ronda larue spiritual author teacher soul arts awakening ojai california personal guided retreats for women“Step through the doorway of your soul’s longing…. And enter the creative love affair with life that awaits!”

Ronda LaRue’s work as a spiritual teacher and guide has gained a growing global visibility. People travel from all over the world to work one-on-one and in small group with Ronda at her Center for SoulArts spiritual retreat and artisan “spa for the soul” in Ojai California, and in small group retreats across the country.

It doesn’t actually matter what brought you here just now. It may be depression, anxiety, relationship problems, divorce, a health crisis, a career change, addiction, abuse, a deep longing for clarity, a feeling of emptiness in your life …or the strong urge to finally get free and move past the blocks of fear and mental chatter to live a more authentic and peaceful life of true meaning….

All life questions, obstacles, crossroads and challenges are — at their root — a spiritual call to awaken to your true nature and to live from the authenticity of your heart and soul. Our most difficult confusing times are actually a big wake up call pointing us toward the doorway of a magical life transformation (…if we know  how to find and follow this odd artistry of soul!)

I encourage you to drop what you know (and to drop what you don’t know too!) – and spend a little time here to engage the art of wonder. Fall into the creative unknown. If you do, you may simply find yourself — surprised and awakened to the music of your soul and the wisdom of your life’s own genius.

Ronda’s unique apprenticeship retreats and teachings offer mind-blowing passageways into the heart of your own soul, and the creative simplicity of living from engaged mystery

You are invited to the Great Surprise!

Your ego-self is cordially invited to come along as worthy teacher, and at the smiling request of your True Nature. Enter the paradox and welcome Home…

Spiritual Awakening


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