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A Unique, Direct Experience of Self-Healing Breakthrough & Spiritual Awakening

Something Truly Extraordinary

SoulArts with author/spiritual teacher, Ronda LaRue, offers the direct-experience of your own breakthrough and Self-Realization. Working with Ronda is most often engaged through a personal and private retreat intensive – and in longer advanced training apprenticeship engagements (both by application).

Work with Ronda LaRue is designed for those who are called to personal maturity and who seek evolutionary change. This offering is for those who seek the rare and direct experience of working privately with a seasoned spiritual teacher and guide who has walked the path of which she speaks.  It is for those seeking a holistically trained teacher who will use her knowledge and significant life experience to guide you: to You, and your truth — not to hers,  not to some woo woo belief system, not to some religious dogma, nor to a spiritual commodity. This process is for those seeking to find the answer that lies within  you.

Specifically, Ronda offers a deeply grounded mentoring process of creative and eclectic inner dialogue using an active process of reflection (SoulArts) as the key portal for helping you cross over – from mind-chattering stuck (ego self identification)  – and into the artistry of being soulfully-engaged with your own truth, path and way …for the rest of your life! 

Brought up as a creative visual artist, trained in graduate school as a social scientist and medical research specialist (Master’s of Science), and having now lived into her (youthful) 60’s – you will find in Ronda the playful humility, deep compassion, and rich wisdom of one masterfully equipped as a seer-healer who carries the profound and gentle gift of guiding others on their awakening way through life-suffering confusion into the artistry and Freedom of their True Nature.

Ronda LaRue’s work as a spiritual teacher has gained a growing global visibility, with individuals and couples traveling from all over the world to work one-on-one with her.  Her SoulArts Process of Awakening (TM)  and Personal Retreat/Mentoring programs in Ojai earned her the ranking as one of the top 10 spiritual retreats in the U.S. and worldwide for this novel one-on-one spiritual teaching. (Asia Spa magazine, 2007.)


See CenterForSoulArts and  Ronda LaRue’s YouTube Channel for much more.