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A Love Affair with Life: Spiritual Awakening


“It wasn’t until the doorway was opened and I fell into the abyss of unknowing, met my undoing, faced the root fear of non-being, and slowly emerged from this profound process of awakening, that I recognized what I had sensed and had been expressing in my life all along: We are already That for which we seek….

“There is a portal to remembering Who we really are, and it is always forever available here, now. All we need do is attune our hearing to its subtle voice, and fall into the Love Affair with Life.”

— ronda larue 2001

“People often say to me: ‘I have no artistic ability’. To which I always reply: ‘Nonsense’ (or worse!) ‘You are at the very deepest core of your being, first and foremost, an artist. You are the brush and the canvass and the color and the hand – and that which conspires to bring these together into creative relationship and expression!’

We are not who we seem. We are not what we seem. We are the living Creative Moment. We are Creation engaged in the evolving awareness of Being. Or, to put it another way: We are God’s realization of Creative Potential — arising out of nothing, and with-in us finding expression – and thus seeing.

Creativity is It! — I mean the “It” that all we seekers are seeking (called by some God, or enlightenment, or Unity-Consciousness, or Source). Creation Itself is the Holy One. Creation isn’t just something that happened once upon time with the Big Bang – an event for us to go about uncovering, explaining and “managing.” …Creation is spontaneously giving birth to Realization each and every single moment! We are here to express and delight in the blooming of Conscious Creation. We are here for the Living Relationship of This.



Creation is life in motion. Creation (like all forms of art) is the expression of Aliveness drawn into being, breathed into being through the miracle of relationship. It is That which is spawning right now in a dynamic rapport between subject and object, creator and form.

When an artist is engaged in moments of true creativity, it is impossible to distinguish what is instigated by subject and what by object; impossible to say which is the “doer” and which is that “being done to.” In true creating of art, a dialogue occurs; a dance takes place in which both the creator and the created are changed and swayed within the dynamic of the relationship as it unfolds. In the creative process, the lines between “I” and “It” drop away. Subject and object disappear into a pooling relationship in which potential arises from the unique dance occurring in each Moment of Now. It is an alchemy of Moment blending with Form. …And so is the dance of Creation!



Life is a vital and living (moment-by-moment) coming together of God and man (of the Lover and the Beloved, of Thought and Form) in order to celebrate the creating of offspring from the partnered pairing; in order to know Itself in the process and the content of Creation Itself. That’s It.

In metaphysical terms, the Moment of Creation is the apparent separating of “the One into the many” in order for the One to know Itself through the Relationship of Seeing. In the Relationship of Seeing (which can only occur Now), I and Thou disappear into a synchronistic exchange. Here (as advaita author, Tony Parsons) puts it, “there is only seeing…There is only This”…

There’s lots of talk these days about Unity-Consciousness, stilling the mind, killing the ego, being no-body, loving what Is – all pointers toward the paradox of Truth. Words are of course tricky and a real set up for misunderstanding. Still, let me try and say it this way: It is perfect just as it is. We are meant to feel separate. We are meant to fall into separation in order to re-unite with/in the embrace of Source. We are meant to experience the Sacred Relationship of Creative Loving between matter and circumstance, creature and God-Consciousness, subject and object, Unity and dualism. In the moment of relationship, not in the objects themselves, is the Seeing…and so is the dance of Creation!

All This that Is, is Divine Intelligence birthing Itself into expression within each eternal moment of Now. It is this paradox on which Creation rests: the One appearing as two in order to know Itself as…



Life is a love affair. God is not object or subject; not Source or substrate. God is Relationship. We are that experiencing of Relationship as it is happening – right now. We are both art and artist lost (and found) within the embrace of this Creative Moment of Now.

How do we find enlightenment? …We don’t. Enlightenment is what simply Is when we see past subject-object and realize the a priori Relationship of This; when our sense of separate self-identity and its running commentary is seen through as a construction (or as temporal reality), the spiritual realization of God-in-us is simply seen.

When we see through (and let go of) our whole-hearted “buy in” to the object-oriented, security-driven perspective of “self”, there is simply seen and lived, the Relationship with/in What Is. With this seeing comes the recognition that we are not merely an object-identity nor a subject-Source (not duality nor unity) but the very Movement of Creation Itself. We’re not object. Neither subject. We are both and neither. We are on a playing field of Paradox. We are particle and wave – and that which the dynamic interchange is creating. We are what is arising through Relationship…



When we come to live our lives as a creative process of art – when we come to each Moment of Now with the open trust and daring confidence of the artist engaged in Relationship with the material of Now – we enter into spiritual realization. More precisely, we don’t “enter” or “become” anything. Simply, when the Relationship is realized, What Is and always has been, is simply seen. Not seen “by someone” – just Seen.

It is Here in the seeing that the Lover and the Beloved embrace. It is Here that “enlightenment” simply Is. It is Here that the mystics’ call Truth. …It is Here that unity and duality simply fall away into everything – and nothing at all…

Here, the living is easy, natural, flowing and free. Here too, the magnificent artistry of Creation continually blooms with ever-new potential, delight and surprise…

We are the Movement of Creation Itself – not merely its object or subject, but a continual Relationship unfolding, in love…


About the author:
Ronda LaRue is an emerging spiritual author/mentor living in Ojai , California , USA . Ronda works from a novel and contemporary approach to the wisdom tradition of one-on-one sacred apprenticeship for facilitating radical transformation., healing wholeness, and direct Self-Realization.

Her book “Remembering Who You Really Are” is a contemporary classic on the journey to true self Realization and Wholeness. (available from See more about her private retreat programs at or order her book at



copyright 2002 ronda larue

A Love Affair with Life: Spiritual Awakening

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