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"WAY BEYOND TALK THERAPY" ~ For Couples Seeking a Nurturing Oasis for Deep Looking, Personal Growth & Honorable New Paths ...Whether Separate or Together... 


Husband and Wife team, Ronda LaRue, M.S. & Matt Clements, RIA Financial Advisor, share in this personal guided depth process.  Couples have invariably commented that our unique open approach and Soul Counsel for Couples Communication (TM) made a huge difference as models for themselves as well as the specific individual take home tools.  Professional men in particular have appreciated Matt's openness, availability and gentle manner of speaking.

(See Ronda's own transparent and vulnerable sharing of her personal experience with our personal story of shared growth from an emotional affair in this section of her writings)​​

What Our Culture Fails to Teach Us

About Being in Relationship.


I am always excited when I hear from a couple requesting a private intensive with me because I know they will be astonished to discover why traditional talk therapy (while useful in many good ways) cannot bring about the revolutionary understanding: Relationship as a spiritual journey. Relationship, and particularly marriage as a pathway for sharing and supporting individual self-awareness and healing of old childhood patterns. Relationship is a sacred pathway for truth-serving clarity in life (whether staying and growing to the next level together, or parting ways from love and honor).

The old sages called marriage: "The Way of The Householder". It is considered the most difficult of life paths... and many of us (myself included) can relate! Ram Das (a western philosopher) once said: "Think you're evolved or enlightened? Go spend a week with your parents"

Couples who come to work with me, universally are astonished ...and then intrigued, and then afraid, and then delighted, and then empowered by rediscovery of one's own subconscious blocks and early conditioning that have been stirring up, facilitating, and colliding with their partner and those with whom they are most close. 

The SoulArts one-on-one private retreat intensives for couples have become highly requested. This gives me hope. Hope that more couples will reach out, step in, and reclaim the inner heart of relationship as a journey of personal-growth, integrity, and life purpose fulfilled.  It gives me hope that more people will find the lost art which culture fails to teach us: The art of true intimacy and the challenges of opening self-awareness, wisdom, peace and generosity as we naturally and consciously grow in relationship with ourselves first - and so, more authentically with others.

Haven't you heard (or even asked) this question:


"Why is it that those with whom I am most close and intimate are the ones that I often most hurt, argue with, deceive or who just plain press my hot buttons?"

And boy, when that question-code is cracked during this retreat, and a new self-dawning emerges, you will be amazed that the maze of conflict negotiating and psycho-cross analysis over just who's more at fault - STOPS. 


There is inner stillness.


And then comes hope (and a huge relief for most) while experiencing a new tool of communication that My husband and life partner call  Couples Soul Counsel & Meditation Practice TM). 


This communication protocol we share, demonstrate, and guide starts from a clean slate of soulful self-reflection, personal truth and responsibility; it stops the circular cycles of finger-pointing, pouting, and positioning; it "cuts to the chase"; and re-establishes a pathway for clarity, personal character and the courage to follow your deepest truth while honoring and respecting the deepest truth of your partner.

My husband Matt and I have used this protocol since the beginning of our relationship. We have developed and refined this, which I first learned the roots of when studying with a wise master-teacher - an elder, highly studied and respected older Jewish man of deep wisdom and no nonsense wizardry who is now in his very late 90's!  He not only guided me through my own deep psychology, spirituality, and mental-mind chatter, but he saved me decades of mistakes in relationship and in life during my 30's, 40's, 50's... and still counting...

My work with individuals and couples comes in large part from the mentoring style and impact this elder mentor had on my life. 


I am always tenderly touched when couples working and staying with us marvel in awe, that they had "no idea that this sort of understanding was available, and are stunned to have accomplished more in 48 hours than years of counseling and other workshops".  


...If my life (now in my 60's) can save you a few decades (or a lifetime) of lost self-truth and old dysfunctional patterns of thought, then my life is of meaningful purpose.

ronda larue


Ronda LaRue offers a very novel approach to couples counseling, marriage relationship healing, personal growth and awakening. Beyond “talk therapy”,  her couples work is revolutionary in its life-changing individual healing approaches, with specific and individually-tailored take home tools.  Today people contact Ronda from all over the world to experience individual clarity, healing, new direction and communication together in marriages facing crisis, loss, infidelity, or other crossroads of stagnation. 

