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How to Find Happiness….

Summary of the Film: HAPPY.

Recently I watched a documentary called Happy” on Netflix.

While “happy” has never been something I thought of as the ultimate goal in life, it certainly does motivate many/most of our actions, attitudes, behaviors (…until it does not).

I remember my dad commenting once to us as teens (probably as we were complaining that we were bored and “just wanted to be happy”) and saying:

“Happiness is not a goal to work for and expect, it is a consequence – a grace – that comes from living according to life’s principles”


Here is my short summary of the film:  Reflections on NETFLIX documentary – HAPPY. This film was international in its research on the psychology and predictors of “Happiness”

“Happiness” – How to optimize health, balance brain chemistry, relieve depression, avoid disease, live longer, and feel happy …a condensed summary of research-based findings and authored resources:

Worldwide social-economic and psycho-neurological studies show that wealth, status, life circumstances, and genetics do not account for ones happiness quotient

…What predicts happiness in life – it turns out – boils down to these simple few things we can each choose to cultivate in our lives:

  1. Doing daily exercise increases the hormones that provide sense of happiness and joy

  2. Creating new experiences / change of routine (even in small ways) excites our brain chemistry to emit “happiness” like synapses

  3. Finding and making a meaningful contribution to a cause you care about inspires a sense of well being and happiness

  4. Keeping ongoing weekly time for self-development (life learning) – and play offers sense of self-love, adventure, personal satisfaction and happiness

  5. Creating time alone in nature – in silence (no phones mp3 etc) helps balance brain chemicals and reconnect to self, god and inner joy

  6. Including time with family and friends into your weekly routine – supportive friendship and community are one the biggest predictors of happiness

  7. Offering spontaneous acts of thoughtful kindness not based on recognition – generosity, like gratitude creates happy emotional connections, thoughts and energy throughout the body

  8. Experiencing meditation (as a practice or as a state of realization) – helps repair, rebalance, and reconnect to self, god, and your creative source

  9. Taking in consistently good nutrition and hygiene (i.e. a diet that is approximately 75% fresh vegetables and fruits; organic meats and/or whole grains/nuts/legumes as condiments to a fresh veggie-dense meal; no or little processed and packaged goods, white flour, sugar, “bad fats”, fast food;; and little or no caffeine, alcohol, and dairy). Lots of pure water. Consistent good mouth hygiene.  Make your body happy and you’ll be happy — “we are what we eat”!

  10. Making a blessings /gratitude list weekly, if not daily. Sense of gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do to restore healthy mind body and spirit

  11. Having and cultivating a sense of awe and daily honoring for something bigger than oneself.

  12. Cultivating a bigger appreciation and curiosity for life’s mystery and the human journey in its wholeness, than is ones (fear-based) appetite for needing to control, explain, or secure it!


Being involved in a sustainable living shared community.

(…an interesting contemplation for this country at this point in time)….

how to find happiness
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