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“The Invitation”

Contemplative Gift in Gratitude for Those Called to the Inner Spiritual Journey of Wholeness

A Home Exercise.

Song: Peter Makana on CD Grace

Poem: Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Images: Ronda LaRue Center for Soul Arts

Whether you are struggling with a challenging health issue, depression or anxiety, compulsive behaviors and addictions, loss of relationship, loss of job, problem with the kids, financial woes, mid life crisis, reinventing yourself, painful old memories of abuse, excessive daily stresses, no time for yourself, a difficult boss, loss of faith, spiritual crisis, need for more peace of mind, or just the longing for something more in your life…

When we are called by our longing for a more inspired and healthy life, it is a pretty sure sign that we are called to mature our character, to heal our exhaustion, and to discover life’s deeper vitality.

Our wounds and psychological patterns are meant to become transformed and used as our gifts, not our jailers, if we are to mature into our true Essence and freedom of Being.

We are asked in these times of personal crisis or inner angst, to consciously pick these fears and wounds up as tools for the courageous quest of what it means to live with true character and aliveness.

Please, if you will, take just a moment, and with a willing “leap of faith”, ask yourself this question:

1) “What is the one thing I most deeply long for in my life?”

If your initial answer seems a bit trite or confused …or just plain “not there”, take 7 slowwwww deep breaths into your body, settle your focus of attention into your lower belly, and ask your body (not your mind) this same question again…And just see what comes up! What you see, sense or “hear”, intuit.

2) Then, sometime yet today (really really important!), find at least a few minutes more and create some kind of direct and symbolic action, or ceremony, that you feel reflects and “stands vigil” for what you have seen/felt.. In the symbolic action you create, be as imaginative and close as possible to touching the truest depth of feeeeeeling in what you answered to this question.

3) And then, for the next 2-3 weeks, just notice what starts to come up in your life, your dreams and your thoughts, feelings and observations around this “vigil” you have created…

If you do this with heart and gusto and attention, I promise, you’ll be amazed! (And remember: your words create your reality, so shine the light of your deepest truth and integrity on the words you choose to use)

….Come Introduce Yourself to me when the time is right!

ronda larue


copyright ronda larue, 2007

The Invitation and Spiritual Journey of Wholeness

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