” anywhere she wants to go. My beautiful mask is a fabulous symbol of how happy I feel.


With joy,

Linda, Retired Corporate Executive
1 Day Intensive


Dear Ronda,

I knew this was the place for me… from the moment I was greeted by the welcoming puppies. The soul-warming and magical hot chocolate told me of the magic to come.

I feel excited leaving here today… elicited at the transformation… excited that I have a way to quiet my brain – although I know it will always “be a dear telling me it’s woes.” (smile!)

I’ve always been excited about life, but lately had been dulled and you helped me find what was inside me.

This place, the rain, the ceremonies and you are magical! I will remember you in my heart always,


Shannon Nemzar, at risk youth social worker
3 1/2 Day Calling Intensive Retreat


Dear Ronda,

I feel more alive now than I have ever felt before. I am a new woman ready to show the world the real me. Thank you with all my soul for helping me along my path of inner peace and Self-love. I feel my brother’s Spirit smiling at how his sister found the beauty in herself that he had always seen. I am eternally grateful to the earth’s all knowing energy that brought me to you, this place and at this time.

Until our paths cross again, All my love and gratitude!


“But I know when a heart is really free. And I walk along with a step that’s light to begin to live the rest of my life.” – J. Kavanaugh


Shannon Eary, graphic design college student
3 1/2 Day Calling Intensive Retreat



Everything at your retreat truly is a celebration: the land, the energy the work – and you!

I honor your path and I deeply support the work you are doing.


With love and admiration,

Marrion, Corporate Executive:
3 1/2 Day Calling Intensive Retreat


Dear Ronda,

I found you as I “googled” spiritual retreat. So many choices. What attracted me to Ojai SoulArts was the private guidance. Where else does this exist? I was coming to grow, not to be lost or hidden away in a group. The cozy self-contained “hula hut” provided privacy and an openness to nature – a real plus for me.

My friends asked, “Is it isolated? Will you be safe there alone?” Silly questions, typical fears. I felt so safe and so deeply cared for, respected and even pampered. So thank you Ronda for your gentle guidance, alert recognitions of ego interference without being judgmental, impatient, or sanctimonious. Thank you for helping me connect with my soul and to root out the parts of myself that were limiting me and pulling me down, for helping me find my own enlightened wisdom.

Thanks, too, for fabulous food, for welcoming me into your wonderful family. Most of all for the awesome beach ceremony and the beginning of my spirit-filled future.



Nancy W., Retired Nurse
3 1/2 Day Retreat


Dear Ronda!

You are amazing. Too bad you didn’t take a before and after picture of me. My soul is dancing like these flowers [drawing]. It is amazing what I have learned in three days. It is like finishing a college degree. Also what is so amazing is that I felt so at home and this place was so familiar to me like I have already been here. 


I am speechless.


For the first time in my life, I am 32 years of age, and I stayed alone without anyone. Unbelievable. It felt like a dream. I am so grateful that I found my way to you. Strength and wisdom.


I came to clarify my head but I got much more. I feel ALIVE with all my being. I can write endlessly because I am peaceful and my mind open. I am sure you are probably smiling by now, if not crying. It is hard to leave. Next time you see me I will be FREE with all the colors of my life!


Love, Peace,

Helen, A., Pharmacy Assistant
3 1/2 Day Retreat Intensive


Dear Fellow Travelers,

I am so grateful to those who came before me – thank you for your tales. It brought me comfort to read these pages. 

New travelers – Welcome! May you find your way here both peaceful and challenging. 


Ronda is a delightful companion and an extraordinary intuitive, gentle, knowledgeable guide for you. Ronda clearly draws from her own direct experience and a vast array of other teachers. I knew I was in the presence of a teacher/guide who had integrated the work of many and had done her own depth of “homework” and soul searching.


Very impressive and awesome.

May you experience it all to the fullest and follow your spirit’s wisdom and calling here and beyond.

I am grateful to know and sense you out there,


Elise, Psychotherapist from PA

P.S. This S. California weather really stinks! [Elise happened upon the one week of rain in 2 years and we had a torrential blast together!


Midlife Small Group Commentary

Words cannot describe the profound impact of my retreat with Ronda LaRue of SoulArts, Ojai.

How can you describe:


  • at 67 being gripped with the fear of dying before having a chance to live, finally feeling really alive for the first time.

  • How can you describe witnessing:

  • a phenomenal healer who has helped hundreds heal from diseases such as cancer, yet frustrated with her life long quest to heal her very own soul, realize that she doesn’t need to be fixed or healed.

  • How can you describe witnessing:

  • a gentle woman, who so profoundly yearns for the love of a deceased family member, that suicide is attempted to join him, now finds herself embraced by a self love that overshadows anything possible to obtain from the outside.


How can you describe witnessing:


  • a woman driven with such intensity that she fears wounding those she loves, embracing the strength of that intensity and softening the edges so that it nurtures herself and those she loves.


How did these miraculous transformations occur?


Did they take months or years? No, just a day or 2 and sometimes just minutes. Were there tears? Yes. Was there pain? Some, but there was no gut-wrenching reliving of past traumas so common in traditional “therapy.” No one was re-traumatized by the use of the current “psychological treatment du jour.”

So how did these changes come about?


They came with the guidance of a Master teacher, Ronda La Rue. And guess what? This Master was not wearing white robes or sitting on a throne of pillows. We didn’t have to “OM” it in or invoke healing from the angels or our spirit guides. We didn’t have to fast in the desert or meditate on a mountain top. With Ronda’s help we were able to look within and see ourselves as never before.

We looked, we saw, and loved what we saw!

What was different about Ronda’s guidance and that of other retreat leaders I have experienced?


She wasn’t up there and the followers down there. She was us and we were her. Ronda is beautiful, caring, vulnerable, proud, humble, gentle, blunt, wise, childlike, serious and playful and a Master teacher as well. How neat is that?

To me, one qualifies as a Master teacher when their students no longer need look to the teacher for answers but can find the answers within themselves. That is what I am able to do after this retreat. Does that mean I will never do another retreat with Ronda since I can look to myself for answers? Absolutely not!! You do some things just because they feel good. I will attend other retreats, not because I am dying inside but because I again want to feel the safety and unconditional love that I experienced in Ronda’s gentle care.

I want to “Pay It Forward” by sharing this intimate experience with the hope that others may be guided to one of Ronda’s retreats.



Carol Bales

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