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I offer a very uniquely integrated mind/body/spirit process including a simple take home self-awareness practice that I discovered during my own midlife-crisis and healing shift in consciousness. I developed it over the next 2 decades and have now guided hundreds of women and men who have come to work with me in this radically simple breakthrough SoulArts Practice.

Whether you come seeking to: 

  • overcome destructive patterns from early childhood wounds and life traumas; 

  • gain clarity and direction within a difficult marriage/ relationship issue; 

  • start a new life business venture of purpose; 

  • find the holistic path for overcoming depression/anxiety;

  • seek a guiding light through the dark night of soul spiritual awakening crisis;

  • stop allowing fear and self doubt to stand in the way of living your gifts; 

  • experience what an awakening breakthrough really is instead of reading about it from other teachers,gurus,authors...

...the creative journey for meeting one's soul and subconscious directly, is the same.



I work with women and men from all over the world who come for private and individualized personal intensives and private couples marriage intensives; I offer ongoing mentoring programs in person and (when suitably potent) virtually.


And I am particularly delighted and dedicated to working with people after retirement or at mid-life crisis, who seek to rise up, revitalize, reintegrate things not yet brought to the light ...and who dare to find and bring their whole-self passion into meaningful purpose the second half of life.


My unique SoulArts teaching and playfully creative self-awareness home practice is the most powerful awareness practice I know for entering into a mature personal spirituality and relationship with each of the conditions and experiences life may take us through.  


I have come to see over and over again, that it is always in those places where we most deeply suffer and struggle in life (aka: life's challenging crossroads, betrayals, wounds, fears, self-doubts, addictions, and subconscious patterns) that hold THE KEYS to untethering our true life genius (...and I mean always!)  

By helping you and others I am able to save you decades of the hard personal work that it took me to breakthrough  - By helping others find what few will in life makes my own trail of smiles and tears and 60+ years become sublime in the light I help shine onto your self-healing and gifts awaiting to be lived!

Holistic. Integrated. Scientific. Spiritual. Creative. Spunky. Reverent. Awakening. Simple. YOURS!

For those who seek to open the gift and genius of your life:  This is for you... 


There is a lot of material I share on this site.  I hope and encourage you to take a bit of time to read a few articles and to "listen in: to your heart's response in doing so.  Then if you feel called to inquire to work with me, I invite you to step in and introduce yourself by reflecting on and answering a short set of contemplative questions for making a MENTORING INQUIRY. This starts us from a place of soul honoring journey and offers me a way of responding more specifically to you. We may also elect to have a short phone conversation together to see if this is the best fit for you.  I look forward to hearing from you if and when it is right. 

In Service to the Soul's Remarkable Intelligence,

ronda larue

Suggested: A Mini Journey Primer. "What Keeps Me Stuck?"


Ronda LaRue, M.S., offers extensive breadth of study and expertise as a seasoned social research scientist; east/west philosopher, and personal healing mentor.   Ronda developed her SoulArts teachings and methods from a lifetime of depth study and her personal awakening experience of which her first book shares. 


All mentoring programs with Ronda combine principles of western psychology with eastern philosophy; creative expressive arts with engaged meditation and intellectual application; current medical and neuroscience technologies with ancient healing traditions are also included in that we are only available to soul to the extent that our body/mind is a well working vessel.


For the last decades, people from all over the world have contacted and traveled to work with Ronda in the wisdom tradition of direct apprenticeship (by readiness and application).

(Center for SoulArts (2004-2020 in Ojai, CA) - Rated Best of the West US and Top 10 Spiritual Retreats Worldwide for this novel one-on-one holistic mind body spiritual teaching and mindfulness meditation tool. -2007.).  2024 SoulArts Sanctuary reopened in our new exquisite home in Ashland, Oregon


Currently offering private counsel and in person intensives by application/connection in Ashland, Oregon (and other locations by arrangement).

* Non-denominational. Open to all peoples and paths of tolerance for diversity.

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