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I invite you to look at this with me:

  • We all share a few things in common: One is that life - as beautiful and awesome as it can be - sometimes just "takes us down!" and we find ourselves stuck, disheartened, at the end of our rope, fearful, hopeless....(wayyyy too far out on a dead branch :)


  • We share in common that each of us will face many difficult and unexpected circumstances in our lives. Some more so. But we each will experience suffering.


  • We also share in common that we each have subconscious old beliefs or core wounds that seem to crop up in various self-destructive repetitive thoughts, actions, relationships, and beliefs that keep glomming (technical term ") onto us, unwanted.


  • Simply: We share in common that each of us (no matter how "evolved" or "well studied") will come up against places where we find ourselves utterly stuck in a mind-mine.  

  • Just as we all share these things in common, we also share an innate capacity for the universal art of conscious awakening. And while "the answer does lie within", we must first find our way through the blindspots of our subconscious driving thoughts, beliefs and patterns that stand in the way of inner clarity. ...And this is where the art of a good and true spiritual teacher /guide can save you decades of repeated issues and destructiveness.


Learn to live from that art - especially in the midst of being stuck - and you will not only start to understand self-healing and wholeness and all those spiritual books you may have read, but you will have learned how to move through the challenges of life ...for the rest of your life. (...And the next time you find yourself stuck or disheartened you will have that inner "spiritual muscle" to call upon.)

This is precisely why I offer these retreat intensives and mentoring programs - and in the private one-on-one way that I do. 

Suffering is very real. "Big" or "small", I never belittle it. But I also don't let those who come to see me remain victims to suffering. What I do offer, is a very unique and playful way of using that suffering place (instead of being used by it) to help unwind the old subconscious blocks and beliefs that keep you from the inner wisdom it will take to meet life's challenges from a place of peace, power, and evolving true life purpose.

In short, I show you how to find the gift of True Self hidden within the wound you currently face: I give you your own very direct experience of a self-healing spiritual awakening and perceptual breakthrough. Seriously (Although we do laugh a lot in the process too!)

Many who come to work with me have tried talk therapy, meditation, workshops and retreats with many of today's top spiritual teachers. 


But here's what I know - And here's why I only offer this unique work as a personal guided journey:
You and I, will never find the answer or relief we seek, so long as it is only the analytic, over-thinking mind that is doing the seeking!

Echart Tolle talks about "the power of now". Byron Katie about "who you'd be without your story". Adyashanti spars with the frustrated mind of his student while beaming them with the energetic of a soul's deep seeing. These are all 3 great teachers. These are true teachings ...But their modality of teaching limits the few who will ever find any lasting relief. Why? Because the master teacher is speaking from a realized soul's language while trying to explain it to the trapped analytic mind of a seeker.

You cannot go to a retreat, satsang, seminar or workshop with a true spiritual teacher (of which there are relatively few to begin with!) and merely sit there "trying to get it with the mind". 


Linear mind consciousness cannot fix what the mind itself is causing! (Or as Einstein said: "You cannot solve the problem from the same level in which it was created.")

It does little lasting good (and a whole lot of continuing bad) to engage the analytic mind-self into trying to figure out how to get free from (ugh) itself! (Haven't we all seen enough of this kind of (pardon the language) mental and circular mind-F?)

Did you know that the primary reason intellectual understanding and conscious efforts to change something in our lives so often meets with limited success, is due to the fact that the vast majority of our automatic perception does not come from the conscious mind?


Neuroscientists’ have shown that the conscious mind provides 5% at best (1% more commonly) of our conscious daily perception. This is what the mystics and sages have known for ages, and why they speak of letting go of only knowing ego-self-identifcation in order to find and know one's true nature.


Until we can make conscious the hidden elements of subconscious conditioning, the real landlord of our daily behaviors, beliefs, judgments, self-talk, cravings, automatic reactions etc., is firmly housed in the unconscious mind. ...And the conscious mind does not know where to find the key.


