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ronda larue

1990 - Present

       To see/purchase an available work or to request a special commissioned-similar piece, see my art store front:


*Photo Gallery NOTE:  Many of my art pieces have been sold over the years and I am relying here on some old photos. 


I have worked in clay all my life... beginning at 3 with my first series of "snow drifts" (well that's what they where to me!)  Since that time, my work has evolved somewhat in concept and technique, although it hopefully still retains that certain childhood simplicity, playfulness, and mysterious awe for life and object.

I am particularly drawn to clay as a way of understanding human creative mirroring of life. I am fascinated by the contemplation of metaphysics, human consciousness, evolution, and the world of interpersonal relationship and politic.

Most of my work has established within it a social commentary alongside celebration of human life and spirit expressing form.

My work - and each piece - is to me, ceremony and love affair.

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