SEE:   YOUTUBE PLAYLIST:  Marriage Crossroads, Relationship Healing, Retreat Experiences

Series of informational videos, interviews, and testimonials from couples who have worked with Ronda.​




...When stalemates in marriage crisis (pardon the pun) and crossroads are really a calling to the next playing field of self-growth, mature wisdom, and honoring passages...  Here's what our work is philosophically and structurally oriented toward:

  • Helping couples better understand psychological patterns from early wounds, conditioning, and subconscious blind spots that create colliding unconscious reactions and dysfunctional triggers (in fact in most marriages at some point along the way);


  • Helping individuals take an empowering self-responsibility for understanding the role and roots of projection/blame while entering into each individual's own personal self-healing journey of growth and self-realization; 


  • Serving as mentoring guide to the miracle that lays on the other side of relationship crisis (in those where both couples are ready and able to move from the inherent disillusionment and end-cycle of “1st Level Secular Marriage” where old patterns and unconscious reactions collide and trigger until something – or someone – blows … (“He’s not meeting my needs” “Whatever I do for her is never enough” “We just lost that lov'n feeling” )   ...When 1st Level Secular Marriage has lived its lifecycle and/or has blown up through an acting out, loss of respect, infidelities, feelings of betrayal confounded resentments and confusion, there is a new potential in that mess - for both people:

  • Shining a guiding light onto the Journey of discovery – to looking and seeing if there may be a new next level of maturity and love in the marriage – or, if not, to at the least, harvest the lessons learned and honor love by parting with care for self and one another. (We have even had couples – myself included in my former marriage – who created a divorce ceremony and reception with close family and friends to share the honorable departure from marriage.  This kind of conscious care and responsible integrity creates a maturity of love-in-action that will attract a whole new love capacity for each person moving forward.)   In fact, i​n many cases, if the old cycle is truly tended, and the old marriage patterns are symbolically released, it becomes the catalyst for a whole new level of love journey for the couple in their marriage… and then they enter onto a path of growing in love and marriage together in ways never before imaginable… ​

We offer these two primary couples orientations.*

  • The "Couples Clarity at a Crossroads" - including issues of dysfunctional relating, infidelity, loss of a child, or other relational trauma in need of healing, forgiveness, personal growth /responsibility, and "cut to the chase clarity" as to how, or if, to continue as a couple ...and how to make this shifting movement from a place of honor and truth.

  • The "Marriage-Partnership as Spiritual Journey" - including next layers of personal-growth and relational vision for the energetic mystery of marriage as living meditation. Utilizes deepening experience with Soul Counsel for Couples alongside a playful honoring practice and take home tool of shared creative life-making-love-making in daily action.​

Working with you privately by phone and in-depth retreat experiential.  *Currently at a local hotel/spa/residence in Ashland, OR; Ojai,CA; Skaneateles,NY; and other areas by arrangement.) 


Statistics ~ Those who have attended


Couples who have come to these SoulArts Private Couples Healing and Marriage Counseling Retreats have:

  • Ranged in ages from early 30's to mid 70's;

  • Many have tried traditional counseling and found it wasn't working for them. And many have been referred by their therapists;

  • Most are new to a soul-finding depth process but have a soulful sense of life and recognize the need to find new solutions;

  • Many different cultural orientations and professional vocations are reflected -- i.e., we have worked with police officers, professional chefs, attorneys, sales executives, therapist's, celebrities, world banking execs, gay/straight/lesbian couples to name a few;

  • Couples have flown in from as far away as Dubai, New Zealand, Switzerland, England, New York, Texas, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Canada, and from throughout the State of California;

  • Most are married (including same sex couples) and some are in committed relationship or entering new relationship.

The one thing each couple coming to these private retreats have all had in common is a sincere desire to get at the truth of the matter in their relationship and to learn new effective ways of heartful communication, self-growth, and clarity of direction as an individual and as a couple.

IN ESSENCE: These private marriage counseling couples intensives teach you:

  • The art of cleaning and clearing old patterns;

  • Entering into a sacred heartful relationship of listening; and

  • Exploring and finding the emerging new truth of your relationship and its next pathway;

  • Honoring endings and new beginnings through a self-designed ceremony and respectful honoring of truth and conscious relationship.​

Truth-Honoring Marriage & Relationship Counseling Retreats & Online Mentoring for Couples & Families Seeking Breakthrough Clarity, Healing, and New Ways of Communicating


Here you'll find mostly all free resources of my teachings and lifework.  There are a lot of home exercises in the my writings (Articles).  The audio and video offer guided meditations, virtual retreats, interviews and talks as well as my retrospective and current set of galleries depicting some of my many art pieces and projects over the years. Please respect my copyright and enjoy the fields of contemplation...

  • AUDIO: Free Meditations, Talks & Interviews

  • BOOKS:  Ronda's Books and DVD

  • ART WORKS:  Ronda's Retrospective Art Galleries


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