Here's the conundrum: The conscious mind cannot control or fix something it has created itself through early mental conditioning. It’s the wrong tool. What's the right tool? Something I call Soul Arts: The art of working with the language of soul, the subconscious and collective unconscious mind in a creative form of dialogue and activation that naturally and alchemically offers the space for spontaneous healing and awakening realization.  With a small guided breakthrough following the soul's language is easy, accessible, intelligent, engaging, surprising, healing and profound... and works best in real life so it is a living meditation practice that keeps you awake to the ever evolving depths of you.

Where many spiritual teachers and healers talk and write about “awakening to your true authentic nature”, I aim to guide you into your own direct experience and inner self-knowing through a special in-residence immersion retreat for individuals, couples, and small groups. 

How to express what must be experienced to be known?...  It's impossible.  But I will try.


This unique spiritual teaching, combined with a holistically-stylized private life coaching intensive is a bit like:


  • Taking all the spiritual books and blog posts so many of us have read (like Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, Soulful Sunday, Untethered Soul, The Power of Now, Wherever You Go There You Are; etc etc etc)

    • ...and during your private retreat/intensive, coming to experience WITHIN YOURSELF-FOR YOURSELF what the heck they're talking about.

  • - or working with a therapist on those stubborn repeated old patterns, early wounds, scarring beliefs, out dated masks, life losses, and daily stress struggles

    • ......and during your personal retreat coming to experience WITHIN YOURSELF-FOR YOURSELF the inner shift (some call a spiritual awakening) that results in self-acceptance, inner peace and a new inspired understanding of your life path and how to be an the artist of your life.

  • - or beating oneself up during daily hectic living and trying to somehow remember "to stay present" or "just breathe" or "practice compassion" -- hoping that if you do it right, that this time, you will find the magic connection that all these "experts" seem to have a grasp on

    • ......and during your personal retreat coming to experience WITHIN YOURSELF-FOR YOURSELF the quantum leap that stops the stuck overdrive of the "inner micro-manager" non-stop thinker, as you discover the creative relief of honoring the soul's own greater genius.

  • - or feeling overwhelmed with such an array of un-ease in the body, in the heart, in the mind that there's just not enough time or money or hope left in your universe to find solutions to these complex symptoms

    • ......and during your private retreat coming to experience WITHIN YOURSELF-FOR YOURSELF that the answers actually do lie within - when you learn how to access that conscious awareness.

Coming to your own personal private retreat intensive with all of this confusing noise, hurts and needs, hopes and dreams ...and experiencing it all TURNED "INSIDE OUT" AND ON IT'S OWN HEAD"  is the fastest most potent true breakthrough experience I have uncovered to finally gift you with the needed perceptual shift to know True Self and the doorway to the answers that lie witihn.

I will be helping you engage in a playfully profound "take home practice" that keeps you aligned with your inner wisdom. It is a brilliantly paradoxical process for using life challenges, traumas and stories for breaking free of them - while simultaneously discovering the language of soul and the surprising new pathways of love and commitment to your own path of purpose.


...If I could just say in words what must be experienced in the body-spirit-mind in order to be fully understood!  I can't. No one can. This is why I only work in such an intimate private way with those who seek the real deal living breakthrough integrated into their daily life.


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….Ronda invites all genuine seekers to come join the magic of waking up to the Soul-Honoring Life and your own true genius!

...Your treasure is hidden in the wound!

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Ronda LaRue, M.S., offers extensive breadth of study and expertise as a seasoned social research scientist; east/west philosopher, and personal healing mentor.   Ronda developed her SoulArts teachings and methods from a lifetime of depth study and her personal awakening experience of which her first book shares. 


All mentoring programs with Ronda combine principles of western psychology with eastern philosophy; creative expressive arts with engaged meditation and intellectual application; and current medical and neuroscience technologies with ancient healing and perennial wisdom school tradition.


For the last decades, people from all over the world have contacted and traveled to work with Ronda in the wisdom tradition of direct apprenticeship (by readiness and application).

(Center for SoulArts (2004-2020 in Ojai, CA) - Rated Best of the West US and Top 10 Spiritual Retreats Worldwide for this novel one-on-one holistic mind body spiritual teaching and mindfulness meditation tool. -2007.)


Currently offering private counsel and in person intensives by application/connection in Ashland, Oregon (and other locations by arrangement).

* Non-denominational. Open to all peoples and paths of tolerance for diversity.

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