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A Visual Sampling of SoulArts Retreat Experiences, Ambience, Food, and Artistry in Action...

SoulArts Retreats with Ronda LaRue


ronda larue midlife women's retreat
Memorial Day Guided Workshop
2 Year Advanced Soul Arts Program
Ojai California at Meditation Mount
Private Artisan Home Ojai California
entrance ronda house gate open
Waterfall Entrance Ojai Home
Soul Arts with author Ronda LaRue
Meditation Hut Soul Arts, Ojai
Learn Living Meditation
Ronda LaRue, M.S. Soul Arts
The "Clarity Cottage"  Ojai CA
IMG_2465 copy
IMG_0957 copy
PrivateCouples-Setting copy
Sacred Ceremony and Inner Listening
Art Studio
Family Retreat in opening
Memorial Day honoring ceremony
Memorial Day Ceramony
Soul Arts Honoring
The Famous Floating Bed
Private couples retreats
The Art of Serving
Meal at Soul Arts Retreat
Soul Arts Private Retreat Ojai CA
Soul Arts Retreat in Process
Marriage mirror ending honoring
Mask as Ceremony of Release
Soul Arts at the beach
Bates beach Ventura CA
A woman integrates her childhood
Women's Retreat at the beach
Playful Side of Ronda LaRue
View over Ojai Valley
Women at Personal Ojai Retreat
Vision Quest personal retreat
First Night Women's Retreat
Spiritual Teacher Author Ronda LaRue
Soul Counsel for Couples

Of all the art and science that has been my life to date, my lifework with people who come seeking to find and follow their own path of healing, meaning, and life purpose -- is the most beautiful of all. 

There is NO WAY to write about nor capture visually what "statistically improbable" breakthroughs take place during a guided and personal SoulArts Process. The most precious times will never have a photo taken. It is beyond awesome.


The few photos in this gallery are from retreats held with me over the years - and the lives of these precious seekers of their truth and path.

* NOTE:  You'll see a lot of the food served and ambience images. You will not see many people shots here because the most profound moments are very sacred and private. I do sometimes show photos of those who offer Testimonials ... (although I am years behind in posting these days...)


My hope here is that this gallery might inspire a sense of curious intrigue for finding your own soul's amazing genius...

"My Life Is My Art!"

...From our common humanity, comes life's genius - as gift... when we learn the creative practice of honoring each next right step. 


I hope this visual journey will inspire in you, your authentic self-realization...

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