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Soulpreneur Purpose-Driven Mentoring


Ronda L. LaRue, M.S. - Ojai California 2018


This process may include one or more of the below, depending upon the most potent cost/effective approaches for achieving your vision.  This offering is intended for those who have taken a private retreat intensive or otherwise comes with their own back repertoire of depth study in consciousness. 

This process can encompass an on-site working retreat and/or distance mentoring.

  • Soulpreneur Working Retreat (In-Residence)

  • 90 Day Segmented Online Mentoring 

  • Individualized Working Sessions

  • Guided Resources in:

    • Self-Inventory;

    • Visioning;

    • Target Market and Avatar Building;

    • Name/Logo/Branding; 

    • Competitive Analysis;

    • Market Strategy;

    • Business Skills Needs

    • Scaling;

    • Web Design;

    • Shopping Cart and Email Integrations

    • SEO & Tracking

For those seeking highly integrated mentoring through personal and professional business development and spanning all stages of soul-driven projects: from visioning to strategic planning, creating, running and ramping up a successful business or creative project.

Please see Bio for more about my background and feel free to shoot me an email or call to discuss.

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