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I am so very excited about this brand new Second Half of Life integrative offering! It's taken my entire life to this point to be ready!*

* For those who may be new to me and SoulArts retreat guided depth process: In the last 20+ years, I have worked one-on-one with hundreds of women and men coming to stay and work with me at my former artisan home retreat in Ojai, California. This process has gained some degree of international reputation as a dramatic depth process of healing awakening. You can also get a good sense of background from client testimonials, and from earlier writings, guided meditations, and YouTube videos.  



There are three main pillars to the SoulArts Creative Sanctuary Programs.  Each is completely and comprehensively dedicated to your own unique life experience, psychology, spirit, and path of purpose.  Nothing in my approach is canned. Every aspect is designed directly toward first, getting to know you - and only then, following and entering into a process of depth mentoring with you. 

Each process can be requested as a stand alone or in sequence - totally dependent on readiness and rightness. I do not accept everyone who asks unless I too find that I am the right match for what you need and what I may provide.  So there will be a request to consider together and we will chat from there.*

I: Art of Soul: SoulArts Private Mentoring Retreat Intensive with Ronda

  • Suited to Long Distance (National/International) Travel Clients. Both Private Couples & Private Individual. 2&3 Night Private Stay at SoulArts Sanctuary(By Self-Introduction Application & Readiness. Inquire Here:

This first pillar is the uniquely transformational private work I offered at my former home and Center for SoulArts in Ojai, California up until the Pandemic in 2020 - and which was awarded the honor of being publicized as one of the Top 10 SpiritualRetreats in the World by Asia Spa Magazine. There is A LOT (as in 20 years worth) of information about entering a private spiritual retreat with me on this website as well as a host of free resources, articles, audio meditations, and home practices to avail yourself of. 

Pricing: 3-Night Individual ($950/night all inclusive).  2-Night Private Couple ($1400/night)* Includes intensive 10-14 hours of private sessions, private lodging and all meals, guided intensive individualized work between sessions, and 90 day specific take home practice. Clients are responsible for obtaining their own travel to/from retreat.  (Pricing has remained the same for 15 years and will continue to as long as possible). See Policy here

​II.Your Mid-Life Calling: Artistic Vision & Creation Private Mentoring Program

  • Suited to Long Distance(National/International) Travel Clients & Local Day Residents; Both Local & Virtual Approaches (By Self-Introduction & Appropriateness   Inquire Here:)

This pillar offers a convergence of my 20 years of leading private personal spirit-awakening retreats along with my 40 some years of extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise in strategic planning, market research, business culture assessment, web/logo/image design-production, web presence building, and promotional events (Yes... I am "that old")

In this process we will embark upon a Bring Your Dream Ideas into Reality (whether we meet here at my home retreat for a focused 2-5 day work retreat; set up a virtual office working system by remote; or a combination of both.  The point being: Once we determine a rightness and focal for your needs, I will prepare a proposal identifying the parameters and cost points of our work before we agree and begin. 

Pricing: 1 Day (8am-4pm)  Individual work intensive with followup plan of action outline ($1900)

Pricing 3-Night Individual ($3500) 


Includes intensive work sessions during retreat; private lodging and all meals, guided intensive work between sessions, and 90 day specific take home plan of action. Clients are responsible for obtaining their own travel to/from retreat.  (Pricing has remained the same for 15 years and will continue to as long as possible). See Policy here

​​III. Your Unveiling/Debut: Special Event Debut of your Mid-Life Work.

  • Suited to both Local and National/International Entrepreneurs including both local, targeted and online venue options (as pertinent) Inquire Here:

This pillar offers an exciting "put it out there" debut event! I am especially looking forward to offering/hosting SoulArts Series here at our SoulArts Sanctuary Estate as an opportunity for offering new and aligned new businesses and creative projects a place to share their work (much like a "Ted Talk,  art opening, music/poetry reading, writer's workshop,  healing experiential, meditation/satsang, painting/ceramics on a theme etc.)

If you are a local entrepreneur interested in potentially having SoulArts Sanctuary host an intimate event around presenting your lifework, please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss. (Approx 30-40 person small group with possibility of extended 1-2 day retreat followup processes.)

Pricing: Dependent on situation and proposal. (Potentially, little/no cost beyond taking over the admin and set up costs or perhaps some shared marketing. Open to discussion :)


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