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The Artworks of Ronda LaRue


Each tile image below opens to a Gallery for that body of work.

Performance: "Dreaming the Unveiling"
"Dreaming the Unveiling" Multi media performance art Installation and commentary by Ojai Studio Artist Ronda LaRue , 1999 Ojai
Commentary: "Altar to Waste-Fullness"
Social Commentary Art Installation using Portable toilet and mixed media, by Ojai Artist, Ronda LaRue, 2000
Commentary: "Remote Voyeur"
Full House Mural Social Commentary Art Installation and Multimedia Performance by Ojai Studio Artist, Ronda LaRue, City Grant Arts Project. 1998
Sculptural Works by Ronda
sculptural ceremonial ceramics artist - wedding vessels
Beatrice Wood Portrait Series
Ojai artists Ronda LaRue creates ceramic portrait of Ms Beatrice Wood and a 2 woman show with Beatrice. 1996
Photography by Ronda
Photo Arts by Ojai artist and spiritual teacher/author, Ronda LaRue
Architectural Arts
Faux brick wall make with styrofoam and mixed media. Ronda LaRue, 2016
Graphic Design
Logos and Graphic Design
by ronda larue, 1974-present
SoulArts Retreat Sampler
Soul Arts private retreat intensives and "spa for the soul" with Ronda LaRue in Ojai California
DVD: Mask Making Instructional
How to make a plaster of paris face mask DVD
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