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SoulArt Scapes

Unique Creatives

For those who love creating unique projects, events, parties, exhibitions, installation art works and more... The SoulArts Playground for Collaboration.

This is my playground!  I'd love to hear from those who are drawn to profound (maybe even "irreverently reverent") projects, events, showcases, and surprise parties. So much outlandish creative fun - with a powerful punch!

Soul-Scape Projects, Products and Collaborative Events

  • CREATIVE COLLABORATION & THEMED PARTY CELEBRATIONS - Custom Design, Planning & Execution that is over the top (Ask About the "Ground Hog Day" Underground Tunnel Traveling 50th Birthday Surprise Party)

  • SACRED SPACES DESIGN CONSULTATION (Private Home & Business. Interior & Exterior Designs, Acquisitions, Set Up)

  • SPEAKING & THEMED SOUL-SHOPS ("The Courage to Create", "Genius: Going Beyond the Mind", "SoulArts Healing Seminars", etc.)​


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