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At a Crossroad in Your Life?



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We all go through challenging times in our life – times of burn out; times of grief and unbearable losses: death, divorce, illness; times we feel empty and disconnected as we move by rote and longing for clarity, direction and love.

And these challenging life challenges put us smack dab in the middle of a crossroad!

And there we stand: looking left; looking right; looking back from where we have come; and looking straight ahead at the life before us if we continue on the same path from which we have just come.

Crossroads are not an easy place to stand (or sit …or lie face down in the dirt for that matter!) We know we must take a direction, yet remain in the middle of the road: confused, fearful, and wrapped in circular mind games over which is the “right direction” to take!

Taking “the right path” – making “the right choice” can become a paralyzing mind trip that keeps us stuck standing still, tormented by our own inner battle of head vs heart; freedom vs responsibility; love vs. justice; right vs wrong…And who the hell knows which is which anyway!  Been there? Me too — and It’s horrible.


Here’s the interesting part about these times in our lives when we feel most discouraged, disheartened, confused and (well) STUCK!:

These stuck places have (within them) the key to our own inner healing and self-realization. Even the longest stuck we’ve ever been in has a healing breakthrough that is waiting to be seen, if we just knew how to find it! These self-doubting and confusing crossroads, are presenting us a doorway to the perceptual breakthrough that is necessary for true healing, self-realization, and spiritual awakening. It is at the crossroads of life that we are offered life’s greatest gift: the realization of our authentic nature.

How can say this with such certainty? Because I have lived it, over and over again: Not only in my own life but in the women and men who have come seeking tools for finding self-love; healing from past trauma or abuse; recovering from loss and grief; overcoming negative thought patterns and compulsive over-thinking, finally finding and truly sharing our unique gifts with the world before time runs out...

These sojourners, by their vulnerable courage to step into the unknown, have found much more than they could have ever imagined: the art of following their life’s own true genius.

I have the privilege to meet daily with people  at a crossroad in life, and seeking the keys to inner peace, unconditional love, clarity of purpose, and the courage to overcome fear and self-doubt. Each person comes with a specific problem or question that needs resolution. 


Each problem is the Doorway in. Each crossroad presents a hidden gift: the opportunity for a life-changing breakthrough and direct experience of what it is to truly heal into our own wholeness and live authentically.

These breakthrough moments in a person’s life comes when the old patterns and blocks no longer are able to sustain and rule one’s life.  When breakthrough occurs, there is a fundamental shift of perception (or a conscious awakening) that orients within the person as they discover – within themselves — what I often refer to as “the language of soul”.  They see for the first time,  the “right relationship” of the ego-mind and the soul within each moment of  daily living. When this inner shift happens, there is often a small beaming smile, tears and a big sigh of relief.

At these moments of perceptual breakthrough and awakening, an alchemical transformation very naturally unfolds. That which was once the wound or the block or the fear, turns into “a worthy teacher” shining a light on one’s own special gifts and path!  It is truly a miraculous and magical moment –yet it is very natural, organic and simple too.


When you find yourself at a crossroad in your life and feeling stuck or seeking spiritual counsel, here are the keys to the doorway in and moving through:

  • It is the job of your wounds and your struggles to bring you to a crossroad.

  • It is the nature of the crossroad to cause you to question, doubt, seek and wrestle with the many conflicting voices of persona, head and heart …and to come to see and witness the mechanisms of the mind and the dual nature of ego so that you can not be entirely ruled by these mechanisms.

  • It is the calling of soul to recognize your suffering search and to reveal the Soul's ways of leading you toward an awakening of the heart that naturally stills the mind and seats you in the authenticity of your true nature.

  • It is the inspired love of a true master teacher to stand at the doorway of a crossroad and shine a light on the break-through that is being offered through your break-down… and to offer that light in such a way that you see and know this light within yourself — independent of any teacher, teaching or method.

  • It is the gift to you who seek, to discover and to consciously step into each next new doorway of the unknown to receive and express your life’s true destiny and genius as your path of purpose.

When each of these forces come together and join in a sacred relationship of spiritual alchemy, it creates an organic tapestry and a surprising synergy of soul. When the doorway within the struggle is seen within your own inner being and a breakthrough of perception opens up, then you are awakened to soul, and to the inner stillness and peace that abides in you even with the struggles along the way.

 ~ ~ ~

My living prayer for you is this: May you meet your life crossroad with a bold curiosity for meeting the worthy teacher that lies within your struggle… and so come to know and embody your life’s true destiny and gift!

copyright ronda larue, 2010

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