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Disclosures, Cancelation Policy & Privacy Protection  

This information will also be part of your welcome package prior to commencing services.



The nature of my soul arts mentoring life work and authority in working privately and in small groups with clients, is well-reflected and documented in my website presence, including my academic background, books authored, client testimonials, contemplative writings, and endorsements.  Please be sure you have taken the time to fully familiarize yourself with this biographical background.


Like many authors in our culture today, my work as “spiritual teacher”, was not a title I bestowed upon myself, but one I have acknowledged as my calling and gift, after many evolving years of requests for my mentoring as healer, teacher and guide. I humbly accept this “charge” with the utmost reverence and care. 


My formal academic training is an M.S. in social research and evaluation methodology from Texas Christian University – emphasis in medical/mental health research and learning. Prior to writing my first book and founding the Center for SoulArts and The SoulArts Way™, I founded and ran a successful market research company for over 27 years serving corporations, cities and non-profits in the U.S.


I have been a life-long student of psychology; east/west philosophy; alternative medicine; the healing and expressive arts; as well orthodox religions and early mystic traditions. (I was raised in a strong, theologically tolerant Christian family; studied Buddhism, Jewish Kabbalah, Shaman and Toltec healing methods, Vedic texts, and have practiced many forms of direct relationship with the Divine.  The SoulArts Process of Awakening ™  now called the SoulArts Way ™, is my own living integration of all

these wisdom traditions, and put to the very direct test of embodied realization through my own life of struggle, seeking and perceptual breakthrough.


It is this, which I uncovered through my own wounds, depth study, and healing breakthrough, that I share as an art form for you to take home and apply to your own life. What I share is an elegantly profound personal way for you to find and follow the universal ways of accessing inner wisdom and innate spiritual direction. Some call this spiritual awakening. I call it ReMembering who you really are (first book title).


The tools I offer are very simple and very profoundly life-transforming. You will learn an artful living meditation practice for following your own unique path of spiritual connection, self-healing and peace -  for the rest of your life… if you so engage it.


I am not a licensed psychologist. I am not a medical doctor nor do I prescribe medication. The nature of the work we do is integrative mind/body/spirit/professional and personal development. My highly integrative work does not fit into our contemporary mainstream culture as a “job description”. It is not religion; it is not a cult or a dogma; it is a creative hosting of inner space and presence that allows you to find and live from your own inner direction, alongside active use of my substantial background and expertise in new business creation, marketing, and expansion.  I will ask questions and make suggestions and observations. I will give you the most powerful tool I know for staying awake and engaging deep inner awareness. Only you will determine what courses to take and how you will go about it.

Your privacy is always protected. I will NOT share your e-mail or any other private information unless you expressively give permission (such as testimonials granted) or where materials shared are completely anonymous. Anything you share with me in private will remain that way unless you give permission otherwise, or, in the special case where I may be bound by professional ethics to intervene for your own or another's physical safety (such as danger to self or other). 

Anonymous and discreet photos of individual and group activity during a retreat process may occasionally be taken and published on SoulArts website and other promotional materials.  All care will be given to your anonymity, unless otherwise requested.


Cancellation Policy:
Deposit or payment in full upon mutual agreement to enter mentoring, secures our work together.


Virtual Mentoring: Payment in part or full is due to initiate our mentoring program.  If you cancel for any reason before the end of our program segment, you will be refunded any unused portion of our work (less a small 15% admin fee). If you miss a scheduled session (phone, zoom etc.) you will be charged ½ price and we can reschedule or continue on.  If I have to cancel our work together for any reason, you will be refunded any remaining unused portion of our work time.


Private Retreats (virtual or in-residence): Payment in full is due prior to your retreat. If you cancel a retreat within 20 days of the start of your retreat, half of the retreat fee (normally the deposit) is non-refundable unless I am able to fill your space, in which case 85% of the money you have paid will be refunded to you. Depending upon circumstance we may jointly elect to reschedule you for a future date. If I must cancel for any unexpected reason, you will be refunded your retreat fees paid.  Your travel costs are never reimbursed by SoulArts and trip insurance (many online sources) is suggested.*



While I will give you nourishing attention as best I am able, YOU are ultimately responsible for your own mental, emotional and physical safety throughout this soul arts tending process. Be sure you are ready to take on that responsibility before entering into this soul arts work.  Soul arts tending is an inner journey that can bring up inner conflict and old wounds and projections. This is good - when handled consciously as an acknowledged and reverent part of the healing/insight and breakthrough process.


Before entering into soul arts tending with me, I ask you to pre-disclose any medications you are taking for any health or mental conditions, as well as any history of mental or emotional disturbances that could be exacerbated by this inner work.  Do NOT stop taking any current medications under the care of your physician or therapist during our time together unless supervised by your attending physician and with my prior knowledge and agreement. If you have concerns about your mental/physical condition with regard to this soul arts tending, obtain the advice of your attending physician or therapist before entering into this soul arts tending. I am available to talk with your physician or therapist if need be.

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