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Truth-Honoring Marriage & Relationship Counseling Retreats & Online Mentoring for Couples & Families Seeking Breakthrough Clarity, Healing, and New Ways of Communicating

Honoring Life as a Journey
Moving Beyond Overthinking Mind & Projection
Mining Personal Growth Insights from the Wounds
Finding & Speaking One's Own Deepest Truth
Owning Clarity and Honoring New Pathways 

Here are the current relationship/marriage mentoring programs available. These private couples offerings are specifically designed for those who are ready to honor ones self and your partner by entering into a short mentoring process that will give you each clarity of life direction and the tools to communicate these inner truths with honor, love and deep self-reflective truth.


As you take a look, please feel into your heart (far more than your mind); read a few articles of mine (if you have not already); and I invite you go to my home study portal and read/watch/listen to see if you feel called and ready for such a journey. (If you feel called to it, you will know it.)   

I look forward to hearing from you and to listening in with you to see if this unique SoulArts Breakthrough Process feels the right direction for you at this time - and if so, to helping each one of you to find and follow your own deepest truth and self with those closest to you and our world...


With Love,



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3-Session Marriage "Get Clarity!" Breakthrough (ONLINE or In-Person Locally)

A value-driven, short depth inquiry and guided inner listening in times of confusion where help is needed to recenter upon what is truest to soul and ready to be more deeply honored as your path at this time, whether continuing together or moving apart.


This program offers significant but quick training for:

  1. effective approaches to marriage issues, clarity and communication;

  2. seeing if both are ready and able to meet the journey;

  3. determining if both are comfortable with the process; and

  4. often times gaining sufficient clarity of decision and direction without further need of mentoring. 


Prior short phone consult and willingness from both partners to engage fully in this mentoring process.  (Please see Home Study Portal for more familiarity of philosophic approach)


Self-Introduction & Statement of Intent (Application)​ or direct followup by phone/email after initial phone consult  followed by a reply from Ronda with any questions clarified or further discussion where needed.


  • Starter Package Welcome with info about working together and how to enter into your own process of truth as well as confidential information to return to Ronda prior to first phone session.

  • Session 1: Normally 60-90 minutes to align with and discover where each individual is at and what key marital relationship issues are at the core of our work together.

  • Followed by personally recommended homework between sessions to each individually reconnect with your own inner truth and to start to honor and follow the Soul's own calling at this state of your life. (Often a couple private one-on-one emails are exchanged at this time.)

  • Session 2: Individual check-in followed by SoulArts guided teaching with Ronda and Matt demonstrating their Soul Counsel for Couples Practice for clear communication from the depth of one's soul and with integrity and honorable meditative self-awareness.  

  • Next level of clarity home work in preparation for the 3rd Session.

  • Session 3: Individual check-in followed by Couple entering into their own Couples Soul Counsel Ceremony, with triage from Matt and Ronda who sit as your soul's witness and will guide both people to the deepest level of inner truth expressed with clarity and heart honoring vision.  (Many times, this is all that is required for couples facing decision and direction in marriage. If not, then one of the

Price Total

3-Session Marriage & Soul Clarity Package ~ Total: $960 

Time Required of You:  2 hours/week (with homework) + as much more as you're called to give to your journey

*Additional or Stand Alone Phone Sessions, by Request - $185 


Couples 2-Night Private Retreat Healing Intensive! (Online & In-Person)

This Highly Guided and Personal Retreat Intensive is as similar to the high international demand: Couples 2-Night Ojai SoulArts Weekend Retreats that attracted couples the world over for it's "outside the box" healing clarity.  Due to Covid, it has been adapted to both ONLINE and SEPARATE HOTEL options.100% private one-on-one guided counseling retreat working directly with Ronda and Matt with no other people. Private one-on-one.*

  • Includes:

    • A personal 2-night (approx 42 hour) Guided SOLO Retreat Intensive,100% personalized

    • Home Mentorship Welcome Packet & Profile 

    • Retreat Preparation Packet

    • Free PDF version of my short guidebook:  The Art of Living Your Destiny

    • Depth Training in Couples Soul-Counsel & Meditation Practice(TM) with Ronda and Matt 

    • Private individual times with Ronda and/or Matt as the retreat progresses and as useful or needed for clarity

    • Pre and Post Assessment, Feedback, and take home personal inner work plan of action

    • 2 Email or Phone Check-ins After the Retreat within 30 days (Additional available "ala carte")

  • Price Total: 

    • VIRTUAL ONLINE (No Travel) $1800 (or $900 each) 

    • IN-PERSON (Ashland, Oregon $2600  ($1300 each)  plus your own travel and overnight accommodations nearby


  • ​Time Required of You:  Ability to stay fully immersed for 1 Full Day with 2 Half Days and 2 Nights of Guided Healing & Insight Tools and Processes. 


Please see former client video experiences for more insight ...Or email questions with your Mentoring Inquiry



This program is best for couples who have either worked with me in the past, completed a 2-night retreat intensive, and/or who have a shared open-hearted desire for personal growth, deep honesty, and willingness to honor each other's truth and needed next directions in life.  It offers a continuity of inner growth and couples strength in new patterns of communication, based on entering bi-weekly (6 total) Couples Counsel with your partner and guided by Ronda and Matt with ongoing private individual support and at a flat rate that saves and adds value above stand alone "by the session". 

  • Includes: 

    • Home Preparation Packet

      Depth Training in Couples Soul-Council Meditation Practice(TM) with Ronda and Matt 

    • bi-Monthy (every 2 weeks=(6 total, plus ongoing individual support throughout) Guided Couples Soul-Counsel & Mediation Practice (zoom/online private)

    • Private Individual confidential mentoring and help (via email, phone) separate from couples sessions and ongoing as needed

    • Post Assessment feedback, and forward moving Action Plan with Resources

    • Invitation to Join and participate in the SoulArts Private Support Group Members Online

    • Free PDF version of my short guidebook:  The Art of Living Your Destiny

  • Price Total: $765/Month (or $2,000 if Paid in Full at Start)   *Additional or Stand Alone Phone Session Requests - $185


  • Time required of you:  2 hours/week (minimum) + as much more as you're called to give to your journey...


* ALTERNATIVE OPTION:  Private Individual Mentoring Programs

- When one person in the couple is not ready or committed to the inner work and growth.

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