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So many of us today feel just plain STUCK in the overwhelming overthinking analysis paralysis and mind loops of anxiety.  It is difficult to imagine not feeling overtaken by the busyness of life; the negative news feeds; the frightening global changes; the pandemics, politics, false promises, advertising and information OVERLOAD! (...Hell, I'm exhausted just writing this.)


Is it even possible that there could be a better way of living within all of these real world constraints?  

The short answer is: Yes, there is ... And the longer answer is: but it's not how you think!

People who request to work with me in personal retreat or online mentoring often arrive at my email inbox at their wit's end. They come often with one "last hope" that there could be a possible way through.  And in that one last hope, lies the Doorway (...if the person is ready to take the self-responsible journey required of all transformations of heart mind and body).  


I know from my own life challenges and now from working with many hundreds of individuals and couples in private, that this moment of "Arrrrg ENOUGH!" is the voice of soul finally breaking through the busyness and chaos of life and demanding a new way - a way that I call, "an awakening breakthrough" and a "perceptual shift of consciousness".  When this "terrible great" moment of an inner shift arrives in life, there is often a small whisper noticed underneath the scream - a small hope that something new and unknown may be trying to emerge in your life; that there may (in hope against fear) be a better way - and that you may be able to (this time) find and follow it...

No matter what pain or struggle might call you: the death of a loved one; grief from divorce or separation; old wounds that are keeping you stuck; loss of meaning or direction; a spiritual awakening crisis - what I DO know after years of offering this ground-breaking work to hundreds of people from all over the world and from all circumstances in life, is that it is a huge relief and wonderful surprise when a person comes here: fearful and unsure ...and discovers just how artfully simple it is to truly see and break free.


Those who have not ever worked with a spiritual healer/teacher and who come seeking new self awareness and direction out of their current struggles are just as available to this breakthrough as those who have "done it all" and worked with many teachings, therapies and tools.

The Difference?

This guided SoulArts Living Awareness Practice is designed to be life-transforming - no hype; no immature new age "woo-woo" dogma, nor fabricated "Pollyanna-ism"'; no authoritarian fixtures; no clubs, cults, pills, pandering, shaming or shaman charlatanism (well, you my point :)


This private mentoring relationship is the real-deal for the real seeker of true-Self-Realization -- in real world action.​


I am very robust in synthesizing and integrating the unique genius trying to emerge in your life: the spiritual mystical; the analytical mental; the somatic expressive, the soulful and the pragmatic. (See bio background to understand this unique skill set.) I help guide you to synergistically and comprehensively achieve wellness of mind body and spirit from the inter-complexity effects of:

  • early childhood wounds and other abuse

  • depression, anxiety, loneliness

  • grief, loss, trauma, relationship crisis

  • spiritual and emotional imbalance or crisis

  • inflammation and physical un-ease markers

  • economic-political life unease

  • and just plain the busy-ness and stresses of daily living

We will approach these life issues: 

FIRST: from the level of soul (which is your ground) through a surprising and guided depth process of self-healing insight and awareness during your private retreat training with me; and


SECOND: from a combined modality that addresses and gives you take home resources specific to your needs and their inter-complexity. (This is where my Master's graduate school degree in health research and evaluation comes strongly into an integrated play.)


For example, we may look at established as well as new and emerging diagnostic/healing tools, technologies and resources for identifying and dealing with:


  • brain chemistry and the neuroscience of vitality

  • hormone balance

  • lifestyle choices and diet/exercise/meditation impacts

  • genetic influences and opportunities

  • relational communication and connection

  • personal space, creative self-expression, purpose

  •  crossroads and new directions in finances and futures

All within a much MUCH! deeper self-awareness training and perceptual breakthrough that will give your your own direct self-healing "spiritual awakening" experience and "Aha realization.  AND THAT, changes everything. So when I say life-transforming, I literally mean it is just that. 

I offer a personal experiential journey that is designed to help you set aside the mind's incessant need for "thinking, fixing, solving - just long enough -to actually make that quantum leap and perceptual awakening breakthrough into a whole new level of self-awareness. And this is an awesome experience to realize! ​


When this occurs (and it does!) you will know the sense of love and clarity that comes from the only place where true lasting healing and insight dwells... And that is a true self-realization that you will never forget!


Your circumstances may not change overnight, but the way of being with them and using your "real life events" to awaken inner wisdom, heal your heart, and set you on your true path, is the only true and lasting "real" I know! 


...This is what spiritual awareness really is. This is what awakening is. This is what life as meditation is. And this is what living your life as art is...

And this is why I say with all playful seriousness: 


"Come find out for yourself that there is no greater journey than your own!"

I guide you into a process I myself found and learned to access during one of the most scary times in my life (and which I write about in my first book:  ReMembering Who You Really Are: Awakening from the Dark Night of Soul.  I offer you what would have sure made a BIG difference in my life had I known how to enter the Soul's path of wisdom.

It's my deepest life honor to save those with a genuine heart for the journey, decades of trial and error.  It is a gift from my own losses to have found the keys to the art and science of self-awareness and awakening to the true genius that lies within your own trials and tribulations as they speak through everyday real life. 

Did you know that we are biologically programed for negative overthinking that is based on milenia of species survival? Interesting to realize that you and I are here because or ancestors survived - and they survived largely from being very very careful, smart about threat, vigilant to stress.  Rather than dismissing or trying to be somehow unaffected by our inherited biochemistry, I show you how to put the mind in it's good and rightful place of usefulness, while freeing the heart and soul to inspire and direct your life's higher vision and purpose. 


Simply put: The mind is a very good (and very needed) tool of survival! So let's give it a new job description :)... Because: The mind is a very bad (and dangerously wrong) tool for the experience of passion purpose, pleasure - all the things that give life their richest meaning.  That, dear reader, is the domain of the SOUL's Genius!

In my opinion, there is the only "real deal" spiritual teaching: One that carefully and expertly helps to guide YOU to finding YOUR OWN direct experience of perceptual awakening breakthrough.... and then endows you with the lifetime take home tools for following your own path of healing, self-awareness, and a life of true purpose.


As a trained social-psychology research scientist and practicing artist/author with a deep spiritual bent as a practicing interfaith minister of healing, I provide you with a set of very holistic mind/body/spirit take home tools uniquely personalized-to-you!  This level of eclectic and specific to you integration, simply put: changes everything!

I am blessed to have seen and experienced this level of radical life healing change with the many hundreds of individuals and couples who have come from all over the world to awaken to their own heart and soul's truth (most often) while facing a most difficult and painful crossroads in life.

Working for the last decades with people from all over the world in such a personalized, informal and powerful self-realization process is the greatest gift I've experienced in life.  If you are called to this, you will sense it in your heart, body, mind and soul.  If so, please Introduce Yourself, and we will look and listen together to see if this is the right time and relationship for your awakening to your truth path.

I look forward to connecting with you when the time is right.

ronda larue


OR: If you've done a lot of inner work, you may like to make a MENTORING INQUIRY and/or meander this site and take advantage of my HOME STUDY PORTAL of articles, audio meditations, video talks.

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